How to Tame Yourdog?

No animals will attack you unprovoked, and dogs are the same. There is no way that a dog will attack you if it is not bothered or disturbed. However, when you bring a pet home, you intend to get to play with it at some point or another. When your pet is a dog, you need to remember that it will take time for the dog to get used to you and your surroundings. Once it does, it may become comfortable and extremely playful around you and the members of your family, but you will have to understand that this will happen gradually, not at once.

Much like the taming of a shrew, there are a few steps that you will have to follow to make the dog listen to you. A significant amount of conditioning that you will have to do to make the dog and compliant. This is to make sure that the little creature is obedient to your words and pays attention to your commands. All of this is very important to consider because without it, the dog will not be under your control, and it will not be able to adjust to the environment you have brought it in. 

Where is the best place to keep a dog?

For starters, you have to be as friendly as possible with it. You may be able to start by giving it treats and such and then feeding it with your hands. The thing with feeding with hands is that it increases familiarity between you and the dog. dogs can recognize the sense of smell, and it will affiliate your smell with the smell of treats. Sooner or later, it will be conditioned enough to be happy when it takes in your scent.

In the first few days, it is always better to keep the dog in a location that is nearest to you. That way, it will start to become more and more familiar with you and your surroundings; you have to understand that familiarity with you is essential if you want the dog to be playful towards you.

Another thing that you will have to take care of is the location where you will keep the animal’s cage. It can not be in a location that is too loud or where lights are flashing all of the time.

It has to be a serene environment where the dog will feel calm, and it will have the time it needs to be able to adjust to your new home. It may take around 2 or 3 days for the dog to be fine and calm in the new location. In some cases, when the dog is too timid, it may take longer than 2 or 3 days. You have to be patient with them, and you can not rush the process; you might end up making the dog even more hostile if you do. Be wary of that.

When you give the dog its treats, make sure that you can be near it and feed it by hand. Feeding it by just putting the treats in its cage is no good. You have to have that physical interaction to create and maintain a connection with your dog. The dog may be very reluctant at first, which is where you have to remember to be patient. You have to let the dog come to you; there is no way to speed up the process without damaging the situation even more. Let the dog take its time.

How do you comfort the dog?

Your job is to make it as comfortable as possible. This also includes the bedding of the dog. What you can do is lay some toilet paper in the base of the dog’s cage. If the dog is peaceful and well-rested, it will feel so much more comfortable, which will ultimately make it easier for you to tame your dog. Your dog will become so much more comfortable with you once it is comfortable and calm. The tendency for it to bite your hand will lower by a lot, increasing the chances for you to give it a treat easily.

play with your dog

Playing with your dog can be a bit of a task, even after it is comfortable with you and familiar with your scent. There are a few steps that you will have to follow to initialize the situation. You can start by petting the tiny creature. You can scratch it on the top of its head and make it feel safe. Once it starts to feel nice and at ease, you may be able to lift the dog and play with it. If you feel that you are anxious and might risk dropping the dog, wear gloves to ensure that if the dog bites, it will not affect you that much. This way, you might not drop it. If you feel like you might end up dropping the dog, either way, give yourself some time. Let yourself be open to the possibility of being slightly bitten. You have to understand that it will not affect you much because of the gloves.

How to Pick It Up

There is a certain method of even picking up the dog in the first place. You can not grip them too tightly. Squeezing them will only alarm them, and it will create a negative reaction towards you. It might start to squirm and might even end up biting your hand if push comes to shove.

It would help if you supported their bottom using a cupped hand to make sure they feel safe, and you do not drop them. Please make sure you and the dog both are at ease before you lift it off the ground.


Taming a dog requires a certain level of patience that not every person has. You will have to do some research regarding taking care of it and making it feel comfortable and then applying these methods accurately to make the dog playful enough.

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