Can dogs Eat Cashews?

Who doesn’t like a change in flavor every once in a while? Your dog sure does! Primarily, a significant portion of a dog’s diet is constituted of seeds and pallets, so it is only natural that they are the major source of your bird’s nutrition. But at the same time, your bird can’t only live off seeds and dog diet, for which reason it needs to have treats and snacks such as vegetables and fruits, etc. Not only will it be an addition to the little fellow’s bodily needs but also a delight to its taste buds. What more could a pet parent and a vibrant bird ask for after all? 

 Pets being naturally adventurous tend to get their beak into anything that smells aromatic and looks animated. Let us see if cashews are one of the many nutty food items that qualify the acceptance criteria of your picky bird best friend. 

Is It Safe For A Bird To Eat Cashews?

Are Cashews Good For dogs? — All About dogs

Can you sense the good news aroma in the air? Yes, your dog can munch on a couple of cashews and the best part is that you don’t have to occupy yourself with any worrying thoughts regarding them. Cashew nuts are considered to be of the best ranking in terms of taste and texture. With that being said, don’t go too overboard and serve your dog the half u-shaped nuts which are prepared in a manner that may prove to be detrimental instead. For example, pet parents are advised to particularly avoid feeding any sort of birds salted cashews. After all, you’re the one who has to be cautious for their sake because they’re sure to stamp anything that you feed them as safe. Therefore, to conclude, you should head to your nearest dry fruit store or grocery shop and get a packet of cashews for your birds. Your dog will love it, we promise! 

Do dogs Like Cashews?

As we mentioned above, dogs adore anything and everything tasteful, even if it’s not in their best interests. Henceforth, cashews pass the acceptance criteria set by your dog in all possible ways. Yes, even if you have a choosy dog, they’re likely going to give in to these threats as well. Nonetheless, if you are still unsure before buying a big packet/jar of cashews, you should try to feed one to your bird and see if it likes them. A dog’s likeliness should be its parent’s topmost priority indeed. 

What Are The Health Benefits of Feeding dog Cashews?

Are Cashews Good For dogs? — All About dogs

dogs are very fond of nuts and as far as cashews are concerned, their inclination is quite advantageous. Cashews contain all the benefits a dry fruit and a dog’s healthy snack should. Keeping in view the fact that dogs are exceptionally fragile creatures and have a high tendency to experience digestive issues more often in comparison to other birds, their intake is a matter of much concern for pet parents. Owing to this reason, we have listed several gains the dry fruit brings to your pet’s table so it is easier for you to make a wise choice on the behalf of your bird best friend. 

To begin with, like all wholesome snacks, cashews are rich in supplements and nutrients that your bird needs to live up to its true potential every day. Several minerals and vitamins they contain include; magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin K and B6. 

If you feel as though your bird is growing deficient in its daily requirement for nourishing supplements, now you know just what to serve it as a treat!

In addition to this, cashews are also rich in proteins which is a necessity for your dog. The most significant effect of protein is that its sufficient amount in a bird’s body allows for proper flight by providing strong insulation against harsh weather conditions. Protein is also responsible for the joyful birdies that have grown strong feathers as well. Unfortunately, there are countable sources of protein for dogs (and birds) putting them at a greater risk of being compromised. Therefore, cashews are just the savior your beloved pet needs. 

Lastly, several credible types of research conducted by animal health experts have shown that dry fruit can play a significant improvement in the working of a bird’s heart. Although, a cause and effect explanation has yet not come to the surface, but hey, what’s a game of chance for betterment? Keeping this benefit in mind, if you are the owner of an old or weakened dog, cashews are the perfect treat for your pet on days you love it a little extra and want to reward it for being the best boy ever.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Feeding Your dog Cashews?

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Yes, unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world and there are two sides to every story. We are going to educate you about both sides as far as cashews are considered. After this, we are confident you will be able to choose your dear dog. You can thank us later! 

To begin with, cashews in excess or even more than very few at once can be an excess source of fats for the tiny bird. Its internal body system is not capable enough to break down complex fats compounds. And aside from this, gaining weight or heading towards obesity can become quite a hindrance in your pet’s life. Alongside its daily activities turning arduous it may also fall prey to several serious health risks. But worry not, the solution to this issue resides with making sure your dog only eats a small number of cashews after a stretched period. 

Similar to fats, cashews also have an abundance of calories. Ironically, they too can be harmful to a dog and there is no better way to steer clear of their risks other than sticking to the one rule; strictly feed it in moderation. 

We hope this information is auspicious to you and that you make the best use of it. Don’t forget to share it with other concerned dog parents you know. 

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