Can Rabbits Eat Pears?

Rabbits are small fluffy creatures that are often kept as pets because of their smaller size and cuteness. They stay inside the house and are quite playful and jumpy. They get used to your scent pretty easily and over time, they will start to roam around your house as normal. Many people decide to keep rabbits as pets for that very reason. They are easy to take care of as well, and because of their smaller size, they do not require a lot of room to live in. They are herbivores and they can easily survive on leafy vegetables as well.

What kind of fruit is a pear?

Can rabbits eat pears, pear skins, or pear twigs? |

Pears are a crunchier kind of fruit. They are eaten by most people who like crunchier fruits like apples. Humans eat pears very commonly. They may eat a pear every now and then because of its taste and nutritional value. It can be an excellent snack for human beings and they will easily be able to avoid any kinds of food that may be considered junk and maybe quite bad for your health. Humans’ digestive systems may easily be able to digest the pear without you having to worry about an upset stomach.

Can Rabbits Eat Pears?

Can Rabbits Eat Pears? (Serving Size, Benefits, Risks)

Rabbits, on the other hand, are a completely different story. Rabbits function very differently from humans and the food that they eat is quite different from humans; they may not be able to eat everything that a human is able to eat. This makes it all the more impossible to give it all kinds of foods. Rabbits are herbivores and will not eat any meat-based products, simply because they can not. But they are allowed to eat different kinds of fruits and vegetables to help them maintain a sort of variety in what rabbits tend to eat.

There are multiple reasons why you should not give rabbits pears in a large amount. Consider it like candy. The way candy for humans is not entirely hazardous, but if humans start eating candy on the regular, every single day, their teeth will begin to have digestive problems if they eat too much in one sitting, and sooner or later, their teeth may begin to rot and their gums may start to rot as well. Similarly, if you give your rabbit pears sometimes, it might actually enjoy the pears and associate the thing that it enjoys with you. This way it may begin to see you in a better light.

However, if you give your rabbit pears on the regular, much like humans, sooner or later, it will begin to experience digestive issues and it may start throwing up. This may also lead to its gums being ruined. When the rabbit bites down on a crunchy fruit, there is a much higher chance that it might lead to the teeth of the rabbit being improved. But all of these advantages can only be experienced if the rabbit is given pears on different occasions rather than on the regular. Regular intake of pear can have dangerous effects on the body of the rabbit.

Too much pear can lead to obesity

Obesity may become one of the side effects of giving your rabbit too much pear. It will eventually start to eat all of the pears and before you know it, the pear will start affecting its body in a very negative manner. The rabbit will begin to gain a lot of weight because of the sugar content in the pear and it will become all the more lethargic and lazy. It will avoid having to move around and it will lay in one spot for most of its time. This might even end up reducing the lifespan of the rabbit.

Slowly introduce new foods

You can introduce the pear slowly but surely to the rabbit. It may not feel entirely comfortable biting into the pear for the very first time, but once you give it a little bit of space, it may become so much more used to the idea of having sweets. Remember to give it a small amount to start off, you do not want to waste the pear by giving the rabbit too much and the rabbit not eating the pear at all. Give it space and time.

Is it safe to feed pellets to your rabbit?

Remember that if you are giving your rabbit pellets, apart from any other green vegetables that you are feeding it on daily, do not give the rabbit any pear. Both, the pear and the pellets are considered treats and if you are giving your rabbit one, do not give it the other.

Can rabbits eat pears with skin?

Rabbits are capable of eating pear skin as it is quite rich in vitamin C and it is good for the rabbit’s body. However, remember to thoroughly wash the pear before giving it to the rabbit. It may be covered in pesticides and it is your responsibility to protect it from them by washing the fruit first.

What is the recommended quantity?

You have to understand that feeding the rabbit a certain amount of pear is very important. In one sitting, it should not be given more than the prescribed amount can easily lead to an upset stomach and end up making the poor rabbit very sick. 

You should be giving the rabbit about 2 to 3 spoons per bodyweight of the rabbit. Any more than that and it will end up being way too much for the rabbit. It may even lead to vomiting and dirtying the area it is in.

Do rabbits really like eating a pear?

Do rabbits like pears at all? This is an important question to consider. You have to understand that rabbits are not that selective when it comes to the kind of food that they eat. They will eat just about anything that seems good enough for them. It is your responsibility as the pet owner to not give them anything that might end up being hazardous to their health.


You have to understand that feeding your rabbit what it needs rather than what you think it wants is very important. Research the proportions and feed accordingly.

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