Where Should Puppies Sleep at Night?

Puppies are one of the cutest pets that people like to keep in their houses. They are very jumpy and quite playful. They are affectionate creatures that require affection in return for them to stay happy and active. Puppies are cuter than adult dogs, usually because of their smaller size, but their smaller size also makes them more prone to getting harmed. This is why you may have to take extra care of your puppy regarding what it eats and what it is doing. It would help if you also took extra care of where your puppy should be sleeping.

Where should my puppy sleep at night time?

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If you are someone who is just starting with keeping pets in your house, there are some things that you may need to consider when deciding where exactly your little puppy should be sleeping or where their little bed should be. Puppies may seem indestructible because of their nature, but they are very delicate creatures and require a lot of care and tending to at the very beginning of their lives. 

When you have just brought a puppy into your home, you have to expect a few nights of disrupted sleep, much like you would with an actual human baby. They will soon start to adjust to your home and get more and more comfortable with the house and the environment that it lives in. Remember not to bring in a puppy when you think you will not be prepared. 

Should a puppy sleep in bed or downstairs?

Previously, many people believed that they could shut their puppy in the kitchen and call it a day. This is very unnecessary and cruel because they are living creatures and young living creatures who have not gotten used to being out in the world yet. Suppose you do put your baby pup in the kitchen and leave it alone. In that case, the first thing it will learn after becoming a part of your home is that people are scary. It will spend a large part of its time while living in your house, believing that the people taking care of it can not be trusted and it will internalize that and it will develop over time. You have to remember to treat the dog with kindness and care. You can not leave it to fend for itself because that is inhuman; you were better off not bringing it into your house in the first place.

They should sleep in the room with you, at least for the first few nights, to make sure that it feels comfortable and safe. Comfort is key, your pup is young and immature, and it needs someone to look after it when it feels scared. You will be able to do that much easier if the pup is inside your room and not out in your house feeling terrified. The reassuring presence that they will have if you are nearby is significant in the initial stage. 

Familiarity with the environment is also essential to help the dog adjust and make sure that it is happy in the home it is brought in. Sounds and smells are also essential for dogs. Since their senses are quite heightened, they will familiarize themselves with the sounds and smells before familiarizing themselves with the people. Make sure the smells inside your house are pleasant, and your house does not smell anything that could discomfort the baby pup. The hearing senses of dogs are also very sensitive. Even as pups, they might feel startled and afraid very easily. Please make sure there are not any loud noises in its vicinity.

What is the best thing to do with a puppy at night?

Going to the loo before you take it to sleep is very important. You may need to take it outside before you take it to bed. You have to be with the dog while it does its business, reassuring and making sure it isn’t scared by the new surroundings. When you take it to its bed to sleep and if it’s calm, make sure to reward that with treats and such. This is positive conditioning, and it will teach the dog that it is good to be quiet and compliant during bedtime.

You have to be very patient throughout this process and understand that it will take the dog a decent amount of time to take in everything you are trying to teach. The puppy may cry all night at first, and you have to comprehend that it is a slow and gradual process to make the dog at ease and teach it what you are trying to teach it. All of this is very important to get your puppy into a good sleeping routine. This will be important for your sleep and the puppy’s health.


You have to make sure that the puppy has a slightly secluded area, and has soft cushions for it to lie down on. Puppies prefer feeling contained and secure, so you have to make sure that the bed is the perfect side for it to move around a bit and then fall asleep feeling as cozy as possible. It is always better to buy something small that will be able to fit the dog. The bed has to be in a quiet part of the room to disturb the dog by other people during its time of sleep.

You may have to put something waterproof under the dog’s bed; in the very initial stage, the dog might be scared and wet the bed. You can not reprimand it during this time but help it to understand that it can not do that; you have to carry this out very kindly and carefully. You can not bully the dog.

You need to ensure that the dog is kept warm and safe if it is a chilly night.


Taking care of a dog’s sleep can be easy once you get the hang of it and do your research.

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