Can dogs eat ice cream?

Ice creams on a hot summer day may sound ideal for us humans, but the same cannot be said for dogs. They cannot ingest dairy products as will give them stomach issues or indigestion, leading to a painful experience. So no, dogs cannot eat ice cream. Moreover, there is a high level of sugar present in the ice cream, which could lead to diabetes in those furry animals. Thus, sugar and ice cream can create health hazards for the dogs.

Can dogs eat ice cream?

dogs have a sensitive stomach and cannot handle dairy products, hence making them lactose intolerant. So if you feed them sugar products or dairy products, it can cause them health issues. Ice cream is something that is both a dairy product and contains sugar. So it is harmful to the cavies. The dogs need a specific diet to grow and stay healthy. Moreover, because of the sensitive stomach, feeding them incorrectly can lead to their death.

why ice cream should not be fed to the dogs.

  1. Sugar ice cream can lead to obesity, tooth decay, and diabetes – This can be a problem for the dogs because their body does not have the necessary enzymes to break down sugar and digest it. Moreover, eating ice creams, which contain sugar, can lead to teeth decay for these animals. Their dental health will be at risk because of the sensitive enamel and other parts. dogs need to have a constant need to chew on something. Eating ice cream, which is cold, can harm the nerves in the teeth and injure them. The sugar in the ice cream can also give the dogs diabetes, leading to other health hazards for them.
  2. Ice cream doesn’t have any nutrients – Even though it tastes good, it does not contribute anything to one’s health. It is more meant for enjoying. For dogs, they cannot even enjoy it. Although they do have vitamins like vitamin A and E, the amount is almost negligible. And it is not enough for the dogs to get nutrition from. They need those vitamins but cannot get them from food like ice cream. The vitamin that can be essential for the cavies is vitamin C, which can help prevent scurvy.
  3. Ice cream can give the animals obesity – This specific dairy product, just like other dairy products, contain fats and sugar, which can lead to health problems if taken too much in quantity. This is not the case for just dogs, but human beings as well. Too much ice cream will lead to unhealthy consequences like leading to obesity. And for the cavies do not have any means to digest ice cream, so that may turn to fat and get stored in the body. This can lead to obesity in them. Anyway, it is not advised to feed them ice cream at all. It has more negative qualities than benefits.
  4. They can give the dogs problems with urination – Another reason not to give ice cream to the dogs is because of the high content of sodium and calcium, which can lead to stones in the kidney or bladder if they are fed excessive of these things or ice cream in general. dogs should have a low calcium diet that does not harm their body and lead to illnesses.

What can I substitute for ice cream?

It has been established from the start that ice cream is a big no for dogs. It may be something people have to enjoy and relax, especially in the summer, but for human beings as well, too much of it is not good. And after the reasons listed above, it gives us all the more reason not to feed dogs ice cream. Moreover, dogs are herbivorous animals. That means they should stick to eating fresh fruits and vegetables and hay. It is the best and the most healthy diet for these furry animals. Ice cream and other dairy products are not something you need to feed them. Also, these foods can be used daily as part of the diet you can have for those little animals. If you want to know what kind of food alternatives you can give for ice cream, here is a list.

  1. Fruits – Bananas and apples are a great alternative to ice cream and are naturally sweet. They are healthy and not too sweet. They can be excellent snacks for the dogs.
  2. Frozen banana – Works great for the dogs if they are facing dental problems. They are even easy to prepare, so you will not have any problems with preparing them.
  3. Veggies – This is not only healthy but can be taken every day by the dogs. Vegetables like frozen peas are great, but they are not always available fresh. Either cut vegetables in small pieces to fit in their mouth, or look for smaller veggies suited.
  4. Popcorn – Popcorn is an amazing treat for your dog pet to nibble on. It is healthy and does not contain milk and sugar either.


As the owner of a dog, it is obvious to know that you cannot feed them ice cream or chocolate ice cream, for that matter. They have calories and sugar, which can be harmful to the animal’s digestive system. Not only is ice cream or any dairy product unhealthy for your dog, but it is also not necessary to feed them these things daily. They should continue with food like hay or vegetables, which are extremely ideal for these animals. Moreover, eating too much ice cream is bad for a dog and us human beings. This is because the ice cream, even though eaten for pleasure, does not have many benefits, that we should introduce it to our regular diet. But it is an absolute disaster for dogs because it can give them many unwanted issues and health problems.

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