Do Rabbits Eat Basil?

We all love our little bunnies! Don’t we? Their silky soft fur, wide black eyes, and long ears are indeed an adorable sight, which can literally melt anyone’s heart instantly. What your rabbit eats, significantly impacts the quality of its life, and let me make it clear right now only that their diet is more than just carrots!

In case if you own a little furry friend or are planning to invite one to your family, you should know that rabbits have an extremely sensitive digestive system, are only able to digest a mix of hay, fresh vegetables, and commercial pellets. Particularly, the vegetables are indeed a phenomenal treat for your little bunnies, and green veggies such as Basil are every rabbit favorite for sure!

Basil is indeed one of the most beloved vegetables and is getting quite popular among pet owners. They are incredibly flavorful, with a strong and sweet smell, which your rabbit will certainly love! Trust me, they will be an incredible addition to your bunny’s diet and within no time you will be amazed by its exceptional benefits.

Curious about what benefits do basil hold? Fortunately, you are at the right place as here we have gathered a comprehensive to help you understand the importance of basils in your bunny’s diet.

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Benefits of feeding Rabbits with Basils

Fortunately, Basils are one of the safest herbs for your bunny, which are absolutely free from any toxic compounds. Doubtlessly, this makes all the rabbit owners worry-less, as adding a burst of basil is entirely safe for your little one. They also are loaded with a diverse range of essential nutrients such as Vitamin K, which is extremely useful in blood clotting. Besides, basil is also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B along with a decent quantity of calcium and manganese, ensuring your rabbit remains healthy and constantly smiles!

Not just that, they have been found to have strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well that inhibit the growth of bacteria and also reduce irritations. It has been hypothesized that basils slow down the growth of harmful Bacterias such as Isteria, Staphylococcus, and even coli. However, further research is required in this area for certainty regarding its effectiveness.

If your rabbit suffers from regular inflammation especially of the bowels or arthritis, then basil will certainly work miraculously for them! Basils, when combined with other anti-inflammatory foods, are extremely efficient in reducing pain levels. They are especially helpful for rabbits with mild arthritis and heart diseases.

With all that, Basil also contains Flavonoids, and these organic compounds work wonders while protecting cells from DNA damage. By preventing cellular damage, these basil leaves can surely protect your rabbits from chronic diseases such as cancers or DNA disorders.

Although Basil makes for an excellent treat for your rabbit, the biggest benefit that comes with it is that; with it, you can easily escape from super-expensive processed foods! Most experts suggest avoiding these artificial food contents that are loaded with high fat, calorie, and salt content, which ultimately bring disastrous consequences on the rabbit’s well-being. In contrast, this basil wouldn’t just satisfy the appetite of your little bundle of love, but will also prove to be an ideal alternative for expensive processed foods!

How to serve Basil leaves?

Usually, bunny foods require plenty of preparation before serving. But luckily, serving basil is incredibly simple, and if served in the right way it can surely boost its benefits significantly.

Basil may be served independently or by combining it with other herbs such as spearmint, peppermint, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, or oregano. Similarly, chopped basils must be served according to the rabbit’s body weight. Most importantly, it is to be noted that they must be cleaned thoroughly before serving, to eliminate any forms of preservatives or chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides) on its skin.

Precautionary Aspects to consider while serving Basil Leaves

Make sure to introduce Basil leaves only in small portions in the beginning as rabbits have an extremely sensitive digestive system. Although most rabbits easily thrive on these vegetables, however, some may be intolerant to few. Thus always start with a small quantity so, in case if the rabbit’s digestive tract is unable to absorb it, you may quickly switch on it.

Always remember to serve your bunnies with only fresh and thoroughly cleaned basils. Make sure they are free from micro-organisms, aphids, or any other preservatives; which be threatening your rabbit’s health.

Don’t overfeed! -This is one of the most significant aspects which usually people ignore. Although basils are free from toxins, they are only be served for occasional treats. Always avoid making them an integral part of the rabbit’s diet. Overfeeding is surely a big NO! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1-How much Basil is fine and when to serve it?

Ans- As basils hold certain nutrients in extremely large quantities; they should only be served occasionally. Serving it once or twice a week and that in accordance with the body mass of the rabbit, will be ideal for your rabbit.

 Q2-What might happen if my rabbit over-eats Basil leaves?

Ans- Excessive intake of basils may lead to digestive issues and stomach upsets including bloating, gas, diarrhea, and others. Hence, always avoid it.

Q3- What parts of the basil plant can the rabbit eat?

Ans- Your little bunny may not just nibble basil leaves, but also stem or in fact the entire basil plant. Fortunately, feeding over stem and plant is completely normal and nothing to worry about. However, generally, rabbits tend to avoid these parts as they have a strong scent.


Your furry bundle of love rightly deserves to be pampered once in a while, and trust me there isn’t a better way of treating them than by serving basils! Our little bunnies bring incredible happiness to our lives, and in turn, it’s our utmost duty to take care of their healthy living.

If you own a rabbit or are looking forward to getting one, we hope this guide proves to be beneficial for you.  Lastly, always remember that no matter how hard it gets those kisses and fury smiles to make it all worthwhile!

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