Why is My Cat so Lazy?

Cats are very low-maintenance pets. They do not require a lot of attention from you. They will be able to survive with very minimal interaction. The most they need is a proper bed and food that you will have to give them regularly and on time; otherwise, they may become easily cranky. Other than that, a cat does not require much. The fact that the animal is so nonchalant also makes them quite lazy and lethargic. You will most likely see a cat just lying around rather than being overtly playful like a dog would be. 

However, the nature of the animal may not be the only reason that your cat is lazy. If your cat is the kind of cat that does not move at all, then there may be some underlying reason for it. Cats do tend to roam around the house or wherever it lives, once in a while. If it is avoiding doing even that, then it is your responsibility to determine why because that can technically be categorized as abnormal behavior for a cat. The reasons may vary from obesity to not being comfortable enough to explore.


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Cats are very relaxed animals. They do not like to put much effort into anything. They prefer preserving their energy. This is one of the reasons that people might think cats are lazy. Cats have spent many generations being cautious and careful with every one of their actions. This is because it takes a very calm nature for any animal to be able to prey. This is why cats have developed a habit of calmly onlooking and waiting for the right moment to be able to attack their prey. Many cats who have evolved from that have developed this habit of lying in one pos,ition and focusing on everything that is going on. They will rarely act unless they feel that it is something of their interest; many people assume laziness, but that might not always be the case.

Apart from that, cats have developed a very wild nature because of their previous generations of lying down and relaxing after they are done with their prey, eating it, or simply for the sake of killing. Because of this, even the current cats have formed a habit of just lying down after they are done eating.


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When it comes to cats, they are huge eaters, and if not that, they are extremely greedy animals. Most owners presume that their greed is hunger and keep feeding the cats every time they ask for food. This is an extremely bad habit that you will be developing within your cat because the cat’s appetite will start to grow every time you feed it excessive food. It may not be easily fulfilled, and if you do not feed it the desired amount, it may begin falling sick very easily, its immune system will begin to weaken.

For starters, to avoid that, make sure that you have a set time for feeding your cat because obesity in cats can also lead to very short lifespans. Feed your cat the amount you have researched or the amount that the doctor has prescribed according to your cat’s size and breed.

Obesity can easily lead to laziness; an overweight cat will find itself having difficulty moving, which will lead to it just lying around all day long and barely doing any movement. This isn’t good for your cat’s health. Without any movement or exercise, in dire situations, your cat might actually die. To avoid that, try to fix its diet from the very initial stage that you bring the cat into your home.


A cat’s sleep is very different from the sleep of any other domestic animal. They prefer sleeping for longer periods of time. Most cats will sleep throughout the day and stay awake for a very small time period at night. Some cat owners find this alarming and scary, but you have to understand that cats are quite natural to be sleeping that long. As long as the cat is moving around when it is awake, your cat might be fine.

Cats sleep for about 16 hours in one day, more if they have nothing better to do. Cats are idle creatures and prefer being on their own; they do not like too much company.


Cats are very happy when they are sleeping; they are the happiest when they are asleep. They will always be in a good mood after their sleep has been fulfilled. Waking a cat up when it is sleeping may put the cat in a terrible mood. A moody cat is more likely to bite or scratch.


Naps are something that a cat will take very often, and according to science, this may be its instinct as a predator. A light sleep allows it to be alert if it feels that it will be under attack at any given moment. To some, this may seem like laziness, but at the peak of instinct, this is how cats will survive, and their natural animal instinct is not going to go away even if they are living inside a home or anywhere else that is indoors. 


When a cat is not fetching or not playing with you, you might see it as a sign of laziness, but you have to remember that they are not dogs. Cats are known to be aloof and nonchalant, and you will not be able to change that. No matter how much you force your cat to become playful, they might not if it is not in their nature to do so. There are some breeds out there that are playful, and it is better to opt for them instead of forcing a cat. One issue, though, regarding laziness that will need to be resolved is obesity, but apart from that, a cat’s laziness is usually instinctive.

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