What Not To Feed Dogs

The bond that humans and their canine friends share has grown stronger over the centuries. Even In this day and age of modernization, humans still find time to spend a few hours with the adorable pets that dogs are. This love and affection are so cute, so obsessive that it can lead to some actions which might be adorable on paper but are harmful to your canine friend in reality. Can you honestly deny that you haven’t been bewitched by your pooches’ sexy grin that made you throw a morsel of your meal on the floor for the canine to devour? The real question here is that should you be doing that? Not everything that you eat is good for your dog, especially some of the stuff that we are going to discuss in this discussion. Yes, folks, in today’s article, we will talk about what not to feed dogs. And there is a ton of stuff that you should refrain from feeding your dog! 

Top 10 things not to feed dogs

What not to feed Fido

This is such a broad topic that we can go on for hours. Too much stuff that your dog shouldn’t eat but is eating anyways, just because you love their innocent face! However, for the sake of convenience, we are going to discuss the top 10 things that you shouldn’t feed your dog! 

1- Avocado 

Avocados are one of the most frequently displayed items on a dining table these days. Or in fridges, whatever. Anyhow, your dog isn’t going to ignore the simple little fact that you have something which the poodle can’t have. Thus, a series of events and antics will be launched, from wagging tails to excessive licking, to lure you into sharing avocados. But you mustn’t! Why you ask. Avocados are enriched with persin, a toxin that can lead to vomiting/diarrhea in dogs. This is a substance that is fungicidal by nature; hence, the leaves and the seeds of avocado are also a big no-no for your canine friend. 

2- Onions

And garlic too, for that matter. The combination of onion and garlic isn’t an ideal thing for your dog. Oh, and if you think we mean just the raw form, then you are mistaken. We mean to say, onion and garlic aren’t a suitable item for dogs in any form, whether it is raw or cooked, moist, or powdered. Again, you must know the logic behind this harsh sanction. These two food items can cause considerable damage to the blood cells of your dog, especially the red blood cells. This can lead to hematological complications of complex nature. An example is anemia, which can be avoided if you listen to us and not feed onion and garlic to your dogs!   

3- Caffeinated drinks

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OK, so you might be a great tea lover, but that doesn’t mean you should invite your dog to a tea party. Also, please keep in mind that it is you who cannot start your day without a cup of coffee and not your dog. We cannot believe how many people are simply ignorant of the fact that caffeine can prove to be fatal for your dog, even when consumed in small quantities. We sincerely hope for the sake of your canine friend’s health sake that you don’t have a habit of throwing around your teabags and coffee wrappers. The chances are high that your dog will lick them and get caffeine poisoned. Please pay attention to this matter too, which seems too trivial to some as they trickle down coffee drops for their dogs to lick! 

4- Raisins 

Grapes too. We know this is starting to get a little annoying but trust us, we have your dog’s best interest at our heart. OK, so grapes and raisins are a big no as well. The logic behind classifying these under the forbidden items is that your canine friend can suffer from renal complications if you feed him or her bunches of grapes without any consideration. A common example of these complications is kidney failure, and if you thought this was a problem with dogs only, you couldn’t have been any more mistaken. Even small amounts of the items mentioned above can make your dog violently sick. Other problems associated with the consumption of grapes and vines are laziness and getting sick frequently. 

5- Dairy products

We reckon this is the most authoritarian temptation to resist. Dogs love to lick, and there are hardly any better things to lick than dairy products. Haven’t you experienced this already? On a hot dog, you decided to have some ice cream. But you made the mistake of opening up the packet in front of your poodle. The hue and cry they raise, the show they put for a lick is an Oscar-worthy performance! Anyhow, they prayed with you for a lick, and you complied, doesn’t matter reluctantly or readily. You must know that this little adventurous action on your part can cause several digestive problems for your dog, the most alarming one of which is diarrhea. Then there are species of dog which are allergic to milk, so you need to be careful with regards to that aspect.

6- Chocolate

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We thought we would talk about nuts (yes, those are poisonous too). But then we realized that the number of people chocolate poisoning their dogs is too high. Dear sirs and Madam, chocolate is bad for your dog. The reason why chocolate finds a place on this list is that it contains theobromine. Without going into too many details, you should know that theobromine can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. It is found in all significant types of chocolate, and hence, chocolate must not be given anything else than as an occasional treat. The problems associated with chocolate are too grave to be ignored. Some of these can lead to secondary issues, such as cardiovascular diseases. 

7- Peaches 

How much will it annoy you if we add plums too? Your canine friend cannot have any of these two fruits that are not related to taste or smell. It is the seeds that complicate matters. You will be risking an intestinal issue such as blockage, for example, if you feed your dog peaches. This can have fatal consequences that can lead to death as well. Then, another issue related to peaches and plums. We are talking about cyanide, which is toxic to humans, let alone dogs. The pits of these two fruits are enriched with cyanide. Hence, allowing your dog to nibble on these ain’t the wisest thing to do. 

8- Eggs

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to many since humans love devouring eggs for breakfast. It is perhaps the most widely used breakfast item all around the world. It is also perhaps the most widely dished item on the floor before eight o’clock in the morning so that dogs can have a few morsels of the meal their mommy or daddy just had. However, we are not sure if that is a brilliant move. Poultry products are most likely to be infested with bacteria these days, and if you are a big fan of raw eggs, you risk both your and your dog’s life with salmonella poisoning. 

9- Fish

The reason why you shouldn’t serve fish to your poodle or pup is identical to the one discussed in the eggs section. Again, you double the chances of salmonella poisoning if you opt for raw fish. We still have our reservations when it comes down to serving cooked fish, but at least it isn’t enriched with bacteria like the raw version of fish meat probably is. You can always tell if the fish that your dog had was good or bad by a few signs. High temperature and vomiting are some of the first indicators of a situation that is deviant from a normal body state. The best thing to do in this regard, of course, is to dial or call the vet and seek a professional opinion! 

10- Salty stuff

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What is wrong with my pup? All he had since morning was a pringle crisp! Yeah, that is where you messed up things. If you don’t want your dog to suffer from dehydration, lethargy, or fever, then you have to stop dishing out stuff that is high in salt. Sodium poisoning isn’t an unheard or rare event. It would help if you were mindful of the content that you dish out for your dog. Some of the stuff might be too salty! 


Well, folks, you can guess by our tone that we have to stop here. But does that mean these are the only items you shouldn’t feed your dog? Of course, not, there is plenty more that is forbidden fruit for your canine friend. No matter how much they try to tempt you with their drooling face and catchy grins, you are not going to give in! After all, moms and dads have to think about the best for their children.

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