Can Cats Eat Bacon?Is Bacon Bad for Cats?

Bacon is technically a type of meat, and cats are omnivores, so it may make sense to some to feed it to them. However, the very first thing that you may need to consider is what exactly bacon is. It is meat that comes from a pig. Pork or any other type of meat from a pig is usually very high in sodium contents. It is also very high in fat content and calories. In small amounts, this is very necessary for cats, but it can become very hazardous for anyone’s health in large amounts.

Can Cats Eat Bacon?

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Cats can eat bacon because, obviously, it is meat at the end of the day. But, the point of concern is, should they? Should they be subjecting their much smaller bodies and digestive systems to that amount of fat and sodium? It can actually be very harmful to a cat’s body to be consuming bacon regularly. It should be on infrequent occasions and in very little amounts. So little that your cat can get the nutrients it needs without having trouble inside its little bodies. In ideal situations, it is always better to feed them chicken to help them stay healthy.

Can bacon make cats sick?

Illness is a very common effect that bacon can have on their body. They can easily fall ill and start vomiting if the bacon content increases in their body. In this situation, the silver lining is that this situation will not be dire or fatal for the cat. Once the cat lets the bacon out, it will most likely be absolutely fine. You, of course, will have more cleaning to do, until the cat’s stomach is better and the excess bacon is out of the cat’s system. This is why small doses of bacon are ideal.

Is Turkey bacon safe for cats?

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Turkey bacon is not a better alternative either. It has more or less the same amount of sodium. Just because it has a lower fat content in the meat does not mean that it is any better for the cat. Excessive sodium is not good for the cat’s blood pressure and overall health. Please keep it in very small doses, in treats, and such to avoid any health hazards. Vomiting happening once or twice is more or less okay, but if it continues to happen, there is a chance that the cat ruptures something inside its stomach.

What happens if my cat eats bacon

Dehydration is also a very common result if your cat is consuming too much bacon. When the sodium content inside your body starts to increase, it starts to absorb any moisture that is available to it, this will ultimately dry up the insides of the cat, and it will be forced to consume excessive amounts of water to feel any better. The increasing fat content may also have a similar effect on the dehydration caused by the bacon. The cat’s mouth will constantly dry up. This is unhealthy because the cat will try to make up for the lack of moisture and damage its kidney.

Obesity is a very common effect of bacon. There are very large amounts of fat in bacon, whether it be turkey or pork. The large amounts of fat will start to accumulate inside the cat’s body because its body will not be able to process the fats as quickly as they will be entering the body. This process is very similar to what humans go through when they consume large amounts of fat. The cat will start to become lethargic and lazy. The lack of activity will slow down the cat, and its life span will be reduced. You are quite literally risking your cat’s life with bacon.

High blood pressure is also a very common adverse effect that the bacon’s sodium will have on the cat’s body. Not only will they experience dehydration, but increases in blood pressure. This will also happen because of the clogged blood vessels that the cat will have because of fat accumulation, which will be present inside the body. Irregular blood flow inside the body can have long-term effects on the heart and even short-term effects. Your cat may have a heart attack.

Bacon Flavored Cat Treats

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In the form of treats, bacon can be okay for the cat, but it is better to find a healthier alternative for your cat, even in this situation. A treat that tastes good to your cat and is also good for its digestive system. It is not very difficult to look for.

Even if you are giving the cat bacon treats, the treats must be very little, and they should be on very rare occasions. Be sure to feed it properly, so it does not feel hungry for excessive treats.

It is also very likely that if the treatment is occasional, it will be appreciated more by your cat, and it will be conditioned to eat these treats in very small amounts.

Raw Bacon

Raw bacon may contain parasites and germs that may be hazardous to the health of your cat. In any case, it is always better to cook the bacon a little to get rid of any harmful substances and germs that may be present in the bacon or the pig’s meat. However, it is okay to give your cat a small piece of bacon on rare occasions.


Remember always to get your cat checked up regularly to make sure that the cat does not have any irregularities in its digestive system. Also, it is always better to consult a vet before you feed your cat bacon. They may be able to better guide you regarding how much bacon you should be giving to your cat and whether your cat has the body type to be eating any bacon. They may also help you decide what treats are good for your cat and what treats are not. 

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