Can Rabbits Eat Mangoes?

Rabbits are smaller fluffier pets that people tend to keep mostly because of their cuteness. They are very fluffy and cuddly to the touch and they are easy to keep in your home if your home is quite large. Rabbits are quite high maintenance, though. They need large spaces to be able to run around and they need grass to have some sort of space where they will be able to feel at home. Rabbits are herbivores and they will eat plant-based foods, like green vegetables and radishes. They are also able to consume a number of different kinds of fruits.

Nutritional value of Mango

Can Rabbits Eat Mangoes? - Vet Explains Pets

Mangoes have a lot of nutritional value while being one of the best-tasting fruits to exist. They are good for the body and for your energy. They are good for you making them the best desserts. It is very large in size for some species of mangoes, not all of them. If the mango is large enough, it can be very filling for you. It can suffice for a snack that you eat in the evening and it will not be as many calories as any other processed late-night snack would generally be.

When we talk about the nutritional value of mangoes, it has about 107 calories in each helping or in every mango. You have to remember that not all these calories are necessarily bad for you. There are good calories and then there are bad calories and fruits usually come in the category of good calories. An average mango will have about 38 grams of carbohydrates in each mango. It will have 1 gram of protein and 4 grams of fat, which is a good enough ratio. It has 3 grams of fiber as well, fiber can be very good for your digestion system.

Mango is rich in Vitamins

Mango has a lot of vitamins. In fact, mangoes are filled with different vitamins that are good for your body and energize it. it may be able to improve your skin and your hair. Mangoes contain a decent amount of Vitamin A, C, and E. All of these facts make mango ideal for people, but is it any good for bunnies or rabbits? That is a question that many bunny owners will ask, especially those concerned with feeding their rabbits, a natural and healthy diet. People would not like to prefer giving rabbits manufactured foods and they would also like to maintain variety in their rabbit’s food.

When it comes to humans, mangoes are quite good for them. They can eat them without worrying too much about their figure and such. It’s natural and quite refreshing, especially during the summertime. putting it in the freezer and eating it later on in the day is quite a habit for some people. However, rabbits are a completely different story. They do have quite a different digestive system than that of humans, not to mention they are much smaller in size and shape. They are not able to consume everything that humans may be able to consume quite easily.

Is overfeeding mangoes safe for rabbits?

Can Rabbits Eat Mango? See Warnings, Serving Limits And More

Yes, rabbits will be able to digest if given in smaller helping and smaller amounts. Making sure that they are not overfed with mangoes. Let’s put it this way, the way humans eat candy and other types of manufactured sweets, rabbits should be fed mangoes in a very similar way. They should not be fed too much of a good thing. They might end up getting sick if they are fed mangoes on the regular because the rabbit may not be able to digest the heavy fruit that mango is.

Rabbits will absolutely adore mangoes. The sweetness and softness of the fruit is something that rabbits tend to crave, much like any other human will crave candy. It can be an excellent form of a treat since it is healthy for the rabbit. If given to the rabbit sparingly, it can actually be excellent for your bunny because of the fruit’s nutritional value. You may be able to feed it a little bit every now and then and make it like you because you are the one feeding it the sweet fruits it craves and if you do not feed it to the rabbit every day, it will look forward to it and in turn, the rabbit will look forward to you.

Safety guidelines for baby rabbits

When it comes to actual baby bunnies, it is very important to understand that you can not give it any mango. the baby bunny may not be able to digest the mango easily and you might end up giving it an upset stomach instead of doing the rabbit any sort of good. When a bunny is born, it will be very dependent on the mother for milk or any sort of food. Trying to feed it any other kind of food might create health issues for the rabbit.

When a rabbit has reached its adult stage, you may be able to give it 1 teaspoon of mango depending on how much your rabbit weighs. 1 teaspoon of mango for every 2 pounds the rabbit weighs and you can increase the teaspoons of mango with however much your rabbit weighs. For example, if your rabbit weighs 5 pounds, you may be able to give the rabbit 2 and a half teaspoons of mango. 

Once you do give the mango to the rabbit, check on it for a while to make sure the rabbit is not having any stomach issues or digestive problems after eating the mango. If it is not eating the mango at all, just remove it from the rabbit’s bowl. It is rare that the rabbit will experience digestive troubles but it is important to keep a steady and regular check. If your bunny does develop diarrhea or any other stomach problem, take it to the vet and never give the mango to it again.


You need to make sure you understand what your rabbit needs and if you can, get it checked up and vaccinated before you bring it home at the very start to make sure you know everything there is to know and take optimum care of the rabbit.

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