Can Cats Drink Sugar Water?

Cats are known for being mysterious creatures. Every time you think that you have finally understood your cat and their behavior, they turn around and surprise you by doing something you never thought that they would do, and you’re right back to square one with them. And for most people, that’s a part of their feline charm.

However, some very cat-like behaviors are consistent with these felines. The first is that they are picky eaters. Finding a flavor of food that suits their taste buds is a process of trial and error that involves a lot of money and food being wasted. And sometimes, your cat will reject their favorite flavor leaving you desperate to find them something to eat or drink to prevent them from developing health problems.

The second behavior associated with cats is that they are very good at hiding their pain and discomfort. They’ll tuck themselves away in a corner and will not show any signs of distress, and so unless you’re looking, you may miss possible symptoms. This is especially difficult if you do notice something is wrong with your cat, and it causes you to panic and looks for possible short-term home remedies before getting a hold of your vet.

The reason why we paired these two behaviors up is that in both these situations, we become desperate to find something lying around our kitchens to use to either treat our cats or offer them a treat. And more often than not, we end up offering our cats’ sugar water.

Sugar water is a popular go-to drink for us humans and has associated health benefits. However, pet owners also know that just because a food or drink is good for us doesn’t mean that the same applies to our felines. Certain foods that are safe for us to consume can be dangerous for our feline friends.

Where does sugar water stand as a drink for our cats? Read on to find out all that you need to know about this drink.

Why do humans drink sugar water?

We often rely on soft drinks or energy drinks, which are loaded with sugar and caffeine as a source of energy. However, this is extremely unhealthy for our health. Sugar water, on the other hand, has been a go-to drink for many people over the ages. Relatively less unhealthy than the soft and energy drinks, sugar water has a few benefits.

To start with, it is a sweet way to keep ourselves hydrated, especially on hot summer days. It is a much healthier option since we can control the amount of sugar we put into the water.

Sugar water is also great for people who do intense activities such as sports, hiking, and gymming. Not only does it keep us hydrated, but the sugar present also gives us a boost of energy that is needed to keep us going. It is better than store-bought drinks because it is free of any added chemicals that can be harmful to our health.

So it is safe to say that sugar water is a great drink for us humans, but what about our cats? Can we give our felines a bit of our drink whenever we prepare it for ourselves?

Can cats drink sugar water?

So the good news is that cats are one of those animals who can safely eat sugar. If your cat has a sweet tooth, offering it a sugary treat once in a while won’t cause any health concerns for your feline. However, it is very important to understand just how important exercising the art of moderation is in these cases. Sugar water can be a double-edged sword when it comes to our cats.

The positives of using sugar from a medical point of view are that if your cat is suffering from a sudden loss of appetite or if they are suffering from a loose or weak bowel movement, the immediate-short term solution to this problem is to offer them sugar water. In half a glass of water, add one spoon of sugar and give it to your cat. If they don’t drink it themselves, use a feeding syringe and ease it in your cat’s mouth. This will give your cat a safe burst of energy, and will then be able to make it to a car ride to the vet.

From a feeding point of view, sugar water can be used as a treat or even as an incentive. If your cat seems to enjoy sweet things, and they’ve shown good behavior, you can reward them with a refreshing treat of sugar water. This is the best sugary treat you can give since you can control the amount of sugar. Similarly, if your cat refuses to eat, you can tempt them by mixing their food with a bit of sugar water as an incentive to eat.

However, here’s where moderation comes in. While sugar is safe for cats, it doesn’t do much for your cat in terms of nutrition. It has no nutritional value to add to your cat’s diet. So the more sugar water you offer your cat, the more empty calories you are giving them. By allowing so many empty calories into your cat’s diet, you are making them vulnerable to health problems such as obesity, which in turn paves the way to more serious problems such as diabetes and even heart attacks.

Too much sugar is also bad for your cat’s teeth. Oral health is very important for cats, and if too much sugar is given to your cat, it will rot away their teeth, causing distress to your feline.


So, while sugar water makes for a treat that is safe to be given to your cat on a rare occasion, that is as far as it should go. Too much sugar water will cause health concerns for your cat, which can otherwise be avoided.


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