What Can Gerbils Eat Besides Gerbil Feed?

Gerbils are one of the many animals kept as pets that enjoy tasting different flavors and exploring their way through life with their tongue. Similarly, pet parents like you are driven to conduct their desktop or market research and come up with food options that their pet gerbil can dig into. Ah, the things we do for love! We want our beloved pets to always be well fed, remain healthful, and simultaneously, relish the taste of what they are fed as well. Unfortunately, plain old gerbil food within itself might not bring your gerbil all of those at once. In such a situation, it is only suitable that you go on a lookout for something that does. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not suggesting that gerbil feed is unrequired or useless, but sometimes, you must spice things up a little bit!

On that note, let’s get right into exploring and finding out which foods your gerbil can eat either as a treat or as a meal on its own.

Before we get started, you need to know that there are only several human foods, etc a gerbil can eat. This is owing up to the grounds that the mouse-like creature is not capable enough to digest complex food particles etc. They may instead play the role of a toxin for your bird. For example, caffeine and chocolate in any form can be highly injurious to your pet. Henceforth, before you decide to allow your pet to taste any cuisine, be assured of its advantages and drawbacks. In case the disadvantages overshadow its benefits, know that it is simply a red flag you and your gerbil need to steer clear. We all know how unpleasant it can get if your gerbil isn’t feeling its best.


Forbidden fruit: The curious early history of apples | Science| In-depth reporting on science and technology | DW | 31.05.2019

Honestly, who doesn’t like apples? Because your gerbil sure does. Its crunchy juicy texture is beyond perfect for your gerbil to strengthen its jaws over. And the best part is; the flavor isn’t all there is to the red fruit, it also comes jam-packed with a good number of nutrients such as; vitamin A, vitamin C, and magnesium. For you to better understand what the fruit brings to your table, we came up with a list of apple health benefits.

The list is mentioned as follows;

  • They fulfill several of your pet’s nutrient deficiencies
  • helps lower your gerbil’s cholesterol levels
  • strengthen immunity system
  • protect from heart-related (cardiovascular) diseases.


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Like apples, blueberries too are considered to be extremely healthful for both you and your furry little pet. Primarily, blueberries are low in calories so there’s little to no reason for you to be concerned about the hungry fellow gaining weight.

Other reap benefits of the fruit include;

  •  Containing antioxidants that help your pet fight against any health risks it may come across
  • Support the rodent’s immune system
  • High in nutrients such as Vitamin C, K, and potassium
  • Rich in fiber which helps relieve the gerbil of digestive system issues
  • Unbelievably yummy!

On the other hand, the only downside to blueberries is cleaning up the mess that your furry friend might make. It’s worth it, isn’t it?

Green Peas

Green peas

If you were on the hunt for something salty and creamy, here it is! Peas have a lot to offer animals including rodents (gerbils) when it comes to improving their lifestyles with more healthfulness. Without wasting any time, let’s introduce you to the world of ‘pea goodness’. They are capable of adding the following to a gerbil’s bodily needs;

  • Unmatchable source of protein
  • Rich in fiber and therefore make the process of digestion even easier
  • Act as a barrier towards several chronic diseases
  • Backs up the animal’s immune system
  • A trustworthy source of vitamins (A and B)

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds Identified as Source of Potent Liver Carcinogen | Technology Networks

Although sunflower seeds should only be fed to gerbils as a treat, they are not compromised in terms of wholesome additions they have to offer the four-legged tiny creature. However, before we get down to listing and discussing those, it is necessary for you, as a pet parent, to know that sunflower seeds in an amount more than moderation can instead be detrimental. Mice and other rodents tend to be extraordinarily inclined towards seeds so you might want to keep the seeds in a place where the explorer fellow can’t reach. Having put that out there let’s throw light over its healthcare benefits;

  • Lowers rate of cardiovascular diseases
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • A good source of vitamins and minerals
  • Supports your gerbil’s immune system
  • Strengthens your pet’s resistance against diseases
  • Rich in fiber, proteins, and healthy fats
  • A healthful source of antioxidants.

Peanuts (unsalted)

Eating peanuts every day may keep heart diseases at bay! - The Economic Times

Like sunflower seeds, peanuts too should only be fed as a treat to gerbils because an excess of any human food can go rather south. Over and above this, if you have salted peanuts we would advise you to keep them as far away as possible from your pet. While it is true that gerbils can eat salt but at the same time, it brings them no good. It is high in fats but low in calcium and other necessary supplements. You would be surprised to know that gerbils love salty foods, but what you love isn’t always good for you!

Now that you are well aware of the don’ts let’s head to the dos of unsalted peanuts. The nutty treat will bring your gerbil these gains;

  • It is rich in antioxidants which reduces the risk of arthritis.
  • Lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Protects against chronic health diseases
  • High protein energy sources
  • Good source of minerals and supplements such as potassium, magnesium, B vitamin, phosphorus, and fiber.

Other Food Items You Can Serve Your Gerbil

  • Banana
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Dandelion
  • Grass
  • Strawberries
  • Pear
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Turnip
  • Chicory

You can thank us later!

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