What human foods can cats eat

Cats won’t let their mommies and daddies in peace! This is for sure. It doesn’t matter if it is breakfast or lunch; cats are always after something from their master’s plate. While we are sure, that sounds adorable to many of us, dropping anything and everything you are eating is a wise thing to do. Not everything that humans eat is safe for cats. Cats are allergic to some foods, while some are indigestible. In this discussion, we talk about human foods that are compatible with the feline digestive system. Some of these food items are a common feature of the human diet, but some names will surprise you for sure!


You must be thinking what a weird choice! But the nutritional value associated with spinach is far more than you think. The leafy vegetable is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Among these vitamins, arguably, the essential vitamins include vitamins K, A, and C. Spinach is also a rich source of iron. Scenes from Popeye must be flashing before your eyes right now! Ok, spinach is great, but how do you feed it to your cat? Well, wed doubt it if your cat would nibble happily on the green leaves. Instead, what you can do is find spinach in the canned cat food section. Additionally, spinach is also a part of many other popular cat food products.

2- Eggs

Eggs form a significant component of most of the protein-rich cat food products you see or have already purchased from the supermarket. The two major reasons for popularity, when it comes to eggs, are proteins and vitamins like vitamin B. One of the most adaptable feline digestive system foods, eggs must be cooked well before being served to cats. Cooking eliminates any chances of bacterial poisoning.

3- Chicken

Cats love meat. This is a universal truth and if you want proof, throw some chicken in front of your cat. There are two important things that you should be mindful of One, the chicken you feed your cat must not contain any fat. Try your best to get rid of extra fat. Second, cook the chicken well to kill any pathogens or parasites in the meat. Cats love raw meat, but that can turn them a bit wild.

4- Bananas

Although there are no safety risks associated with bananas, we still feel that you shouldn’t let things get out of control. Naturally, your cat will fall for this potassium, rich fruit. However, you must be mindful of the calories that your cat consumes when eating bananas. Don’t want the furball getting all fatty, do we?

5- Oatmeal

There are no question marks over the satiety value of oatmeal, but chances are not high that your cat will love it. While it is true that oatmeal is a rich source of vitamins like Vitamin B, your cat won’t be very pleased if the bowl is full of nothing but oatmeal. The best thing to do in this case would be to take things slowly.

6- Cheese

In the famous Tom & Jerry cartoon series, it is Jerry who is after Cheese all the time. So believe us when we say we can understand your confusion. Cheese is not above your cat’s digestive capacities and doesn’t put your cat at the risk of an allergy. On the other hand, despite being a rich source of protein, your cat will take some time adjusting to stiffer versions of Cheese, e.g., cheddar. You will have to think of a creative way to introduce Cheese to your pet’s diet for sure.

7- Bread

EASY HOMEMADE BREAD RECIPE - Butter with a Side of Bread

Probably the cheapest and the commonest food item on this list, Bread is one helluva snack. Our days wouldn’t have been the same had it not been for Bread. To some extent, your cat’s days wouldn’t be the same either. After all, you have adopted a habit of dropping down some morsels every morning. Now, your cat has become a crust addict. But we have got nothing against it. Bread is pretty compatible with the feline digestive system, so snack hard, tabby!

8- Blueberries

We must say, our list has gotten yummier as we have moved to number eight on the list. There are several ways in which your cats love to devour on blueberries. Some cat foods come with a major percentage of blueberries in them, so that is one option you can consider. Then, cats have been seen having a taste of the frozen version of this type of berries. Oh, but nothing beats the fresh version, of course. Reiterating the obvious, one thing that you must be mindful of when it comes to berry snacking is the number of calories. Too much of them, and you will end up fattening that baby!

9- Peas

Why Green Peas are Healthy and Nutritious

With veggies like peas, the first question that you must ask should be about the nutritional value. What does your cat get from snacking peas? Well, peas are a rich source of fiber and certain vitamins like A&C. You can tempt your cat with the frozen or the raw version and deduce which one is more tempting for your pet.

10- Turkey

We researched thoroughly to find anything against a slice of turkey breast and found nothing of substance or great value. Therefore, we can deduce that there are no major risks associated with the consumption of turkey. However, you must cook it well, just as a precaution. On the other hand, if your cat loves chicken meat, please don’t force the issue!


Well, that will be all from this discussion. We hope that you learned something new from what has been a rather comprehensive account of the human foods which cats can eat. Satiety and safety were two prerequisites of this list. Apart from these, the nutritional content of all these food items was also evaluated. These items met the set criterion. Hence they find a place in our list of safe foods for cats!

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