How to Tame a dogs

dogs are one of the cutest pets and take the least effort to take care of. They are tiny in size, and the risk of messing up your house becomes little to none at all. dogs can be smelly, but if you clean their cages regularly, they can be the most hassle-free pet there is. One issue that can arise with dogs is that they can be quite wild, and it can take a significant amount of time for you to domesticate them. It would help if you used the right techniques to help tame it.

How do you make dog treats?

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There are multiple ways to tame a dog, but treats are the easiest way to calm them down. Treats are ideal; many pet owners, especially dog owners, use treats to calm their dogs down and train them to behave in a certain way. It has to do with conditioning the animal’s mind to function according to what you prefer. The animal will act according to how you consider it appropriate. In terms of a dog or any gerbil-like animal that tends to bite, you have to allow them to get familiar with the treats first.

dogs will most likely prefer leafy green vegetables, which are better for their digestion and health. You will have to remove any obstacles or any toys that can act as a distraction for them. It would help if you had their entire focus on the treatment for the training to work.

It is essential to use a soft voice when addressing the creature; otherwise, they might get scared and gain the tendency to get even more rabid. Your main focus is to help them calm down to the best of their abilities.

How do you get your dog to trust you?

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Trust is a key element that will help the creature to feel more comfortable and at home in its new environment. The more the familiarity grows, the easier it will feel, and the more playful it will begin to get. They will become so much more enjoyable to have around. There are a few steps that will lead to you gaining the trust of your little creature. dogs tend to become freer much quicker than other types of pets. Granted that you carry out the factors accurately, your dog will start to feel at home in no time at all.

The first step is to try feeding it from your hand. The scent of you will start to embed itself in the brain of your creature, and it will begin to feel so much better around you. You can not leave the treat in the cage and go away; there has to be some interaction between you two for this actually to work.

 Conversing with the animal. This may sound stupid, but it works. The animal may start to recognize your voice, and it will start to feel at ease around you.


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Petting will come in the same category of allowing your animal to feel comfortable with you. It needs to recognize your touch and be comfortable with a human touch if you want the pet to become tame and friendly towards people. You can start by giving it a treat. Treats are excellent distractions, as mentioned previously. It allows the animal to calm down and focus on what is in front of them, and there are higher chances that they will let you touch them if they are calm and happy because of the treat.

After giving it the treat, you can start by petting the animal’s fur lightly. You can simply stroke its fur at first. Once it starts seeming relieved and relaxed, you may go further. You can start scratching its little back. Be sure to keep a light hand, though, and no sudden movements. Any sudden movements will startle the little creature, and it may attack your hand. It may bite you and ruin your experience. And you can not be too harsh with the way you scratch it as it might get hurt. Once it is comfortable enough, you can pick it up and carry it out of the cage.


There is a certain method of holding a dog. You can not just hold it like a piece of meat. You can not be too harsh with it; squeezing it too hard may result in it getting scared and trying to get away. It might even bite your hand in the process. It would help if you avoided all these predicaments, and the easiest way is to be firm and gentle with the little creature. Your hands need to put a hand on its shoulders when you are picking it up, and the other hand has to be under its paws to help lift it and give it the support that the creature needs. This is also to make sure that you do not drop it. Remember, these are fragile creatures. Put your left hand under the dog’s belly to allow for maximum support to the creature.

You can not let its paws hang. If it starts squirming too much, you can hold its paws with your left hand to make it stop. You can not be too harsh, though. Remember to nestle it close to your chest to make it feel safe.


It is not that hard to tame a dog if you know the right method and the best part about them is that it does not take them too long to get used to you. If you apply the right techniques and the correct methods, it will be no time at all that the creature will get comfortable enough with you to allow you to play with it. Remember to keep its cage clean and tidy and make sure that it is well fed and taken care of. No matter how small, a pet is a living creature that depends on you and is a responsibility.

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