Can Quail Eat Eggs?

For as long as we can remember, we have constantly been told that eggs are extremely important for good health. They are an integral part of our day-to-day life whether that is being part of the first meal of our day or as an ingredient in the scrumptious cake you buy from the bakery. Similarly, it is only natural that a pet parent would want their adored pet to not be deprived of the goodness and health benefits that an egg has to offer. However, the persistent question is whether eggs are advantageous to your quail just as much as they are to you or not? 

If you are looking to find a definite and descriptive answer to this question as well, we have got you covered. All you need to do is sit tight and read till the end. On that note, let’s get started! 

What should a Quail’s diet be composed of?

As a pet parent, you must understand and comprehend the needs and dietary requirements of your bird. Having done so, you will be able to better realize which foods to serve and in what times of need. But this in no manner means you should constantly stress yourself over whether you are treating your bird the way it deserves to be treated. Instead, what you can do is make a mental map (or a written map, however you find it easier) of the percentage of a particular food quotient that your bird had to have every week. Following this manner, you will know what part of its nutritional journey is yet to be completed. 

Feeding Quail

The most unchallenging way to go about this is to keep in view the ideal diet of a quail and create the blueprint of yours similarly. A quail’s dietary regime should have around 80% of seeds and grains such as broken rice, oats, millet, and barley, etc. While on the contrary, the remaining 20% of the margin-left should be green leafy vegetables (i.e., lettuce, peas, broccoli, etc.) and insects. While this is a healthful standardization, it in no regard specifies that the quail should not consume anything else under whatever circumstance. The preferences of a quail may change over time as well, for example, it might develop a liking for insects more than its liking for seeds as grains with age. Consequently, it is always better to adhere to the food that is on your bird’s priority list as long as it does not cut down on its physical health. 

Having discussed all of this, we know just what you’re thinking; eggs don’t fall in the category of vegetables or insects, are they fit for consumption? 

Is It Safe for Quails to Eat Chicken Eggs?

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Without any further ado let’s get into answering the question that has been spiraling around your house. Yes, it is safe for a quail to eat chicken eggs. Animal experts and vets have claimed that there is no risk for your precious birdie in being fed an egg. At the same time, eggs should not take up the place of their usual meals. Make sure that you only feed the bird an egg once a week. Similar to all other newly made additions to the meal of a pet, moderation is the key when it comes to eggs. 

Before you officially incorporate it as a snack in your pet’s diet plan, we would advise you to feed it a nibble and notice any warning behaviors. If your pet quail refuses to eat the egg, it is better that you opt for other healthy alternatives instead. After all, there is plenty of fish in the sea! 

How Can You Feed Your Quail an Egg?

Everything You Need to Know About Quail Eggs

If you have been a quail owner for a while now you would be aware of the fact that their loyalty remains with simplicity. The same rule applies when it comes to eggs. We understand your urge to serve your dear pet with the most unmatchable version of everything, but in this regard, a plain old egg would be better than all other given options. 

To ready the exquisite dish for your beloved quail you will have to follow the steps mentioned below; 

  • Hard boil an egg 
  • If possible, let the boiled egg dry up (for several days or stretched hours)
  • After the egg has dried, chop it down into compact pieces (easy for the bird to peck at)
  • Serve it to your bird 
  • Bon appetit! 

Benefits of Eating Eggs for a Quail

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As we priorly mentioned, eggs are the healthiest of foods and in some parts of the world are considered to be a treatment for almost all sorts of physical health issues. Fortunately, eggs benefit birds in the same manner that they benefit us, if not more. Now let us particularly understand and know how they can add to the lifestyle of your enthusiastic little bird. 

First and foremost, eggs are an incredible and one of the richest sources of protein which is one of the many required supplements for a bird. Increased levels of protein will help them stay energized and active throughout the day. Therefore, if you think your pet’s protein quotient isn’t being fulfilled, you know just what to do! 

Moreover, egg yolks give the bird brain food, helping it think and react faster by decreasing the time that is required for brain signals to be transmitted. Following the same beneficial pattern, the white granola bar also helps fulfill other supplement needs of a bird such as iron, magnesium, vitamin D, and calcium. 

Why Do Quails Eat Their Eggs?

Conventionally, birds are inclined towards consuming their eggs as food when they have an increased protein requirement. They tend to fulfill it and retain their bodily supplement equilibrium by quail eggs themselves. It has been observed that once a bird starts to eat its eggs and finds it suitable to do so, it is likely that it will develop a habit to do so. Therefore, in conclusion, if you find your protein compromised quail eating quail eggs you should try and feed them a diet with richer levels of protein. 

However, there is no reason for you to worry if you walk upon the bird eating an egg. This is because it will not prove to be detrimental to your quail’s health in any manner. All you need to do is think about ways to keep the activity from turning into a habit and look for protein substitutes. 

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