Can Quails Eat Banana Peels?

Being a pet parent means being on alert 24/7, especially if you’re new at the whole ‘parenting thing’. You tend to always be on the lookout for your adorable little pet and what it pecks on. We bet a situation like that is what drew you to read this article as well. And honestly, we don’t blame you for being overly cautious and protective. We think you’re doing a praiseworthy job at parenting. Taking care of your quail’s diet is the most favorable act of love that you can perform. On that note, let us see if your birdie pecking on banana peels is a red flag, or is it something you should purposefully add to the quail’s diet?

Is It Safe For Birds To Eat Banana Peels?

There’s a lot of confusion in association with whether banana peels are safe for your bird to eat or are they a complete nightmare instead. Naturally, health experts and vets have claimed that your quail can eat banana peels. Rural area wild birds (including quails) tend to pick on everything in their environment that looks slightly vibrant or edible including banana peels. Surprisingly, they also do not fall prey to misery, inducing health conditions. The reason behind this is that they have adapted well to their living circumstances, unlike your homegrown quail. Moreover, it is less likely for any food item, or a peel for that matter, to be contaminated.

For this reason, we would advise you to not feed your birdie banana peels yourself. But on the contrary, if you find it chomping on a peel for a couple of seconds, there are not a lot of reasons for you to instantly lose your calm. A few munchies never hurt anyone, unless the munchies are of poisonous human food, in that case, you should certainly rush to your brittle quail’s rescue.

What Are The Dangers Of Feeding Your Quail Banana Peels?

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First and foremost, banana wraps are rich in cellulose (complex carbohydrates) and generally, birds are unable to digest cellulose. This is the reason that the tiny bird’s digestive system is not capable of breaking down compounds and complex fats or carbohydrates including cellulose. The enzyme that is required for the seizing up of cellulose is absent in quails and so instead they house the bacteria inside their body for as long as possible. In turn, if a bird has an excess amount of the mentioned unbreakable bacteria in its body, it may lead it too unpleasant health circumstances. Nonetheless, a good number of times, undigested cellulose in the bird’s body may simply be expelled as feces without providing grounds for negative circumstances from rising.

In addition to this, a huge factor that pulls pet parents away from serving their pet birds banana peels is that of pesticides. As you may already know, strong pesticides can at times prove to be toxic to birds in the worst of manners. They contain chemicals that are capable of directly influencing your quail’s fragile internal body system as well as its working. In grave circumstances, a sprayed pesticide or insecticide may be fatal to the fragile little creature. Over and above that, the chemical anti-bug or insect spray may also cause reproductive issues in the bird.

Considering all of this, you may wonder how it is fit for a bird to eat the inside of a banana without the risk of pesticides/insecticides acting as a hindrance. The answer to this is that the fruit itself is protected by the peel that we’re discussing.

Tips To Safely Feed Your Quail Banana Peels

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We know you don’t want to keep your birdie away from anything that it likes to devour even if it may be alarming for their physical health. Owing to this, to make it easier for you, we have gathered a list of points that will make sure your quail enjoys banana peels and you remain worry-free. Win-win!

To begin with, moderation is the key. If ever you decide upon feeding the brown little fellow banana peels, make sure you don’t do so in excess. By following this manner, your quail will not be exposed to high risks of any health convenience. To illustrate this concept better, if your bird has an increased amount of cellulose in its body, it may be difficult for the quail to excrete it. Whereas, minimal amounts of the complex carbohydrate (cellulose) in the bird’s system will be easily expelled.

Over and above this, before you put out a banana peel for your bird to eat, make sure that it is thoroughly washed, enough to be rid of any pesticide that may or may not is sprayed on it. Once you’re done cleaning it, there is nothing you’ve got to worry about anymore! Another satisfactory technique to steer clear of the pesticides/insecticides issue is to strictly buy organic fruits or fruits that you are certain would be pesticide-free.

Lastly, you are going to want to scan the peel for any insects that may have made it to their temporary home. Otherwise, your bird may end up eating the insects along with the banana peel. But fret not, we have just the solution for you; a bird feeder. Yes, you can simply put the peel that you intend to feed your bird in a feeder and tadaa!

What Health Benefits Do Banana Peels Contain?

Naturally, quails are seed eaters and so that is what most of their diet is. Henceforth, it is no surprise that they require most of the nutrients that they need from seeds and insects. Any deficiency in their dietary regime is fulfilled by healthful treats such as fruits, leafy green vegetables, etc. In this regard, banana peels as a treat can make the following side additions to your birdie’s health;

  • Potassium
  • Amino acids (essential)
  • Dietary fiber
  • fats (polyunsaturated).

We wish your quail a happy and wholesome banana peel eating!

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