What Can I Feed My Dog Instead of Dog Food?

Dogs are one of the most loyal and caring pets existing. They are playful and fun to have around. They can be excellent companions for people who live alone and have time to spare to take care of them. You have to realize that taking care of a dog can take some level of effort, and if you are not up for the part, it is better not to take responsibility in the first place. It will need you to play with it, and you will have to take avid care of the dog’s diet.

The dog needs to get food regularly if you want it to be okay. You will have to prepare a proper schedule which you will have to follow through with accurately. You can not fall short of your responsibility, or your dog will become very weak and lazy, and the dog’s lifespan may start to decrease considerably. Good quality dog food is the ideal choice to feed your dog. It may contain all the necessary nutrients that a dog will require to stay healthy and active. Give it the right amount of food according to size, and you will be good to go.

15 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat and 6 They Shouldn't

Dogs obviously have a different digestive system than humans. You can not give it the same food that you are eating. There are some alterations that you will have to make sure that the dog is healthy. For starters, dogs are deathly allergic to chocolate. Dogs should also not be given any types of nuts or coconut-based products, all of which have very harmful effects on the dog.

However, this does not mean that you completely disregard the fact that foods separate from regular dog food may be very good for the dog in terms of nutrients and such. You may feed the dog different foods and meats that are not incorporated into dog food, and it might be perfect for the dog in terms of the immune system and the dog’s bones.

Much like chocolate, there are many other kinds of foods that you can not give to your dog, but in contrast to that, there is a variety of different foods and vegetables that you can give to your dog that might help with nutrients and such. There are many fruits and vegetables that you can feed to your dog without worrying and making sure that your dog is getting the right nutrients without having any substances in its system that might harm the dog. These are a few things that you may be able to feed your dog without stressing.

Carrots instead of Dog Food

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Carrots are a vegetable that a dog will enjoy a lot. The fact that it is easy to eat because of its shape. Carrots are also quite crunchy, and the dog may enjoy chewing on them. This may also improve the dog’s teeth and gums, and it will receive the vitamins that the body of the dog needs to survive. Vitamin A, a vitamin present in carrots in a huge amount, is perfect for a dog’s immune system.

Apples instead of Dog Food

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Apples are also a type of fruit that contains vitamin A and vitamin C in large amounts. Both are very good for the immune system of the dog. Vitamin C in specific may help the dog improve other vital organs. Another thing about apples is that they contain fiber. The thing about fiber is that it is perfect for indigestion. If your dog experiences any sort of difficulty in passing stool, then giving it apples to eat may actually allow for better bowel movements. This will improve the dog’s digestion system, and it may be able to receive the nutrients that it needs in a much efficient manner.

White Rice instead of Dog Food

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White rice is also a type of human food that many people will give to dogs for various reasons. For starters, white rice may help with indigestion and upset stomachs. If your dog is not feeling well, digestion-wise, giving it some white rice may allow for better flow of the stool, and it may be able to remedy the situation if your dog has an upset stomach. 

However, white rice can cause blood sugar levels to shoot, so dogs who have diabetes tend only to be given a tiny amount of white rice.

Dairy Products instead of Dog Food

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Products like naturally made cheese or milk can be fed to the dog, but you have to remember that the enzyme lactase is present in dogs in a tiny amount. Lactase is responsible for breaking down dairy. Since dogs do not have the same lactase levels as humans, it is much better to feed them any dairy product in a tiny amount. Also, dairy products can not be overly processed, as that will be very bad for the dog’s health.

Fish instead of Dog Food

Fish is white meat that can be fed to dogs. They are an excellent source of protein for the dog, much like chicken. Vitamin B, which is present in shrimp, can help with improving the dog’s digestive system. However, you must cook the fish before giving it to your dog to eliminate any parasites that may potentially harm the dog.

Peanut Butter instead of Dog Food

This is also a good snack to give to your dog but in small amounts to avoid obesity. You have to make sure that the peanut butter does not contain xylitol, a sweetener harmful to dogs.

Turkey instead of Dog Food

Turkey is also meat that may be given to the dog to improve its health. It should be plain and unseasoned, and it is important to remove the fat first.


Doing your research before you feed your dog anything is extremely important and making sure the portions are right for your dog, depending on its size.

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