Why cats lay on foot of the bed?

Are you wondering why your cat prefers to sleep on the foot of your bed rather than sleeping in its own house? Well, here is an article for you to jump in and know!

Cats are the most loving pet animal, irrespective of the myth that dogs are the most companion pet animal amongst all such kinds.

Certainly, cats do not behave the same way a dog behaves. They do have their own difference in showing their love. Cats, at times, behave in a mystical way which is unclear for humans but does not conclude.

There are many research shreds of evidence available in the library and google for you to hop on and find out the meaning. Cats are overprotective of the owner. That is the exact reason why they sleep at the foot of the bed.

Why cats prefer the foot of the bed rather than their own house?

Cats, in general, are very caring and protect its owner from all means to their capability. If you bring a kitten or an adult cat, you might have seen it wandering around every nook and corner to find if anything is harmful in the house for the carer.

During that wandering, you might have noticed, it finds a place safer for itself. Whenever there are guests in your home, Unfamiliar faces are seen, it immediately goes to that safer place and hides it from the outside world. This behavior is traced from the hereditary of it being a wild animal and protecting itself from its predators.

At night, your cats want to protect you from any suspicious usual events that might harm you. It believes that the foot of the bed is the place where cats can see through all angles, gets to see all views of the door, and be alert.

It is not the only foot of the bed if you are supposed to sleep on a couch, but it also lays near the couch. If you happen to sleep on the balcony, then you will see your cat laying next to or near you. Cats do not protect every person in the house in the same way. To whom it is attached more emotionally, to which person it feels secure, who cares it the most, these are the type of personalities that cats like and live to protect for.

Is it only on the foot of the bed that cats lay on?

Cats usually sleep in the place where it feels safer. The part of the body where the weight is less and where the chances to escape in case of emergency is more is the preferred place by the cat. Thus, it either chooses head or foot.

However, kittens differ in this manner. They generally prefer to sleep near the chest because of the warmth that it gets during its sleep. The kittens feel protective when it hears your heartbeats and the lactation sensation too keeps its warm and sleep peacefully.

Do you know cats adjust their sleep according to their sleeping nature? That is, it understands the pattern of your rollover in bed, sleeping position, sleep time and then adjusts its position, time accordingly. How incredible nature is, isn’t it?

Are there benefits for humans due to this?

Cats, because of its adaptability nature, indeed does every possible help it can offer. In case your alarm is dialed to wake you up in the morning. Do not worry, your cat is there.  Based on your movement it understands the wake-up time and gently approaches you and rubs your face against it. Cats know they are smaller in size than us and that is the reason why it doesn’t sleep near the places where we may carry overweight to crush it, like bellies, thighs, etc.,

Cats do not lay next to you just because it feels secure but also to ensure you are safe and sound.

Do cats have instincts?

Cats, because of their hereditary in wildlife, do have instincts. They always look for bad signs, usual happenings and alert their carer when required. Cats, be it may be brought to your home when it was a kitten or as an adult, it examines every corner of the house and it makes your house its territory.

Cats are very sociable in nature and play well with kids. Cats are very possessive and never leaves their favorite side.

Sleeping on the foot is not what you think:

You may presume that your act is sleeping on your feet, but according to your cat, it is the other way around. Your house is its territory and now re-thinks the scenario. Your cat sleeps next to you, not to protect itself but also from a possible threat. Though the threat is not some often kind, that is the nature of the animal, to protect itself and its favorite, that is you.

Feline is very clean on its own and if you find it licking you, it is just because you are it’s favorite and it wants you to be clean.

Cats are light sleepers and the sensation on our human feet is high. Hence, sleeping habit grows. That is not always the case. Cats may not wish to sleep near their owners. But do not feel bad if it doesn’t for a few days. The small creature needs some privacy and alone time, too.

Take away from the article:

If your cat sleeps next to you or at the foot, then feel good that the little animal feels safe and comfortable with you. Cats are your assistant-like whenever you need something. It is your alarm when your real alarm machine fails. It is your protector. It will adapt its nature for you and how sweet it is to think of your protection when you hardly think about it.

Do not panic when your cat shows unusual activity. All that cat does is only building the relationship between you and your cat. Do leave your comments on the activity that your cat(s) behave in which you like the most or feel secure.

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