Can Cats Drink Alkaline Water?


The popularity of alkaline water is rising, and so are the questions surrounding its benefits. Can cats drink alkaline water? It’s pretty easy to find out. One key advantage of drinking alkaline water is that it can help maintain healthy pH levels in the body. Which, in turn, enables to improve energy levels and lower acidity. This may not be good for your pet! Drinking untreated alkaline water could result in cats’ kidney or urinary tract problems.

Importance Of Drinking Water For Cats

Drinking water is a fundamental part of a cat’s diet. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need to eat meat to survive. If your cat does not consume sufficient water, it will eventually die from dehydration.

Cats cannot produce the water they need, so they must be supplied with drinking water. Furthermore, you should make sure that your cat has fresh, clean water at all times to avoid urinary tract infections and other diseases.

If you notice that your beloved cat is not consuming enough water, try adding more fresh or wet food into their diet. You can also try supplementing with special water-rich foods like canned tuna and salmon (high in protein and moisture) or chicken broth (high in salt).

Some other benefits of drinking water for cats include:

  • It helps keep their digestive system healthy.
  • It keeps them hydrated and robust during cold or hot weather.
  • It prevents kidney stones by keeping the urine acidic, which prevents crystals from forming in the kidneys.

What kind of water is bad for cats?

Cats require water to stay hydrated, maintain their fur coat, and keep their digestive system working correctly. If they don’t drink enough water when they’re thirsty, they can suffer from dehydration. Cats need more water than dogs because they are very agile animals constantly moving about. Some types of water may not be suitable for cats at all.

Water is bad for cats if it contains too much chlorine or ammonia.

If you have a pet cat, ensure to use distilled water and avoid tap water that may contain too much chlorine or ammonia.

Cats should not drink chlorinated water.

It can cause bladder infections. Cats should also avoid drinking water from a toilet.

Avoid chlorine and fluoride.

Cats are natural desert creatures, and they need water that is low in minerals. Cats should not drink tap water or mineral-rich water. Tap water contains chlorine and fluoride, which can be harmful to cats.

Can Cats Drink Alkaline Water?

Cats cannot drink alkaline water because they are designed to consume acidic water. Alkaline water is often used to treat pets with arthritis and is believed to help them maintain a healthy weight. Some research suggests that this could be true because it can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections in cats.

The human body is designed to consume neutral or slightly alkaline, but not fully alkaline, water to maintain the pH balance in the blood and other tissues.

There are many misconceptions about what cats should drink, but the most important thing is to ensure they have access to clean water. Cats are obligate carnivores, so they require meat in their diet. They do not need any kind of water other than freshwater.

As cats are obligate carnivores, they do not require any kind of water other than freshwater.

Cats can drink alkaline water as long as they have a proper diet and do not drink too much at one time since acidic water causes an acid reaction in their stomachs. Suppose you want your cat to drink more alkaline water. In that case, you can use a highly concentrated alkaline solution specially formulated for cats.

There has been extensive controversy on whether or not cats can drink alkaline water. Some believe that the lower pH in alkaline waters will cause kidney problems in cats. However, some veterinarians say that cats prefer drinking alkaline water after becoming acclimated to it. They also say that it is not dangerous for a cat to drink alkaline water. Still, it is usually recommended to use an appropriate pH of 6 or 7 when giving their cat water.

What pH should cats drink?

Cats drink slightly acidic water. The optimal pH for a cat’s drinking water is 6.5 to 7.0.

Suppose the pH of your cats’ drinking water falls below 6.5. In that case, it can cause problems with their kidneys and urinary tract, leading to dehydration and death if not treated quickly enough.

A slightly alkaline diet may help maintain healthy kidney function in cats by reducing the amount of acid produced by the body. But it should be accomplished under veterinary care as too much alkalinity can also cause health problems. It can cause calcium buildup in their kidneys (renal hypercalcemia).


In conclusion, some animals and humans can drink alkaline water and enjoy the benefits it has to offer, but not all animals can. Cats, in particular, cannot drink alkaline water because they do not have the proper enzymes to digest the water. Suppose you want to be able to give your cat some of the healthy treats that alkaline water provides, such as more energy and a better immune system. In that case, you should stick with drinking it yourself!

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