Can dogs eat pineapple?

dogs do share some of the foods that we like. We all love fruits to a large extent. In the same way, these piggies love fruits a lot too. Their innocent eyes can be seen longing to get a share of your bowl of fruits. They are the most darling creatures ever. To have them as a pet can be so relaxing and pleasurable. Along with puppies and kittens, they do come under the category of the cutest pets ever.

If you’re not sure whether you should feed your piggy pineapple or not, then you have come to the right place. Let’s look at what these guilt-free pets can eat and what they cannot.

Is pineapple good to be included in its diet?

Pineapples are one of the richest sources of vitamin C and also the sweetest of many fruits available. Your dog is much needed for vitamin C and, fibre which is all there in pineapple. So yes, dogs can have pineapples. You can feed your piggy pets these thorny fruits but ensure you give them the soft part and not the thorny part.

Since pineapples are more sugary, pigs cannot handle that much intake of sugar. Like how we get problems when we eat too many sweets, these little ones also should not be fed with a lot of sweet items. This delicious food can be included in its diet but only in small quantities and not every day too. It can have severe effects on these cavy animals. Ensure you give them the right amounts twice in a week or so.

How does it affect its health if the intake is too much?

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Since pineapple is too sweet, the dogs should not be given too much of it. If in case you have given them more than is necessary, you should keep a check on them as they can get digestive problems because they cannot digest too much sugar at once which, causes pain in the stomach.

Even urinary infections occur due to more intake of sugar. Therefore, ensure it is given in the right amounts every time. Other significant uncertainties can be blood in their urine and stones, which is of huge concern when it goes to that level. The calcium in the pineapple can be inadequate if fed frequently.

Since dogs are sensitive animals, a slight deficiency in any of the vitamins can cause significant health problems like scurvy due to fewer amounts of vitamin c and respiratory diseases too. Fruits and veggies contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients that help in good eyesight and good body growth. A slight increase in the intake of any of the food can also cause significant health issues. So, though it is hard to take care of giving the right amounts, it will be easy eventually. You need not worry about it once it becomes a habit.

Which parts of pineapple should be fed?

Can dogs Eat Pineapple? What About The Leaves & Skin?

Just because they are herbivorous animals, you cannot give them the whole pineapple to eat. You should give only some parts that we will explain here in detail.

Pineapple leaves should not be fed to them due to the hard texture. It can harm the pig if given. The skin of the pineapple should also not be given to the pigs as it has thorns on it which might prick the cute piggies and affect them badly. If you thought the core of the pineapple could be fed, well, you cannot as it is less sweet and harder than the flesh. The only part that can be fed to your pig is the flesh of the pineapple.

Make sure you neatly remove all the outer skin and the leaf and only once it is cleaned, you should feed it to your pet. They are sensitive to a lot of things, and even the flesh should not be given in large quantities. Only a few pieces are good and should also not be given every day. Pineapple juice should not be given at all as it contains preservatives. Only natural fruits should be fed to them.

It also depends on your pet if it likes pineapple or not. Not every dog will like this fruit. If you find them not eating even after keeping it in front of them or if they show symptoms or change their behaviour after eating it, that means they do not like it, or their body cannot take it. So, not to worry, you can find out either way and if they like it, you would see them finishing the whole piece and nothing happening to their system. So, depending on your pet, you should try to feed them the pineapple.

What do the dogs eat other than pineapple?

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Other than pineapples, they eat a lot of hay and green veggies along with other fruits. But all of those have to be fed in small portions once or twice a week. The daily rotation of the right amount of food should be given to them. Too much of only veggies or too much of only fruits should not be given to them at any cost. They eat spinach, broccoli, apple, carrot, and other vegetables. You can give your pigs a small treat once in a while with pineapples or other fruits but not to include in the daily diet.


So now that you’ve come to know about what exactly to feed your dogs, though they do not demand anything from you, it is you who has to take care of it and its diet. The nutrient-rich pineapple can surely be fed to your pet once in a while.

These wonderful animals can be the best pets if treated well with the right amounts of food and care. The more attention you give to these animals, the more they would come to you and stay next to you. They are the cutest of the rodents, and they come in numerous colours too. One cannot take their eyes off these precious little dogs.

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