Can dogs eat figs

Humans love to share everything with their good boys or good girls. This is a common fact and hardly needs any elaboration. However, it is the subtopic of suitability, which needs to be discussed. Should you be sharing every type of eatable with your furry friend? Now that is a serious question, and each food item deserves a separate space for discussion. In today’s discussion, we are concerned with figs. Can a dog eat figs? What are the nutritional and health facts associated with figs? In this article, we are not giving you a simple answer only. Rather, complete background knowledge of the topic is discussed. By the end, you would be able to understand the situation much better.

The simple answer

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If you are in a bit of a rush, here is the short answer. Yes, dogs can eat figs. However, there are things that you need to know before you rush to the nearest store and grab a bunch of figs for your furry pet. You must be aware of the nutritional value of figs, their impact on your pets’ health, and the side effects. Yes, there are some side effects associated with eating too many figs. You do not need to visit any other page for this information. We have compiled everything for you, right here, on this page.

What do figs have to offer?

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Well, before you feed figs to dogs, ask yourselves if it is even worth it. Well, for starters, figs are loaded with natural sugars. Yes, the white poison that we consume every day is poisonous for your dog. However, the matter with natural sugars is very different. These sugars serve as an energy reservoir without being detrimental to your dogs’ health. Natural sugars are not the only thing figs are enriched with. The fiber content of this fruit is also very high. We know that high fiber content is extremely crucial for an efficient digestive system. The high fiber content helps, with not only constipation but certain other problems like obesity and diabetes as well. In terms of nutrients, potassium is the most important nutrient found in figs. Do you know how important potassium is for your Fido’s health? It is most important when it comes to a stable cardiovascular system. Apart from that, figs have a role to play in a good heart health status, as well as managing the obesity of your furry friend.

There are so many benefits of eating figs, why should not you rush to the nearest store and buy some for your pet? Well, the answer to this question is disused at some stage later in this article. For now, let us have a look at how you can serve figs to your good boy or girl.

How to serve figs to your dog?

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Interesting, is not it? How much of figs is ok? How you feed figs to your good boy also matters. First, the question about quantity. How many figs is OK? We say start with two per week, nothing more than that. Observe the response, and then proceed with the schedule. It does not matter how much your dog loves the fruit, feeding anything more than that is simply insane. Now, how are you going to serve them? It matters a lot. Some people just chuck them at their beloved pets. This can pose a choking hazard, though the fruit is quite soft and plump. The ideal way to serve the fruit is to of course chop it into small pieces and then give it to your dog. There are some other points to be considered as well.

Always go for fresh figs, it would be insane to present your dog with the fruit that smells or is rotten. It would be prudent to weed out any rotten ones’ that you purchased from your supermarket. Two per week does not mean that two figs must be served at one time. It is best to keep the matters limited to one fig at a time. Oh, and it is simply dreadful to offer a dried-up version of figs to your dogs. It can be quite toxic and lethal.   

Dog allergies and figs

Again, if you are looking for a short answer, that would be yes. Yes, figs can cause allergies in dogs. Which are the elements that cause this allergy? Well, the main element is fucosin, something that irritates some, if not all dogs. You can always tell if your dog is suffering from an allergic reaction. Drooling and diarrhea are the most common symptoms of this sort of allergy. It is ideal to keep a close eye on your pet after you have fed it figs, If you notice anything unusual, it is best to notify your vet and let him know all about the diet that you have been giving your Fido.

If you are panicking because the signs and symptoms seem quite severe, and demand immediate action, please take a deep breath first. Then, give your pet an antihistamine that ought to do the trick and provide some sort of temporary relief to your pet. The figs might simply be infested with pests; you need to check for those as well.

A word about fig newtons

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Can you feed your dog a biscuit that is loaded with fig paste? Of course, not. Look, we said yes to the question about dogs eating figs only because it is not toxic in the immediate sense. However, to feed more figs than the dog can handle is simply suicidal. Fig newtons are enriched with other ingredients like high fructose corn syrup. The additives and flavors are also no good for your dogs’ health. Hence, on a whole, we will not recommend anything as artificial as fig newtons for your dog. Oh, but yes, two figs per week are still safe for your dog.

Fig poisoning

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This is for the eye of those people only, who have a fig tree at home. Have you ever tried to open up the fresh fig without washing it? Have you ever felt the irritation caused by freshly plucked fruit or its leaves? Your dog will experience the same kind of allergy if you are not careful about where it prowls. In an instance where your dog suffers from the misfortune of touching the fig tree, the pet can develop some kind of skin inflammation as well. Also, make sure your dog is not feeding on the leaves of the tree also. This can also lead to vomiting.


Well, that is all from this discussion. We wish we could go on, but the limitations of time and space force us to conclude here. Nevertheless, we have given you enough information to be cautious and careful around the figs, whenever your dog is staring at them greedily. We have mentioned the health facts associated with eating figs. But do not let these tempt or lure you into believing that fig is awesome for your dogs’ health. Because they are not. Do not forget the bit about allergies or toxicity that is associated with eating too many figs. Best to offer them as a treat. This will help in the learning program, as well as make your good boy love you even more!

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