Can Dogs Eat Doritos?

Dogs are known to be able to eat a lot of various things. They can digest a lot of different human foods as well. They can eat different kinds of dog treats and biscuits, granted that neither the treats nor the biscuits are filled with ingredients that can be harmful to the dog. There are a few things and food groups, which if the dog eats, can be extremely detrimental to the dog’s health. Dogs can not eat chocolate, dog’s bodies are not able to digest nuts or food that contain nuts in them.

What are Doritos?

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Doritos is a brand that makes a variety of different flavors of chips. It is extremely popular, in the United States of America, at least. People have been eating these chips for a very long time and they have loved them. They are available in different sizes and at different prices and in terms of flavor, there is something for everyone when it comes to this specific brand. People who like spicy or cheesy snacks enjoy these a lot. It tends to fill them up and while these may not be the best option when it comes to being healthy, they taste amazing.

Can Dogs Taste Doritos?

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Since the ingredients that are used in these chips smell and taste so good. They tend to attract humans and dogs. The scent is very attractive to them because it smells very strongly of barbecue and meat sometimes. Dogs find themselves wanting to eat these strong-smelling ingredients. The savory smell of the chips drives the dogs and the humans to want to eat them very often. They can become very tempting for them and they might climb on top of you to get to the tasty snack, the question arises over whether or not you should be feeding them these.

Even though dogs may be able to consume Doritos and they may not be entirely toxic for them, there are many reasons why you should not be giving your dog these tasty treats. Especially if the dog is of a young age. It may affect the dog’s development even more so than it usually will to a dog that is of adult age. It may be enticing for them and you may want to give in to their precious faces, but you have to keep in mind that it is better for their health if you do not give it to them.

Read This Before Sharing Doritos With Your Dog!

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There are a couple of reasons why you should not be giving your dog Doritos at all and it has a lot to do with the ingredients. Usually, when chips are made, they are processed a lot, to make them taste so much better than anything organic. Doritos make use of a lot of preservatives and additive flavors that make them taste good. The additives that are used will also make people want to eat them even more. Sometimes that is also what attracts the dogs to want to eat them.

Is sodium safe for dogs?

When it comes to Doritos, they are extremely high in sodium. The flavors mixed in with the corn and the high levels of salt that are used to make the chips make the entire bag quite high with the levels of sodium. Since the chips are unhealthy as it is for humans, they are even unhealthier for dogs. Dogs’ bodies function much differently than humans and the risk of increasing blood pressure is higher for them, even higher than it is for humans. They are risking heart attacks even if they eat a very small amount of Doritos.

Is high Fat intake safe for dogs?

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Apart from high levels of sodium, these chips also contain very high levels of fat content. The very thing that they are made out of may not be as fattening, corn is not too bad, but when it is fried and heavily flavored with cheese, it becomes downright hazardous for your health, especially when it is consumed in very large amounts. When it comes to dogs, since their bodies function differently than humans, they accumulate fat on their hearts much faster than it would be for humans. This makes them at a much higher risk in terms of heart disease and becoming obese.

When a dog is fed Doritos too often, it will become quite obese and sooner or later it will become extremely lethargic and lazy. When a dog becomes fat, it becomes less likely to do any sort of activity with you, including playing and going out for a walk. All of this is extremely important for a dog’s health and for it to remain happy and interact with you.

When a dog becomes less active, its life span decreases by a certain amount. It will not live as long as it would have if its diet was kept maintained.

Risks of diseases

When a dog eats too many of these oils, the dog will likely begin to experience an upset stomach. It will not be able to keep down any sort of food and there is a very high chance that it will get diarrhea. This will put a very heavy strain on the dog’s body and its organs. Apart from that, some of these chips are extremely spicy which might not be good for the stomach lining of the dog. If he eats these chips too often, he will end up feeling extremely sick and disgusted after a few moments of pleasure.

Doritos are also made of pressed corn, and this is not entirely healthy for your dog either.


It is always better to find an alternative. It is understandable to want to feed your dog and make it feel exciting and happy but this should never be at the expense of the dog’s health. There will always be something healthy available that a dog will be able to enjoy without harming its body. Do not give in to your dog’s urges or its little face. Do your research and find treats that are better for the dog and that tastes good as well.

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