Can Cats eat Bananas?

Bananas are not only great food but also a great source of fibers, proteins, natural sugar, and vitamins. They also taste good. Monkeys eat them. Dogs eat them. The question is, can cats eat them.? Yes, cats can eat them as they are not toxic to your pet but on the other hand, they are not appropriate food for your cat either. You have to remember that cats are meat-eaters, and have been for centuries. They need meat to give them the protein that they need. The way that cats are made, their digestive systems are made to receive their nutrients from foods that are meat-based.

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Always take your cat’s nutritional needs into consideration when you are deciding whether to feed your cat bananas. It is essential that they get the right nutrients to make their body grow and the two nutrients that need are protein and Taurine, of which bananas have none.

How to feed bananas to your cat

  • Feed them small slices
  • Make sure that the banana is ripe and not partially green
  • Do not give the peel to your cat as it can cause them to choke
  • Some say that when you give a bite of a banana try to moisten it slightly with water. Doing this will help to extend what they get.
  • You can mix a small bite of banana into their wet cat food
  • You can also give them a small frozen piece to eat but be prepared for them to bat it around like their toys. The water from the frozen banana will help with their hydration.

Bananas for the first time

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Cats are normally not allergic to banana’s but if this is the first time you have tried them on bananas, watch your cat see how they react to it. They may take a taste and spit it back out, which you know is the sign they do not like it. Take note of they suddenly develop vomiting or diarrhea these could be a sign that your cat’s stomach cannot handle the banana and it is best that you do not feed it to them again.


For a cat, one of the benefits is that they are a good source of potassium, which is a mineral that helps support the kidney and heart functions of your cat. Bananas also have a lot of carbohydrates so that is why some feel that they do not need bananas but as a treat, a small bit is not going to hurt them. In a diet for your cat, there should only be 0-2% make-up a cat’s diet that is carbohydrates. With an indoor cat, they do need a special diet that gives them extra vitamins and nutrients. They mainly require Taurine, Protein, lots of fat, and other amino acids, none of which bananas offer.

Are they bad for a cat?

They are loaded with carbohydrates and natural sugar, which are bad for cats so in that sense, they are bad for cats. This is especially true if they are given a lot of bananas but as a special treat and just a small amount will not hurt them. The reason that cats do not need sugar is that they are not able to absorb and digest carbohydrates and sugar. Their digestive system is complex and not the same as ours. Since they cannot digest and absorb them, it can cause health problems like diabetes and obesity. For humans, bananas give us energy but that is not the same for your cat.

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Too much banana can give your cat constipation. Make sure that the banana is not rotten and has mold on it because that can make your cat very sick and could have diarrhea and vomiting. They can also cause teeth problems from the sugar in the bananas. Bananas do have some fiber in them so that they can help your cat but they do not need as much fiber as we would.

Other banana foods

  • Banana bread—this can be good for your cat as long as you do not have any walnuts in the bread or give them a piece with walnuts. Walnuts can cause diarrhea.
  • Banana chips—the oil and fat in them is not good for your cat and they may be too hard for them to chew

In conclusion

Bananas are not toxic to your cat so if your cat wants a little taste, it is okay to give them a small taste. But you need to remember that they do not give your cat any nutrition except for some potassium and they cannot absorb the sugar and the carbohydrates so if you can get your cat to eat their own food instead of wanting yours, it would be better for them. Make sure that you only give them a small bite and they are ripe. If you want your cat to have a little banana, put it in their wet food. Give it to your cat as a small treat.

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Talk to your vet about giving your cat bananas. Make sure that you are not giving a cat that has diabetes or is overweight bananas because it can just make the problem worse. Cats are happy with their regular cat food that is already well-balanced with the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that they need so they really do not need any of our human food but can give them to them as a special treat.

Never give your cat a piece of banana that you would not eat. Also, cats have a stomach that is more sensitive so if the banana is bad it could give them a very upset stomach. Make sure that you give it in moderation and as an occasional treat. Never make a banana a meal replacement. It will not give them the vitamins and protein that they need. Cats just love to beg for whatever they are eating, and it is okay to give them a little taste of your banana.

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