Can My Dog Eat Chicken Bones?

We always want the very best for our dogs, be it through feeding them a healthy meal or taking them out for a run even on our busy days. The things we do out of love! And honestly, it makes complete sense, but what’s unfortunate is that accidents still happen, despite our utmost efforts to protect our dogs from the ‘harsh truths’. We know, it sounds tragic and helpless on your part, how could you possibly bear your dog going through any calamity no matter what the circumstance. But at the end of the day, it isn’t a perfect world so what we can do instead is stick to our undying efforts of playing the perfect role of a shield in our beloved dog’s life.

On that note, let us see if chicken bones are something that your dog needs protection from, or will they be a source of glory in your furry friend’s life?

What Is The Ideal Diet For A Dog?

Your Dog Ate a Chicken Bone — Here's What to Do

If you’re a new pet parent you’ve probably found yourself lost while searching for what your dog should ideally be fed. It is highly understandable, it can get like that when there’s an excess or lack of information. But fret not, this subheading is specifically for you and other new dog parents. We’ve always got your back!

First and foremost, it is integral for you to know that your dog is going to receive most of its nutrients from its primary diet instead of other snacks and treats. For this purpose, feeding your dog an excess of a food item that should strictly be served as a treat (once in a while) may cause the poor little fellow to enter unpleasant circumstances. Similar is the case with cutting down on its ‘basic diet’. Your dog should have a strict dietary regimen on no compromise grounds.

Now, let us discuss what this diet should include. A good number of dog owners consider a dog kibble diet to be a satisfactory nutritious meal that a dog can wholly survive on. A kibble diet is almost everything that your pet needs, packed in a can. Some of its fundamental ingredients include; grains, legumes, vegetables, meat, and in some cases, fruits.

However, if you are not a fan of a kibble diet, you can opt for another healthier alternative as well; incorporating the fresh ingredients of a kibble diet in your dog’s menu yourself. Not only can this be exceptionally fun but will also probably give you a more parent-like feeling. So to look at both parties; your dog gets to have a freshly prepared homemade meal and you get a happy dog. It’s a win-win, isn’t it? The different food items you will have to balance and juggle your furry best friend’s everyday meals between are; cooked or raw (preferable muscle) meat, fish (as per its liking), vegetables like broccoli, spinach, etc., and rice. You may also feed it some human foods after you are sure of their safety such as raw eggs, yogurt, etc.

Is It Safe For My Dog To Eat Chicken Bones?

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Now towards the real question, as you may already know raising a pet can be difficult, some might even say almost as difficult as a human child! One of these difficulties is deciding what to eat and what is off-limits. Your dog may seem like a buff big strong boy but can it deal with chicken bones? No. In most conditions, chicken bones can be extremely harmful to your dog. We would advise you to strongly steer clear of any such risk.

We know just what you’re thinking, how could they be dangerous? I thought dogs loved bones. Yes, you’re right, dogs adore bones but chicken bones are a different story. When cooked they may splinter and become an unexpected cause of extreme misery due to internal damage for the canine fellow. Therefore, it is decided that cooked bones and those that are table scraps should be strictly off-limits. By the same token, uncooked or raw chicken bones aren’t exactly your dog’s best friend either, they come accompanied with some potential risk. If your dog is insistent on getting a taste of chicken bones no matter what you do, only allow it to consume the bones under exceptionally high surveillance. Lastly, they also shouldn’t be fed any sort of seasoned bones e.g. salt used in seasoning can prove to be a toxin for the fragile creature.

Having put all of that out there, we do have some good news for you as well. You can allow your precious good boy to eat tips of chicken wings or neckpieces. Nonetheless, those too should only be served once chopped into small digestible pieces. Although chicken wings are the last food option to bring your four-legged best friend any good, despite this, you can surely feed them to your pet once every blue moon. There’s never any harm in a bit of safeguarded fun!

What Symptoms Should You Look For?

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If your dog has pulled a risky stunt in your absence or you have fed it cooked or seasoned chicken bones you may look for the following symptoms;

  • Bloody Stool
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Dental issues
  • Lethargy
  • Avoiding usual meals

If you notice any of these symptoms or changes in its behavior don’t waste any time before ringing up the vet. If you can, book an appointment with your dog’s doctor as soon as possible. Nothing beats the experience and advice of an expert.

Can Dogs Eat Chicken?

Surprisingly yes, your dog can eat a chicken without you panicking or calling a vet. Chicken is known to be one of the healthiest ingredients of conventionally prepared dog food. It is an incredible source of protein and countless other minerals as well as supplements that your pet might need. You can feed your dog the delicious cuisine either combined with its regular meals or separately. You’re welcome!

We wish you and your dog a healthy lifestyle ahead and don’t forget to share this valuable information with other pet parents to spread awareness to the rest of the community as well.

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