Can Cats Eat Mozzarella Cheese?

We all know that cats are the most lovable creatures globally, and their cuteness and beautiful appearance attract us every time. We also know that cats are pretty smart, and their intellect is similar to that of dogs, and they have their behavior. They like to play around with each other and share all of their happiness.

There have been many myths about cats and what they can and cannot eat. However, it is not true that cats cannot eat cheese. A cat with lactose intolerance can benefit from eating a small cheese. When a cat eats mozzarella cheese, the protein in the cheese breaks down into smaller peptides which are more accessible for the cat’s body to absorb and digest.

What Is Mozzarella Cheese?

Mozzarella is a hard cheese made from milk that has been treated with a coagulant (an agent that causes milk to clump together) and rennet (a substance used in the production of cheese). Mozzarella is usually made from cow’s milk, although it can also be made from buffalo or goat’s milk.

What do cats eat?

When you are feeding your pet, the food you are giving is a significant part that can affect the life of your pet. If you are giving a portion of good quality food to your cat, you will find them healthier and active throughout the year. The quality of food decides your pet’s health, and when it is low in nutrition, the health of your cat may become worse than its natural condition. Here are some suggestions for feeding your cat cheeses like mozzarella.

Do Cats Need Dairy Food?

Cats are obligate carnivores, indicating they require a high protein diet to thrive. A high protein diet can be achieved with meats ranging from poultry to beef and seafood such as fish or shellfish. On the other hand, dairy products are not necessary for cats. They may even cause some health problems such as digestive upset.

Can Cats Eat Mozzarella Cheese?

Cats can eat mozzarella cheese, but they should be given small amounts to avoid stomach issues. Also, they should not be given raw or unpasteurized mozzarella. The cheese contains lactic acid, which will dry up their skin and makes them allergic to it. So, it is best to avoid this unhealthy stuff.

Mozzarella is a type of Italian cheese made from cow’s milk. It is soft and slightly moist, has a mild flavor, and the texture ranges from creamy to stringy. Mozzarella comes in many varieties, including fresh buffalo mozzarella and whole-milk mozzarella with rinds.

Some cats will have no issue eating mozzarella. In contrast, others may develop an upset stomach or even diarrhea due to lactose intolerance. Some breeds of cats are more likely to experience digestive problems when eating dairy products than others. It happens to the Siamese cats, who are often lactose intolerant due to their genetics.

How To Feed Cheese To Your Cats?

Cats are not like other domestic animals; they can eat whatever they want. They even like cheese, which is made from milk. I don’t know what type of cat you have, but if you have an adult or senior cat, he can’t eat cheese and eat a piece. So, here I am providing you with some details that will help you pass your cat the proper nutrition.

Choose low lactose cheese.

Cheeses are acceptable, such as hard cheddar, gouda, cream cheese, mozzarella, Swiss cheese, string cheese, feta, ricotta, and Parmesan. They also contain less lactose, making them easier for your cat to digest. Goat cheese contains the most negligible lactose, so it is the safest for your kitten.

Keep it fresh

You need to ensure that you don’t give your cat cheese that has passed the expiration date. You will see the date when you open the package. Don’t give your cat older cheese. When cheese gets old, the fat content also increases, so don’t give cats the aged cheese. The older the cheese, the more dangerous and harmful it is. It is better to make fresh cheese for your cat.

Give it with moderation.

You can give a small piece of mozzarella cheese to your cat to see how he digest it. Always remember, they are lactose intolerant, and dairy food is not their primary food requirement.

Let the cat choose

Let the cat choose what he wants; don’t force him to eat it. Just give him a taste and let him eat what he likes. Don’t force him. He will get habituated to it.

Add salt

Add some extra salt to his food to keep him healthy and fit.

Avoid too much fat

Fat content in cheese is very high, and if you give your cat too much fat in his food, it will make him lethargic. So, always check the calorie count on cheese before you buy it. Conclusion: These were some simple and practical tips for feeding your cat mozzarella cheese.


In conclusion, it is generally safe for cats to eat mozzarella cheese, as long as it is not the only food they receive. Cheese is not their primary food source, and you keep monitoring his activity after eating them. If you have any suspicions or queries, please share them with us.

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