Can Cats Die from Internal Bleeding?

Cats are pets that are often kept by humans because they do not require too much attention from you. They will mostly keep to themselves as long as you keep them well-fed and watered, and they have a nice spot to lie down in. 

It is very likely that they will want to stay inside and will not want to interact with the outside world either as long as they have a comfortable spot to relax in. They might even sleep all day and get up just to eat and drink water.

However, they will want to go outside at some point because they will like to stretch once in a blue moon, and being a good owner, you should take them outside once in a while to allow them some fresh air. Be sure to keep a close eye on them, though. They might roam around and try to explore. This may get them into some trouble. This is exactly what you will have to protect them from.

When you take them outside, make sure that it is a rather enclosed space where the cat cannot get away from the premises.

For starters, many different kinds of harms could come to your cat if you become negligent once you leave your cat in the outdoors; you have to remember that the cat may have gotten used to living in a safe place, and its instincts and inhibitions may be lowered to a certain extent. It may easily become more prone to getting hurt if left unattended and uncared for. There are many ways that a cat can get harmed once it is out of your reach. Some of them are mentioned below.

Ways your cat may be harmed.

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If your cat comes across a much wild cat or a stray cat that has been living its entire life in the great outdoors simply trying to protect itself, your cat may not hold a candle to that cat. It may get into a fight with the cat if either cat feels like they are being threatened or attacked. The stray cat may attack your cat, and both might get into a heated fight. If the fight is not halted or if you do not put a stop to it, your cat might end up getting severely injured and put into harm’s way.

Another way your cat may get harmed if it ventures much deeper into a location may contain objects and things that may harm the cat. The cat may get hurt by some object that you did not assume would hurt your cat. A heavy object or instrument may fall on the cat and hurt its insides. This is one of how your cat may experience some internal bleeding, or it might get severely hurt externally as well. 

Another way in which your cat might get severely hurt is if it falls off a building; of course, it may survive, but if it falls from a building that is not as tall, its inhibitions may be lowered, there is a much lower chance that the cat will land on its feet. If it falls in any other position, there is a very high chance that its internal organs might be severely damaged and hurt. If it slams onto its stomach, there is a very high chance that the cat might have experienced some significant damage to the insides.

The cat may die from this internal bleeding if it is not taken to the vet or treated almost immediately.

You will need to follow certain steps if you feel that your cat is experiencing any internal bleeding that may cost the cat its life.

Necessary steps to take

The very first step will be to examine the cat if you feel that the cat might be in shock. You can use a method to check if the cat is in shock is to lift the cat’s upper lip and take a close look at the cat’s gums. If the cat’s gums are pale or white, then it is very likely that the cat is in shock. If this is the case, then there is a very high chance that the cat is experiencing some internal injuries. 

If this is the case, the next step would be to lay the cat on its side and cover up its body with a blanket; you have to make sure that the cat’s head is extended and is out of the blanket. This is to make sure that the cat’s airway is cleared, suffocation or lack of air in this situation can be further damaging to the cat.

The next step is to place your hand over the cat’s head while making sure that your thumb and index finger fall behind the cat’s long canine teeth. All the while, the cat’s head should most definitely be resting against your palm.

Tilt the cat’s head backward and make sure that its nose is pointing upwards; pushing the thumb towards your finger in this position will cause the cat’s mouth to open up. Gently pull the cat’s tongue out of its mouth to make sure that air is going inside. If the cat resists taking its tongue out, do not repeat this step. Place the cat’s behind on a pillow to make sure it is elevated.

Wrap the cat in a blanket to conserve body heat and take the cat to a vet immediately.


A cat can easily die from internal bleeding, much like any other human being, because it will be losing a lot of blood. You must follow the aforementioned steps to make sure that the cat reaches the vet as quickly as possible.

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