Can Dogs Eat Oreos?

Dogs are pets that require a lot of treats for them to stay active and happy. It is also very rewarding for you to see your dog happy and jumping around for the treats. They are very playful creatures as it is and it is easy for you to make them happy. There are a number of different kinds of treats that are available on the market that dogs are able to consume, which are healthy and good for the dog, all the while allowing you to see your dog extremely joyful and jumping around for your attention.

Oreos are a cookie that is widely eaten throughout the world. It is mainly enjoyed for its vanilla filling and the outer cookie which is made out of chocolate. The contrast of slightly bitter chocolate and sweet vanilla took the world by the storm and made it one of the most purchased cookies, by the company. Many people enjoy these as snacks and little treats that they can eat on the go and not make too big of a mess as a proper meal would make. These work as great fillers, if by any chance you have not had any breakfast and are looking to eat something which is quite light.

Is oreo safe for dogs?

My Dog Ate Oreos: What Should I Do Now?

When it comes to dogs and if or not they will be able to consume Oreos, the short answer is definitely no. The fact that Oreos are basically made out of chocolate is not a good sign and it definitely does not make it an okay snack to give to your dog when your dog needs a treat or is craving something small after dinner. Trust me there is always a better alternative to give to your dog as a sweet treat than to give them any kind of snacks that may contain chocolate.

For starters, chocolate is extremely harmful to your dog for a number of reasons. In fact, it is basically poison for the dog. If you want to kill the dog, go ahead and give it as much chocolate as you want because your dog will be dead in no more than a while. The dog’s body will not be able to digest the chocolate especially if it is given to the dog in a very large amount. Its body will start to malfunction and before you know it, the dog will begin to shut down.

The dog is very likely to experience seizures and an increased heart rate if it happens to consume a lot of Oreos. The heart palpitations and increased blood pressure may lead to the dog having a heart attack on the spot and it is also risking the chance to die, it is not rushed to a vet immediately.

The dog may also experience a tense abdomen and the abdomen will begin to swell, all of these are symptoms for when your dog may have consumed a toxic substance like chocolate, especially if the dog is much smaller and relatively weaker.

What if your dog ate oreo by accident?

2021] Can Dogs Eat Oreos Cookies | Is Oreos Good For Dogs

When it comes to a singular Oreo, which the dog might have gotten into by accident, it is very likely that these symptoms will not show. Your dog might vomit in a few hours and before you know it the Oreo will be out of its system without it causing too much harm to the body. This is a good sign that your dog is out of harm’s way and the small amount of toxicity that went into its body, left without doing too much damage to the said body. One Oreo is not that big of a deal, so to say. 

However, this definitely does not mean that you go and feed your dog a bunch of Oreos, thinking it will be okay. Even if there are dire situations where you do not have any dog food at hand, always remember that it is much healthier to opt for vegetables and homemade meats and fruits instead of giving the dog a food group that is very toxic to it and it might die. Even if the dog will be able to take one Oreo, just do not do it. It is simply not worth letting in any toxicity into your body.

Give your dog home-cooked meals and certain vegetables that might be good for their health. Of course, you will have to do your own research regarding what foods are okay even when it comes to naturally found food groups that are available easily. For example, dogs will not be able to digest nuts too easily. Any food which is too oily might not be good for the body of the dog. It is very likely to get fatter and more lethargic if fed with these kinds of foods quite consistently and daily.

Is high sugar intake safe for dogs?

Apart from literally being made out of chocolate, Oreos also make use of a lot of sugar in the filling or the icing that is used in the middle as vanilla. There is an intense amount of sugar that is used in these cookies to make them as sweet as they are. Sometimes, the flavors can be too intense for humans. If that is the case, then it might be much too intense for dogs. High sugar levels in any kind of food can lead to heart palpitations and in dire cases over a prolonged period of time, it may also lead to obesity.

An obese dog is a lazy dog, this also means that it will become so much less active. A less active dog means that the lifespan of the dog might be decreased to a considerable amount because of the lack of any sort of playing and such.


To conclude, your dog will be much better off if you keep it away from chocolate or any other ingredients or food groups. Always find treats and such which are good for the dog in terms of health as well as fulfillment. Do your research because there are always alternatives.

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