What if my cat is throwing up clear liquid and white foam?

Do cats vomit?

Well, that is a generic question. Cats do vomit but the case is not frequent. Not even close to dogs ‘and other pet animals’ vomiting behavior.

Cats throw up clear liquid or sometimes white foam due to various reasons. If you do not know the reason why suddenly your cat is throwing up, believe me, you are not alone. Understanding the exact reason why they throw up is sometimes difficult to figure out.

The running and being protective all the time nature make owners find the reason precisely. And that is why we are here to help you in finding the exact reason from a pool of possibilities for throwing up.

Is it natural for a cat to throw up white foam?

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Cats are usually the cleanliness concerned animal and frequently wipe or lick their body so that it is free from infection and other prone diseases.

White foam, as the name implies, will be in clear white color. The reason for the vomit can be indigestion, hairballs, eating too fast, inadequate food, or not eating at the correct time. Sometimes, the reason can be health issues, serious digestion problems, hyperthyroidism, and cancer.

So, vomiting once would be because of some of the reasons stated above but continuous vomiting, rigorous stomach ache must be consulted with a veterinarian.

Reasons for throwing up:

Reasons can be umpteen but can be grouped and traced under a few categories.

Few such categories are listed below.


Continuous licking of fur by the cat to keep itself clean and grooming, sometimes cause hairballs to enter the digestive tract and thus causing uncomfortableness. Like the human body, the digestive tract and intestinal tract of cats too have hydrochloric acid and another such kind for the easy flow of food for digestion. Sometimes, during this licking process, the cats may consume few furs which causes vomiting.


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Indigestion can be caused because of the consumption of food very quickly or insufficiently. Feeding your cat at an appropriate time and following an appropriate food diet plan is a must for the good health of your cat.

Indigestion can also cause due to sudden changes in food intake. In case, if you are planning for a diet change or re-doing the food chart to make it suitable for the current health condition of your pet, then you must make that change slow and gradual. Sometimes, sudden change can cause a clear liquid to throw up by the cat.

In case of serious ill conditions like kidney failure, digestive tract problems, then too your cat might throw up clear liquid.

Intake of unusual objects

Cats are usually wandering around the house, keeping eye on every nook and corner for any changes. Because of the cat’s curiosity, it is quite understandable that they might eat some poisonous items amidst this protection. You must be very careful about what you keep at hand’s distance for the cats.

It is not that only poisonous items would cause clear liquid to throw up but also some stomach blocking food items can be caused for this.

Is the eating area safe?

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Running too often after a meal or in between a meal can cause vomiting. Cats generally run after a meal for either of the two reasons. One is, the cat is happy. It is enjoying its meal and thus expresses by running every time during a meal. Watch for your cat’s behavior in different situations and understanding that will owe you usually big time-saving.

The other reason is your cat is not safe in the eating area. The cat might experience an unpleasant scent or scenes or surround which makes it uneasy for the cat to stay in a position and eat and relax. Cat, being unsafe in a place can withstand for too long time. Like how humans tend to run away from the situations and surroundings that make us uncomfortable. We immediately think of moving out of the place as soon as possible. The behavior is the same in the case of a cat too. They tend to immediately move out of the place that makes it uncomfortable.


Your cat might throw up white foam when it is affected by allergies. The allergy food content might have stopped the proper functioning of stomach pipes, intestinal tract.

Most of the cats are allergic to,

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Dairy

Cats are mostly intolerant to some types of proteins. So, learn the body reaction of your cat and then change the food chart periodically.

Should you worry if your cat throws up?

Though occasional vomiting is not a big concern, frequent vomiting can be alarming. You must take your cat for consultation with your veterinary doctor.

The reason you must be concerned is,

  • Breathing difficulties
  • The Cat is unable to eat or drink the day after vomiting
  • Sensation of nausea
  • A cat is having more than two times throw up of white foam or clear liquid in a day
  • Vomiting with blood


Thus, throw up clear liquid or white foam by a cat is more related to the health condition and that must be consulted with your vet immediately. Many owners don’t realize the harmful objects that are in and around the house. But cats recognize the same, but the case is not always the same. Sometimes, the cat may miss-assume edible food items with non-edible food items.

It is better to understand the behavioral habits of cats and act accordingly.

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