Can Quail Eat Live Crickets?

It is no doubt that not feeding a dark-winged migratory bird when it is in your vicinity becomes next to impossible. Henceforth, to say the least, we understand the position that you find yourself in. Not much different in the case of becoming a new pet parent to a lovely little quail, you wish to present the finest possible delights in the bird world to it. Albeit, there is a gigantic hindrance stopping you from doing so and that is your constant worry regarding what they are fed and whether it is beneficial enough. We are sure that is what drove you to this article as well and for this reason, we are going to make sure you do not have to aimlessly surf the web any further. This entire read will bring you all that you need to know (and more) about the food chain relationship between Quails and Crickets. 

Quails and Insects

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If you are someone who has newly entered parenthood to a quail (or any other bird) you need to know that backyard birds, including many types of quail, love devouring insects and bugs. You might as well consider it their hobby for most of the day. Most present-day bird pet owners tend to panic and worry when they peek at their innocent birds plucking at the head of an insect. This is no unnatural behavior but the innate nature that drives them to do so. However, on the less bloody and more positive side of the picture, insects, and bugs not only fulfill the nutritional requirement of your quail but will also fulfill the duty of your very own pest control service. 

Is It Safe for a Quail to Eat Live Crickets?

It is time that you face the truth and finally realizes; the quail in your backyard is not as murder-free as it looks! Aside from the fact that we’re kidding and the scene is not as barbaric as you might have imagined, Quails can eat crickets, both live and dead. Baby Quails, on the other hand, might not straight-up show a liking for crickets and other (comparatively larger) insects, but it is only about time that the golden brownish baby bird is all grown up and is relishing its first cricket. Therefore, to conclude, it can be said that crickets are safe to be eaten. 

How Do I Feed My Quail Live Crickets?

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To understand the biology behind this, it is beforehand essential to know and understand that quails like all other birds and humans have body requirements. They might not be as complex and demanding as that of a human being but a deficiency in the correct nutrients and supplements can cause the bird to grow weak and fragile (yes, even more than it already is!). For this reason, it is beyond crucial that the diet they are fed is strictly up to the mark.

Now the question that must have popped in your head is probably based along the lines of; how do I make sure the diet is sufficient? If that is what you were thinking, good question. To answer it, there is no denying that there are drawbacks in all sorts of meals, and considering that quails do not have a large appetite might also add to it. Subsequently, to avoid any (health-wise) grave situation from rising you can opt for healthy treats and snacks to make up for the quotient of a mineral (or any other bodily requirement) that is currently lacking. And so, this is the part where quails come in. You can feed your quail live crickets as snacks easily. To allow your birdie to thrive on warm blood, you may leave it in an environment where crickets are present i.e., grassland, etc. On the contrary, another option is to buy dried crickets. You will easily find them from any bird or pet shop around your locality. Dried crickets can be served to quails in any form possible, whether it is you wish to blend and mix them in their daily meal or present it to them otherwise, the hungry little bird is likely going to be thrilled. 

What do Benefits Do Live Crickets bring to Quails (and other birds)?

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Different types of quails have different body requirements depending on their size and potential weight e.g., bobwhite quails have comparatively larger bodies and subsequently, more bodily needs. But at the same time, if a generalized conclusion can be drawn it is undoubtedly that all quails, belonging from whatever species, have a requirement of protein. Sufficient content provides them with the immunity they have as well as the muscle (or wings, in this case) strength a bird needs to fly and go about its day. 

Accordingly, as you may have guessed, crickets can be an additional source of protein for your elegant little bird. Having put that out there, it is not always crucial that a home quail should be suffering from a protein deficiency for you to consider allowing them to savor live crickets. A few crickets a couple of times per week can be extremely advantageous. 

In What Quantity Can Quails Be Fed Live Crickets?

The key is to remember that excess of everything can be bad. If you feed your pet quail crickets, whether they are alive or dried as a substitute to their day-to-day meals, the fragile creature might likely fall sick. Crickets can not and should not be considered a full five-course meal for quails or any other birds. 

Over and above that, the first time that you allow your quail to go cricket hunting pay heed to the fact that it does not overdose. We would strongly advise you to feed the little quail a dried cricket at first and in continuation observe its behavior to identify whether its body has a negative reaction to the insect. If there are no wake-up calls, the feisty little bird may Bon appetit! 

We wish your quail happy cricket hunting and a flavorful feast.

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