Can Pigeons Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Let us be the first one to admit, pigeons are the best pets and that is without any exaggeration. They’re easy-going, the prettiest birds to be around, and shower with pet love like no other. It goes without saying that if you have a pigeon as your best bud, there’s nothing more you could ask for. However, the same compassion and adoration must be returned to them. Now the question that is left unanswered is, how do you take care of your pigeon? The primary and the most important thing you could do for your pet is to be mindful of its appetite and make sure that it gets all the proteins and vitamins it needs. Before feeding your little birdie make sure you do desktop research about the meal you are planning to serve, similar to how you did for sunflower seeds.

As far as sunflower seeds are concerned, we are going to educate you about all that you need to know about. Therefore, we suggest you sit tight and read till the end because this is going to be one informative ride!

Can Pigeons Eat Sunflower Seeds?

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Let’s not beat around the bush any further and get down to the details. You can feed your pigeons sunflower seeds without any worry. Alike the common pattern of thought, pigeons can eat just about anything without having to face any minimal or serious health risks, but there’s more to it! (Just when you thought you were done, haha).

It is undoubtedly true that pigeons love seeds almost as much as you love them and these include sunflower seeds, but it is also true that excess of everything is bad. You may feed your little Kevin sunflower seeds as a treat but they simply do not qualify enough to be the substitute for a full course meal.

Do Pigeons Like Sunflower Seeds?

Yes, pigeons are ‘head over heels’ for sunflower seeds. They are to pigeons what candy is to children; priceless. If you serve your pigeon sunflower seeds mixed with other seeds, likely, the bird will enthusiastically reach out for the formerly mentioned seeds.

Having said that, it is also extremely significant to remember that animals and birds for that matter, are not the most unmatchable and fairest of decision-makers to decide what is advantageous for them and what is simple…candy. And for this reason, they have you. You have to be the bigger person and sometimes even the villain when it comes to deciding what your pigeon gets to devour. But as long as it is for the good of your tiny best friend, there’s nothing you’ve got to worry about. Not too different in the case of your pigeon’s most preferred treat as well; sunflower seeds.

What are the benefits of Sunflower seeds?

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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that sunflower seeds are one of nature’s gifts to humankind. They are jam-packed with minerals and nutrients that make them fit for consumption of not only humans but also birds (for whom it is beneficial). If put in comparison to other seeds in terms of content, sunflower seeds would undoubtedly win because of their rich nutrition. They contain nutrients and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, and Vitamins C as well as E. Moreover, at the same time, they have enveloped in themselves a great number of fats as well.

In addition to this, a huge convenience on the part of a pet parent is that hulled sunflower seeds leave behind no mess. On busy days, it can become quite a chore to clean up after serving your precious birdie with a treat or a meal. If you are having one of such days, sunflower seeds are your go-to! 

Problems Associated with Feeding Your Pigeon Sunflower Seeds

While sunflower seeds are an absolute delight, they too like everything else come with their pros and cons. Black oil sunflower seeds in particular can cause severe diarrhea in birds (pigeons to be more specific). If such is fed in a vast amount it may cause your bird to fall sick and weaken beyond its capacity.

To avoid any such grave circumstance, as we mentioned above, sunflower seeds should only be fed to pigeons in small quantities to the bird, especially for the very first time. This will not only help you, as a pigeon parent, to identify whether your bird likes them but also if their body has any negative reaction to them. If you see no red flags, it is safe to say that sunflower seeds (that are not black oil) and your pigeon can be good friends.

Should Pigeons Be Fed Shelled or Hulled Sunflower Seeds?

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Wild pigeons can eat sunflower seeds in either form. However, how home pigeons are fed depends more on the pet parent than the pigeon itself. Conventionally, pet parents prefer to feed their bird’s hulled seeds to escape the task of cleaning up the shells.

Having put that out there, it is integral to mention that baby pigeons are unable to grind down shells properly and their digestive system is not, as of present, developed enough to tolerate shells. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry. In some cases, animal experts and vets have also advised giving preference to hulled sunflower seeds over those that are shells. This is because pointy shells carry with themselves the danger of getting stuck in the intestine of a bird or extreme circumstances puncturing their intestines.


Let us wrap up the entirety of the article in this paragraph; you may feed your pigeon sunflower seeds but make sure they are not ample in amount nor a replacement of their daily meal. But most importantly, try your best to get your hands on hulled sunflowers to avoid any sort of discomfort.

We wish you and your pigeon a healthy and happy journey full of sunflower hearts as treats!

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