Why does a cat meow after eating?

Pad yourself for growing a cat and are really concerned about its health and well-being 😊!!

Kittens aren’t much talkative, and they have only one form of communication which is meowing. They meow for letting their mother know that they are hungry, or they are scared, or they are alone.

As grown-ups, cats adopt different styles of vocal variety to let us denote what they need or what they liked, or how they feel.

Understanding these variations can be a bit difficult and since you are a cat owner, you would be able to closely associate yourself with the problems faced because of this mysterious meowing.

Why do you meow?

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The non-cat owners would always say to you that your cat is lovely, and meowing is cute nevertheless they know how much you struggle to understand that form of communication and act accordingly.

This meowing, sometimes, becomes yowling. What is yowl, now? I got you!

A yowl is a long moan. Generally, people think meow is for denoting happiness and joy whilst yowl is for sadness and distress. You can hear the yowling from YouTube if you have not experienced the sound from your cat.

Why does a cat want to meow?

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Unlike humans, cats do not have a language and so they use sound to denote various meanings. There are plenty of reasons why a cat meows/yowl. The reason depends on the situation it is placed right at that moment.

I’m in heat. Can you hear me?

Some cats use yowl as a way to communicate among themselves, that is, with other cats. Few might use this sound to attract the male cats nearby and express that it is in heat.

Female cats alert by yowling the male cats and say about their desire for mating. Male cats, too, yowl when they get the yowling sound from female cats nearby.

I need your attention

Cats, meow or yowl to let their owners know that they need their owner’s attention and they are in a playful mood. It is like a request to come and play with it.

What to do when I am bored. I yowl!

It is that simple. Sometimes, your cat is so bored that it makes weird sounds just to while away some time.

I feel sick

Cats when they feel discomfort or sick, they might yowl. Strict attention must be given when your cat is hungry or thirsty or in pain. If left unnoticed, it might lead to some serious problems. Thyroid problems or kidney diseases can cause some abnormal meowing and yowling. This may be concerning and needs immediate consultation with the doctor.

Can you take that cookie for me from the kitchen?

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Every time someone walks into the kitchen to grab a bite, your cat might expect some snacks too. So, it might inform you about its preferences and interests, whether it is a cookie or some milk or just anything.

Yummy food! My stomach is full

This might sound weird but think of it as a baby saying thank you, acknowledging you for the great food. In this case, you may need not worry, because it is just a way of appreciating yourself.

Now that we have understood the possible reasons the next question that arises is, how to stop it or how to prevent it?

Don’t show your anger

Before confirming the reason, do not show your anger. Sometimes the reason your cat is yowling might be to seek your attention. Showing anger would create a reversal effect on your cat and continuous practice of showing anger may lead to psychological problems for your cat. Instead, do not respond to your cat, don’t play or listen when it is yowling. This will slowly make the cat understand that this yowling is not helping and will leave off as days passes.

Distract by playing

How Can I Calm My Cat's Meowing for Food at Mealtime

When you are sure your cat is going to yowl for some of the non-serious reasons, then divert its attention by playing. Start a fun game or play hide and seek and eventually your cat might forget to yowl after eating

Consult a vet

Explore medical options in case of continuous yowling and conditions of your cat are serious.

Consult a vet doctor in case your cat is distressed or anxious most of the time.

Do cats only meow?

Your cat may produce sounds that need not be the same as for all other cats. Generally, cats’ sounds are predicted based on their breed and nature of stay.

Your cat could meow or yowl or meep based on the vocal capability and their nature of expression.

Should I be worried if my cat meows?

It is cute and lovely to notice when two cats meow or weep when cuddling against each other. Sometimes, the love that they show us too is lovely. The way they acknowledge our efforts by meowing or licking is always nice to feel at heart and enjoy those little cute moments.

Cats are just so funny in their communication and that might be the exact reason why they are raised as pet animals for humans.

Do not panic as soon as your cat starts to produce some weird sounds. Due to limited sounds, they produce the same sound for multiple unrelated meanings. At the start, you may not be clear or have any clue why your cat is yowling or meowing, but after a little follow-up and investigation, you must be able to find the exact reason.

If the reasons are for thanking you for great food or grabbing your attention or desires to play with you or alerting you in case of emergency, then it is fine.

Most of the time, the reasons would be as in before lines and you can sit back and relax. None of them are medical emergency conditions.

In case, your cat is throwing up, anxious most of the time, urinating than normal, then you must consult a vet doctor.

Take good care of your cat and enjoy those cute annoying moments through which they try to attract you!

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