Can Cats Eat Mustard?

Mustard is a very common ingredient used in our daily recipes. We use mustard to add a good spicy flavor. It is also used in various kinds of sauces, vinaigrette, and mayonnaise.

Mustard Oil is widely used in India for cooking which adds a tangy flavor and aroma. This ingredient has other applications also and quite popular in households. People use it for massage or in ayurvedic treatments all over the world.

Normally mustard is popular for a human diet as it offers several benefits. But a cat should keep a distance from mustard. Although you should not much worry about it until the situation goes terrible.

Healthy Reasons to Eat Mustards

Can Cats Eat Mustard? (Potential Risks)

Mustard has wide uses in cooking and it offers many health benefits that increase its popularity. However, mustard oil is another form of using mustard for various purposes. There are several benefits to consuming mustards.

Good Source of Antioxidants

As we know antioxidants are beneficial for our health as it offers protection against heart disease and other health issues. It delays the decline in brain function that occurs with age. Antioxidants are also helpful in weight management.

It is also useful to promote the detoxification of toxins inside the liver. Thus we always try to add such items in our regular food habits which supply a high concentration of antioxidants. Mustard is a rich container of antioxidants and beneficial for good health.

Protect Against Certain Types of Cancer

Small Kitten In Yellow Dandelion Flowers

Mustard is a good container of glucosinolates that is a suppressing agent of cancer cells. Some early research on test-tube and animals result suggest that glucosinolates can kill the malignant cell and prevent it from spreading. Hence it is beneficial for humans as it enhances the chance of recovering from cancer.

However, several human research is needed to ensure the truth. Therefore a cat consumes mustard has a positive effect to prevent cancer cells.

Control Blood Suger Level

Based on a few studies scientists have observed that mustard green decoction along with medication more effective to control blood sugar levels. People affected by a certain type of diabetes should follow this regulation to control the sugar level.

Many doctors suggest having mustard in the diet of their patients as this kind of treatment is natural and does not have harmful side effects.

Reduce Symptoms of Contact Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis is a particular type of disease in which skin develops itchy rashes following contact with an allergic person. It is one of the painful and deadly skin diseases and many people suffering from this.

Researchers did experiments on animals and find out mustard seeds helpful in the speedy recovery of affected animals. Therefore many doctors suggest including mustard to patients suffering from this particular disease. A cat that consumes mustard also originates protection against Contact Dermatitis.

Protection Against Fungal Infections

Mustard is a good supplier of antioxidants that also useful to protect against some bacteria and fungi. There are some well-known names such as E. Coli, S. Aureus, and B. Subtilis.

However, some initial studies suggest this result and backs this fact.

Some reports claimed the fact is wrong. There have some contradictions between doctors and scientists all over the world.

Negative Factors Related to A Cat Consumes Mustard

The benefits of Dandelion Leaf for Cats

Earlier we have mentioned the benefits of mustard and stated how a human can get benefits from it. You can find out some benefits for cats too. However, we know the body structure and mechanism of a cat are far away from a human. As a result, it might cause some adverse effects as mentioned below.

Effects of Mustard Green On A Cat

Mustard Greens are filled with several healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Some compounds help in energy-boosting and fight against a certain disease. Mustard Green is a specific source of folic acid, calcium, and vitamin K.

People like to include mustard greens in their recipes for great taste and health reasons. But for cats mustard green is hard to digest. As a result, the cat can suffer stomach upset after consuming mustard greens.

Beware of Mustard Seed

You can find out several types of mustard in the market such as white, brown, black, yellow, and honey mustard. Depending on taste, strength, and color we can distinguish them.

All the mentioned types of mustard are harmful to your cat. Especially cats usually attracted to honey mustards. These mustard seeds are dangerous for the health of a cat. You should keep away your cat from it.

Keep Distance From Spicy Foods or Mustard

If you find out your cat has eaten some spicy food or mustard it can be harmful in some cases. Their digestive system does not support such foods and can cause adverse effects. However, it will be alright in case they consume a lower quantity of mustard but we have to keep a close eye on them for a few hours.

You might observe your cat tries to lick your mouth repeatedly. It is a very prominent symptom that your cat does not like the taste of it. And many cases they can suffer from stomach upset and needs proper treatment.

Symptoms and Toxic Side Effects Observe In Your Cat After Consuming Mustard

Can Cats Eat Mustard? (Potential Risks)

Previously we have mentioned the factors that can create an adverse effect on your cat’s health. Following symptoms, you can observe.


After consuming spicy food or mustard in a great quantity your cat can behave strangely. A cat repeatedly licks its paws that signifies it dislikes the taste it. You should insist on your cat drinking some water in this situation.

You can hear some weird noises from the stomach of your cat. That is a sign of your cat having stomach upset and needs immediate treatment. However, do not need to worry about it as the pain will be gone within a few hours after medication.


Your cat can keep vomiting after consuming mustard seeds. It will be very harmful to a cat because of some compounds that the cat might not able to digest. You should be very careful in this case.

A cat can keep vomiting for several hours and the situation can get worst. Your cat can experience weakness and need proper treatment. It may affect the level of stomach acids and can cause gastric pain.


Certain health conditions and creates diarrhea in cats which are very harmful. Consumption of mustard is not suitable for the digestion of a cat and they suffer through stomach upset as well as vomiting. That might turn into an infection inside the stomach of your cat.

This infection turns into diarrhea in a worst-case scenario. Cats suffering from this disease need much care and proper medication. The immune system of a cat gets affected by this disease.

Internal Damage

A cat suffering from diarrhea and vomiting after consuming mustard may get internal damage. You maybe can not observe that at the initial stages but it will be noticeable after a certain time. If your cat suffering through such kinds of situations many times then there is a reason you need to worry about it.

There might be several internal damages in your cat’s body that will be prominent after a certain point in time. Hence you need to go through professional check-ups of your cat’s body. If any complications have been found then proper treatment is needed.

Precautions You Need to Take

As we have already described the negative factors and the symptoms that you can observe in your cat there are some precautions you can take.

Some of the following precautions are listed below.

  1. You must look after mustard seeds as you already aware of the dangerous effects of it. It can be very harmful to your cat. Therefore you should keep an eye on your cat’s activity.
  2. To prevent your cat from diarrhea you have to keep away mustard or dishes that include mustards from your cat. You must keep mustard in a secure place in your kitchen where your cat is not able to reach.
  3. You should keep mustard sauce or mayonnaise away from your cat. It also creates harmful effects on your cat. It creates the same consequences as mustard does.
  4. You must keep your unwashed plates away from your cat. You might have seen cats licks unwashed plates where you had dinner or lunch. Hence you have to be cautious about it and should keep it away from the reach of your cat.
  5. Sometimes when you roaming outside with your cat strangers also offer food to your cat. It is better to avoid these kinds of situations for the betterment of your cat’s health.

We have discussed the cases of how a cat can consumes mustard. There are several consequences after consumption of mustard or foods contains mustard that we have mentioned. You have to be very careful about your cat’s health and try to avoid a diet that includes mustard.

You have to take certain actions if somehow your cat consumes a large quantity of mustard. And should arrange proper treatment by professionals. Although you do not need to worry about if quantity is low.

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