Can Cats Eat Potatoes


If you have adopted a cat for the first time, you must be curious about what foods it can consume. You must also be wondering can cats eat potatoes? The answer to this question is not complicated; yes, cats can eat cooked potatoes.

But before feeding your kitty with any type of potatoes, collecting a few tips can be pretty helpful. Cats are naturally carnivorous creatures, so they don’t need potatoes to survive. But you can add them to your pet’s diet from time to time.

In the following sections, we will learn more about kitties and potatoes and how you can feed them.

The Humble Potato

The humble potato is often overlooked, and many people don’t think it is nutritious. But on the contrary, it is one of those vegetables that contain plenty of nutrients. However, it is one of the most eaten foods in the world.

It is delicious and affordable at the same time. So, most households eat potatoes in one form or the other. There are numerous potato dishes, and each culture or region has at least one unique potato dish.

Health Benefits of Potato

Potatoes contain fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and starchy carbohydrates. They are also fat and cholesterol-free. However, fried potato skins can absorb a lot of fats, and French fries also have a high amount of fats.

Due to the presence of many nutrients, potatoes can improve heart health, digestion, and lower blood pressure. They can also be helpful in weight loss programs because of their high fiber content and because they keep your belly full.

Side Effects of Potato

While it offers many health benefits, potatoes can also cause harm though. Studies suggest the body absorbs and digest the carbs in potatoes very fast and contains an excessive glycemic index. As a result, insulin and blood sugar can rise rapidly.

People with diabetes should therefore avoid potatoes. Healthy people can eat it but in moderate amounts. A medium-sized baked, roasted, or boiled potato per day can be beneficial.

Can Cats Eat Potatoes?

Even though cats do not require eating potatoes for survival, they can certainly eat them. Whether you wish to treat your kitty potato snacks, potato dishes, or items that contain potato, first consider a few aspects. Some foods with potato content may not suit your cat simply because they have some other ingredients.

Is Potato Safe For Cats?

As with humans, potatoes can affect your kitty in the same way if you feed it every day and in large doses. But small quantities sometimes will be safe. Most readymade cat foods also have potato as one of the ingredients since it has several nutrients.

So, feeding your kitty potatoes once in a while is fine as long as the food is healthy. Experts recommend just about 10 percent calories from food such as potatoes.

How To Feed Your Cat Potatoes Safely?

Raw Potatoes

Raw potato is not consumable even for humans. So, make sure that your kitty never eats it even by mistake. While your pet will not taste a raw potato or skin, it may sniff and lick if it’s covered with gravy, butter, or sauce.

It is therefore important not to leave raw potatoes unattended or in places where your cat can reach them. Else, your pet can get sick and feel discomfort.

Cooked Potatoes

There are many ways to cook potatoes. Whether fried, boiled, roasted, or baked, they are all tasty. However, it is not advisable to give fried potatoes since they contain a lot of fats.

Baked, roasted, or boiled potatoes are suitable, and your cat can eat each type safely. You can add a sprinkle of salt or a healthy sauce, or even butter occasionally. Mashed potatoes are also safe for your pet, whether homemade or instant variety.

Your pet can also eat cooked sweet potatoes. But they are similar to regular potatoes so follow the same amount and routine.

But always see that the quantity is minimum, no matter which potato dish you give your pet. Since we learned that potato is not essential for survival, add it to your pet’s diet only once in a while or twice a week.

Potato Snacks

You will find numerous snacks that contain potatoes. But most have several ingredients, so it can be bad for your kitty. However, you can give one or two pieces at a time if you want.

Both you and your cat will feel happy and satisfied with the gesture. Besides, it is a great way to bond with your feline friend.

You can also give your kitty potato treats specially made for cats. These will be the safest options.

Food Which Cats Can Eat Safely

Besides their essential dietary ingredients, cats can also consume other human foods. They include plain peanut butter, cooked eggs, peeled banana, apple slices, carrots, spinach, green beans, and broccoli. But give them only cooked veggies and never raw ones.

Some cats may love them while others may not. Hence, if your cat doesn’t like fruits or veggies, don’t force them to eat.

Final Thoughts

Cats are curious creatures, and they may lick things unknown to you. So, not only raw potatoes but don’t place inedible items where your pet can find and start licking. They may get sick, and you may not even know.

A few pieces and a few ounces occasionally will be perfect when it comes to potatoes. You can bond even more when you feed delicious treats to your precious kitty.

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