Can Pigeons Eat Eggs? Is It Nutritious For My Pigeon?

In a search to discover cheap but healthy meal choices for pigeons, both pets or wilds, a query generally questioned is “can a pigeon eat egg? And the response to this is yes, pigeons can safely eat eggs. It might seem counter-instinctive to offer eggs to a pigeon since birds lay eggs to give birth to a young one, but truly it isn’t. Eggs are among the healthiest adding to the bird’s diet.

Pigeons eat eggs of other birds, chickens, and also other species. A bird-eating egg is entirely natural. One can frequently witness birds in the wilds eating eggs. This affordable food choice has no sugar and no carbs. It means that your pigeon will be loving a portion of food that is rich in proteins.

Can Pigeons Eat Birds Or Chicken Egg?

It might sound a little strange to offer eggs to pigeons or any other species of birds. In spite of everything, pigeons are birds and thus they too lay eggs to give birth to their young one. However, it is not uncommon for birds to eat other bird’s eggs in the wilds.

For them, eggs are a fully natural nutriment and are decent for your pigeon too. Since egg contains neither any carbohydrates nor any sugar. However, as with everything else, moderation is important to the health of birds and other animals.

Eggs are truly nutritious for birds & animals of all types. And thus, they often steal eggs in case they can find any in their way. Polecats, rats, and hedgehogs, and also foxes will all target an egg in case they find one.

Crows are among the most known infamous egg thieves as well as how they consume an egg is quite fascinating.

They create a tiny hole in the eggshells by penetrating the shells with their mouths on the side or on one end. After that, they insert their beak (upper) into that egg and then lift it so the fillings are drained into their beak completely.

However, gulls are recognized to consume eggs too and they do not even face problem trying to flee with it. They just settle in on a bird nest where they discover the egg and just eat it immediately right there.

NOTE:Similarly, yes pigeons or doves can have eggs of chicken or other birds.

Are Eggs Nutritious for Pigeon?

Eggs are the prevailing nutrition that feeds the sharp creature out there. It takes a firm amount of nutrition to live in the wilds, so food from the egg is a decent option. Egg yolks comprise choline that’s a portion of serious food for the brain since it makes speedy intellectual far informal by moving up the spread signals in their brain. The choline present in eggs as well helps the liver work and distributing and transferring nutrients all over the body and also where it’s required.

The proteins present in the egg are as well a valued element as protein subsidizes amino acids to assist the brain’s purpose. It prepares this by making neurotransmitters that offer the needed messages to the nerve cell, letting that rapid thinking required for existence in the wild. The distinctive chicken egg is invented of around 12% protein.

The eggs also comprise all of the crucial amino acids. A vital amino acid is something where the pigeons’ body can’t make it on its own. It should be engrossed by eating food that comprises those vital amino acids.

The eggshells are an outstanding foundation of calcium that is spare in the wilds. This calcium is appreciated to the pigeons as a female is bound for requiring it in case the female lays an egg of her own.

The amount of calcium she eats supports her to form a more solid shell for her eggs she lays. She has to pursue it anyhow, however; eggs are quite an easy way to get. Since the egg is not the one she produced so she certainly does not care about it that much. All that the wild birds care about is nourishing themselves as well as laying a healthy egg with robust shells.

In the past, it was believed that eggs were tremendously rich in cholesterol. Nevertheless, the US Department of Agriculture or USDA has discovered since this innovative discovery that eggs are not that rich in cholesterol. They educated that the amount of cholesterol in the eggs is in fact 14% lesser than they initially believed and that egg contains more amount of Vitamin D than initially believed by an upsurge of 64%.


The egg is a cheap formula of proteins for your pet pigeon and for the wild birds it is free as they can steal it from others. You can give an entire egg to the pigeons from the yolk to the white and also the eggshell.

Cleaned as well as packed crushed eggshells are also obtainable on the marketplace and obtainable to the companion bird relations who are involved in feeding the eggshell to their pigeons or any other spices of birds to upsurge their level of calcium.


Q. Do pigeons eat chicken eggs?

A. Truly, they’ll in case they don’t have sufficient vitamins for example protein. Pigeon does not only consume chicken eggs but also eggs of other birds. However, if you are planning to give an egg to your pet pigeon then boil a chicken egg until it’s ready. Then take it out to separate the white and the yolk. Cut up the white part into tiny pieces to feed it to your pet pigeon. They love to eat it and it’ll keep them from striking and ultimately killing younger ones!

Q. What should you not feed pigeons?

A. Never evergive Avocado, Caffeine, Chocolate, Salt, Fat, Fruit pits & apple seeds, Onions & garlic, and Xylitol to your pigeon.

Q. Can dove eggs be eaten?

A. Yes, of course, you can have the eggs of any reptile or bird including the dove’s egg. But they’re pretty small in size. You would need plenty of those eggs to make your favorite omelet.

Q. How do you make pigeon eggs?

A. To make your pigeons lay eggs quicker you have to make certain that their atmosphere is satisfactory and that they’re in the finest circumstances, this comprises seclusion, healthier food, a calm mindset, and a comfortable temperature. This’ll deliver you the finest harvest of eggs, as well as this, will assist your pigeons to lay eggs quicker.

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