Can Rabbits Eat Blackberries?

When you decide to keep a pet rabbit in your home, there are multiple things that you will have to pay heavy attention to. For starters, what you are feeding the rabbit is extremely important. Rabbits are most definitely herbivores, and when kept in homes, their diets will mostly consist of different kinds of green vegetables, including kale, lettuce, cabbage. These are good foods to give to your rabbit and make sure that it does not have an upset stomach or it is not vomiting. You can make sure that the rabbit is receiving the energy that it needs.

You have to understand that a rabbit requires a lot of energy to stay healthy. You can not just give it garbage food and hope for the best. The vegetables you give to the rabbit have to be fresh and crunchy to give the rabbit’s teeth what it needs. Yes, what the rabbit eats, has a direct effect on its little teeth. A crunchier vegetable will act as an exercise for the gums and teeth of the rabbit. The food will make the rabbit’s teeth much stronger, and it will make it easier for the rabbit to protect itself from rabbits.

When it comes to blackberries, the fruit is quite sweet, and many humans enjoy it a lot. The taste of the blackberries may be a little sour, and that tanginess is what many people like in the fruit. There are a lot of positives to eating blackberries as well. For starters, blackberries contain antioxidants; this helps with the people’s immune system and makes sure that the human does not get sick very often. The fact that it is a fruit obviously makes a difference because of the lack of any preservatives or additives that the fruit lacks.

Nutrition facts about Blackberryries

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The blackberry is likely to contain 62 calories per cup of blackberry; most of these calories come from healthy sources, unlike processed foods where the calories almost usually come from processed carbs and fats; this may lead the person to eat them gain weight so much more quickly. Fruits do not give humans this problem because they fill you up while not making you gain too much weight. The calorie count contains 7 grams of carbohydrates and 6 grams of fiber. Fiber is extremely important for the body and the stomach. It makes sure that you have better digestion. It contains 0.2 grams of fat and 2 grams of proteins. This just proves that blackberries are good for the body. If eaten in the right amount by humans, they can keep your body in check. 

A cup of blackberries is just about the right serving that you should be eating. It would help if you were not eating blackberries on the regular either, or they might lead to an upset stomach.

When it comes to rabbits, it is very important to understand that rabbits have digestive systems that are very different from humans.

How is the rabbit’s diet different?

Rabbits are not able to eat everything that humans will be able to eat. For starters, they are herbivores and can not digest meat. If they are given meat, they might not be able to digest it and fall sick. In dire situations, they might even end up dead. The same is the case with many other types of food groups. Rabbits should not be given everything that humans tend to eat. It is always better to stick to cruciferous vegetables and green vegetables that are slightly crunchy, like cucumbers. Rabbits quite enjoy cucumbers. These vegetables are very healthy for the rabbit.

When it comes to fruits, rabbits may be able to eat some fruits. In fact, the intake of fruits is quite important for the immune system of the rabbit. It also helps to maintain variety with what you are feeding to your little rabbit.

How often should your rabbit eat blackberries?

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Blackberries are good for rabbits and can be eaten on occasion. The antioxidants in the blackberries can be quite good for the rabbit and its little immune system. It might prevent the rabbit from falling too sick like they do with humans. 

However, it is very important to remember that you have to treat blackberries like candy. Humans can not eat too much candy, or they will end up falling sick or ruining their teeth. Similarly, blackberries are candy for the rabbit; if fed a little and in variety, it might enjoy the blackberries a lot, and it will look forward to the day you feed it blackberries. It will associate you with the blackberries and, in turn, with positivity. But, if fed blackberries too often, the rabbit is risking an upset stomach. It is also risking diarrhea in the system of your rabbit. Your rabbit might also start vomiting if its digestive system cannot handle the number of blackberries you have given it.

Some important steps to follow

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Remember to thoroughly wash your blackberries to protect your rabbit from any pesticide that may have been sprayed onto the blackberries when they were being farmed. 

Do not give the baby bunny any sort of treats or blackberries because it will upset its stomach quite quickly because of its lack of development and its inability to digest any kind of foods that are definitely not the rabbit’s mother’s milk.

Remember that even if it is an adult bunny giving it 1 large blackberry or 2 small blackberries is more than enough.

Rabbits may also be able to eat blackberry leaves, but be sure to wash them and clean them as best as you can to remove the pesticide from them.


Blackberries can be good for rabbits when given to them in a small amount. Remember to not overdo it and ease the rabbit into it. If you find that your rabbit is suspicious of the blackberry, try feeding it with your hand, and if it still does not comply, just don’t give it the blackberry at all. Find some other healthier alternatives to the blackberry.

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