Can Dogs Eat Durian

Dogs tend to be quite lovely to have around your house. They are quite affectionate as pets, and that is something you should expect when and if you do decide to bring a dog into your home. They tend to get very excited, quite easily, and become very jumpy and playful. They are quite literally a joy to have around the house. You have to keep in mind, though, that they are the kind of pet that requires you to take care of them and put in a significant amount of effort in taking care of them.

Taking care of a dog

They are not nocturnal animals like cats, and they do not spend a better part of their life sleeping. They are quite active, but it is always better to give them a comfortable spot in your house where they can sleep comfortably and without worrying about anything. It will be the ideal situation if the spot you have set out for your dog is quiet and peaceful so that the dog can get a good night’s sleep. Comfort can be the key to the nature of your dog. They might be slightly unhappy if they are unable to sleep comfortably.

Dogs and their eating habits

Dogs can be taught different sorts of tricks and activities that may be useful or that may also prove entertaining for you and your family. The dog may also enjoy it as it will see this as a chance to engage with you and receive affection from you and your family. It is difficult to teach a dog tricks, and if you decide to do so, you will have to spend a significant amount of time training it. They can be quick learners if you spend enough time with them. They can be very loving and caring.

When it comes to dogs, they are mainly carnivorous, and their diets will mainly consist of different kinds of meat and a variety of them. Choosing the right meat and knowing when to give the dog meat is key to having a balanced and healthy diet for your dog. You have to remember that some meats should only be given to the dog in a small amount, while others can easily be given to the dog regularly. Not all meats are going to be healthy for the dog if fed regularly.

Some treats and such can be given to the dog that is not exactly meat, but rather different kinds of grains and plant-based foods. 

They are good for the dog in a small amount as well, but given to them in larger amounts can prove to be quite hazardous for the dog’s health. A better option would be to find low in sugar content and high in protein content to make sure that your dog is getting the balanced diet that it needs to stay healthy and active.

When we talk about dogs, high sugar content in any food can be bad for it. You will have to be on the safe side to ensure that your dog is not eating something unhealthy for it regularly. You will have to pay heed to what and when you are feeding your dog.

It is always much better to be safe rather than to be sorry because an upset stomach or, in dire cases, a fatal situation is much worse than just doing some research before you decide to give your dog a new type of food.

Durian and its consumption

Durian can easily be described as exotic food. Not many people appreciate eating durian, mainly because the smell of the food is that bad. It does not taste that great to some people. This is why it is one of those unpopular exotic fruits that are often made using inexpensive dishes. The thing about durians is that they are quite high in calories and that, too fat. The fat content in this very fruit is quite high, so it is better not to consume it daily or regularly.

Dogs and during consumption + side effects

Yes, dogs can eat durian; it is not dangerous for the dog to be eating this fruit in smaller amounts. However, there is a certain way in which you should prepare this fruit before you present it to your dog to eat. The first that you will have to do is cut off its shell and cut it into little pieces. You also need to remove the seeds in the fruit’s flesh. One very prominent reason you should be removing the seed from the fruit is that it contains high cyanide contents.

Cyanide is generally very dangerous for the health of the animals. It may not be instantly poisonous, but cyanide elements can be very hazardous for animals. It is very potent in terms of killing animals. It is bad for the heart and the brain of the animals. It can damage these organs in the long term, and a few seeds can have quite a drastic effect on the body of the animal. Your best option would be to remove the seed before giving the fruit to your animal. There is no other alternative.

Symptoms of cyanide poisoning in dogs can range from vomiting to heavy breathing. The dog may begin to experience different forms of skin defects, which may start to show on the surface in a concise amount of time. The dog may also begin to experience cardiac arrhythmia, which essentially means that there will be inconsistencies in how the dog is breathing; this is not a good sign for the dog’s health. You have to keep in mind that if any of these signs begin to show, you will need to take your dog to the vet.

Another part of the durian that definitely should not be fed to the dog is the fruit’s exterior. The fruit’s exterior is quite spiky, and for obvious reasons, it should not be left lying around for the dog to end up eating it one way or the other because it can easily hurt the mouth of the dog and cause an infection. It is known that the spikes of the fruit also have some poisonous elements that may end, causing fatal effects on the health of your dog. Do not give your dog this part of the fruit.

When you give your dog the flesh of the fruit, be sure to cut it up into small slices and present it to your dog. You will have to watch closely and inspect whether or not the dog is eating the fruit. If you feel or realize that the dog is not eating the fruit, forcing it is not an option. What you can do next is remove the fruit from the dog’s vicinity. The dog is likely acting on instinct, and the reason it is not eating the fruit is that it is not supposed to be eating the fruit.

You have to put in extra effort to make sure that even the tiniest seed is not given to the dog because it can have fatal effects on the dog, and you do not want that under any circumstances.

Dogs are not allergic to the flesh of the fruit; this has been tried and tested. That is one thing that you can be sure of when giving your dog durian in any form. It has some advantages, but the cons do outweigh the pros in some aspects.

The smell or the odor that the fruit emits is known to be quite offensive, and since the dog’s senses are heightened. The dog will likely end up staying away from the fruit or even barking at the fruit. This is usually the case outside of regions where durians are grown because the dogs there aren’t necessarily accustomed to the awful smell that comes from the fruit. When the dog is from Asia, where the fruit is generally grown, dogs are quite used to the smell of the fruit and do not have any strange reactions.

Durians tend to be high in sugar content, and they are quite creamy. They are also very rich in fat content. This makes them a health hazard for the dog because it may cause diabetes or yeast infections. It is much better not to feed the dog this fruit if it is not necessary.


With fruit like the durian, it is better to avoid giving your dog this food. There aren’t too many advantages of feeding your dog this fruit, and the risk you will be taking is quite high. It is better to stay on the safe side.

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