How to Protect Your Dog from Cold Weather?

Dogs act as excellent pets. They will keep you safe when they are inside your home and they will act as emotional support if they sense that you are going through something. They stay quite loyal to you for as long as they live and they will not disrespect your boundaries if you have trained them right. They are loving creatures that can easily be kept inside homes without worry as long as you have trained them right and kept them well behaved. If you spoil them then that is an entirely different story.

Dogs are also very good if you are someone who loves animals but doesn’t know if you should be taking care of one. This is because there is ample information available on the internet that will guide you in terms of the correct process in which you should be treating a dog. You have to remember to do ample research, you have to make sure that your information does not lack the basics or you will be putting the dog’s life at a certain risk. You have to avoid that situation at all costs because it gets quite unbearable.

Another thing that you have to understand before you decide to get a dog as a pet is that dogs are quite high maintenance. If you think that just because you have adopted a cat in the past and it will be fine, this will be fine, too, you are gravely mistaken because it will take four times the effort to take care of the dog and it will also take four times the money. If you feel that you are at a stage in your life where you are not financially stable it is better to not get a dog.

Breeds are also something of consideration. You can not get just any breed and keep it inside your home. There are dogs that do much better when they are in much cooler climates like huskies and Pomeranians. However, there are dogs out there that are thin-haired and they do not need cool air as much, they may be able to survive in a warm climate. This gives you some leeway. However, it is better to not mix the two for the sake of the dog’s health. If you feel that your dog is not okay in the climate that you have brought it in, try taking it outside and if that does not work either, it is always better to just give the dog away in its entirety. You will be protecting the dog and maintaining a level of comfort for the dog. All of these factors are extremely important to consider when you are getting a dog. Try to buy a dog that you feel comfortable with as well because there are chances that you might get a dog that ticks all the boxes but you do not feel entirely comfortable with, that can be a bad situation for both you and the dog.

Another factor that you have to put into consideration is the size of the dog. Not every dog may be able to live in an apartment. If you live in a house that is large enough then it may be fine for you to get a much larger dog, but smaller spaces are better for smaller dogs, and trying to fit larger dogs in small spaces can make for an uncomfortable situation for both of you even if you live alone. The dog will need much more space and you will not be able to give the dog that.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is empty space for the dog that you are buying. You will have to take the responsibility of taking it outside whenever it wants to go to the bathroom or else it will go somewhere inside your home. That is not entirely the dog’s fault and it is mostly yours because this is one of the requirements of dogs. All of this is something that you have to understand before you decide to go ahead and buy a dog.

When we talk about climate, we should also consider aspects other than breeds. Even if your dog is a breed that can stay in cold weather there are still some things that you will have to keep in mind. You will still have to protect your dog from the cold, especially if you live in areas that are much harsher than the regular cold. In situations like those, simply keeping them inside and turning the heater on is not enough. What you have to take into consideration is other methods of protecting your dog from the cold to the best of your abilities.

Bring Outdoor Dog Inside

If you are someone that keeps your dog out in the open and winter is coming then a better option will always be to bring your dog outside. Leaving the dog out in the open will be exposing your dog to not only harsh weather but also extreme illness which is a result of keeping your dog outside. Even if for the time being, it is always much better to keep your dog inside rather than outside. When you bring the dog inside, it should have accessibility to solid shelter and it should also have fresh water available. This is the least that can be done.

Refrain from Leaving the Dog in the Car

If you think that things will be fine if you just leave the dog in the car and go on your way, then that is simply not the case. If you do decide to leave your dog in the car, chances are it will be terrifying. It may also ruin your car but the safety of the dog is much more important. Also, cold cars can easily become like refrigerators, you are not protecting your dog, you are putting it in harm’s way. if you are running errands, just leave the dog at home instead of taking it outside with you.

Coats to keep it warm

Coats are also an excellent option to be able to protect your dog from the cold weather. There are coats available in many pet stores, especially if you live in an area that is cold. Buy a coat that is thick and will be able to keep your dog insulated as best as physically possible. Especially if you decide to take the dog outside, it is always better to keep it covered up; the chest and the area around the chest need to be protected the most.

Boots to keep the feet warm

Another thing that you need to consider is that dogs’ feet can easily get cold. You would never go outside in freezing cold weather without shoes and succumbing your dog to the same situation is wrong and cruel. You may be able to purchase boots for the dog easily as well and boots are something that the dog will most definitely need under any circumstances. You may need to take it outside to let it do its business or you may take it outside simply for a walk. Either way, the dog will most definitely need boots.

Refrain from Bathing the dog

In a situation and weather like this, it is just much better to not wash it at all. Let the dog be a little dirty. You may have to deal with the smell for a while, but it is much better than exposing your dog to the cold. Apart from the cold aspect, washing your dog can also remove essential oils and materials from the skin that can help keep the dog warm and safe. If you remove those you will be harming the dog. Even warm water will not be a good idea in a case like this.

Carelessness may lead to Hypothermia

Hypothermia is something that can actually cause fatal consequences to the dog, the dog may actually die if it gets too cold and you have to do your absolute best to protect your dog from a situation like that. What you can do is look out for symptoms. Frostbite is an injury that occurs on tissues and on parts of your body like the ears, the tail, and the scrotum. If your dog is showing that it is freezing and it is shivering too harshly and too much, apart from that the dog might also be quite lethargic and tired, it might also be experiencing shallow breathing. If you feel like any of these symptoms are showing, it is always better to just take it to the vet if the weather is too harsh then just keep the dog in a warm and dry place and keep it as warm as you can. The ideal situation would be to set it in front of a fire.


It is better to be safe than sorry, follow the above guidelines, and keep your dog as safe as you physically can. Harsh weather can actually be fatal to the dog.

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