Can Rabbits Eat Squash

Rabbits usually love fresh hay, grass, and plenty of water. This is their most favorite meal, bunny or wild. But like us humans, these rabbits are also fond of trying out variations. Occasionally, they love to enjoy different kinds of vegetables and fruits as well, for example, kale. However, if you have a domesticated rabbit, it is up to you to regulate the intake of these occasional treats.

It can get tricky at times. After all, how are you supposed to know what your bunny would love to eat, that too only the appropriate amount so that its health doesn’t get affected? If you do some research, you will find an interesting option listed right on the top of things. And that is squash. Now, you might have concerns about squash. Isn’t that a little toxic for a rabbit? Do I feed it alone to my bunny or in a combination with other vegetables? Relax, we are here for you. We answer the most basic question in this discussion. Can rabbits eat squash?

A bit about squashes

Squashes are vines that belong to the gourd family known as Cucurbitaceae. Botanically, squashes are considered to be fruits. But because of their seeds, fruits, and leaves, squashes are deemed and cultivated as vegetables. As far as human consumption is considered, not all of the squashes are edible.

The edible squash types are cultivated as summer or winter squashes. Summer squashes are harvested while they are a little tended and immature. The winter squashes are harvested in their mature form with matured seeds and rinds. Summer squashes include zucchinis, crookneck, and vegetable marrow. Winter squashes include butternut and spaghetti.  

Can Rabbits Eat Squash

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Rabbits eat squashes. Some enjoy eating them, others not so much. Not only zucchinis, but rabbits also love to eat other members of the Cucurbitaceae family as well. These include watermelons, cucumbers, and butternuts. But no matter how avid or eager they look while eating them, one shouldn’t overdose a bunny with squashes. There are health risks, which your furry little pet might face if it consumes a lot of squashes.

Squashes are one of the most popular choices in fruits when it comes to training the rabbits. You use these delicious fruits as a treat, whenever your rabbit does something adorable or clever. This way, a bond develops, which is much sweeter than any squash you will ever taste!

Nutrients found in squashes

Squashes are enriched with nutrients. The exact quantity of nutrients can vary, depending on the type of squash. However, these nutrients are found in pretty much all kinds. These include carbohydrates, vitamins like vitamin B and C, riboflavin, fiber, phosphorus, folate, and proteins. Anyone can get these nutrients by eating these squashes, no matter if it is a human eating them or a furry little bunny!

Why limiting squash intake is important?

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Rabbits are herbivorous by nature. Their digestive system is structured and designed in a manner to digest foods that are fibrous, low in sugar and fats. Squash has a higher carbohydrate percentage, as compared to other rabbit food. The starch content can cause problems, hence it is crucial to limit the amount of squash intake. For a rabbit that weighs about two pounds, the recommended squash dose is nearly two teaspoons.

Too much squash can cause an imbalance in natural gut flora, diarrhea, bloating, and gas. Rabbits might also gain a little extra weight if they have too much squash. Hence, it is crucial to keep a check on the squash intake.

Skin and leaves

Bunnies don’t mind eating the squash peels. Hence, it saves you valuable time, which might have been spent on peeling squashes. An interesting way of feeding squash peels to your rabbits is to feed them as a treat. Squash seeds can present a choking hazard. Hence, it is prudent to remove all the seeds from the fruit before you feed it to your bunny.

If you have squash plants in your garden, you might be wondering if your furry little pets will go after them or not. Well, good news, rabbits are not a big fan of these plants. They will not cause any major damage, as crops like squash and tomatoes suffer only a minimal amount of damage from rabbits.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we understand your mind is riddled with all sorts of questions right now. People all over the world have been asking all sorts of questions about rabbits and squashes. And it is quite understandable. The margin of error is less when it comes to planning a diet for your beloved pet. We decided to share their queries with you. Let us have a look at the most frequently asked questions about this topic.

1- Do rabbits eat yellow squash?

A- Rabbits can eat yellow squash, it is high in vitamins and minerals.

2- Do wild rabbits eat zucchini plants?

A- Yes, the wild rabbits love to eat zucchini plants. However, some of them are more partial to a hay-based diet.

3- Do bunnies eat zucchini plants?

A- Rabbits can eat zucchini plants, but they usually steer away from tomatoes and squashes.

4- Can rabbits eat squash seeds?

A- They might be able to eat squash seeds but there is no nutritional value associated with these seeds.

5- Can rabbits eat cooked squash?

A- You should be careful when it comes to feeding your pet the cooked squash. It can cause stomach aches and other digestive problems in a rabbit.


Squashes are of various types, with plenty of health benefits. Many vets recommend that a minimal amount of squash is critical for your rabbit’s health. The keyword here is minimal. There are side effects associated with too much consumption of pretty much everything, and squash is no different. It is best to incorporate small pieces of squash at first if your rabbit is not used to eating this particular vegetable. You must not rush if you are making changes in your rabbit’s diet. Take things slowly in a fun, treaty sort of manner!

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