How to Take Care of a Limping Dog?

Dogs are very fun to have around and they can be excellent companions if you care for them the right way. However, what you do have to understand is that dogs do want a certain level of love and affection. Dogs will look for your attention and you will have to give it to them to maintain your dog’s mental health and such. It becomes very easy for people to just buy a dog and then not give it any sort of care, which is something a lot of dog owners do. This is a cruel way to treat living beings and it is better to just not buy the dog at all than to buy one and treat it badly.

Another thing that you will have to pay attention to when you are purchasing a dog is how to feed it. contrary to popular belief, you should not be feeding anything that can be found on the dinner table, to your dog. Apart from the main exceptions of chocolate and nuts, which should never be fed to your dog under any conditions because that can prove to be fatal to your dog, other food groups are not good for your dog.

There are also some hygiene issues that you have to take care of when you begin owning a dog, there is a very high chance that the dog might get infested by fleas if you are not able to keep it clean. Keep its coat clean, brush its fur, and do your best to shower it regularly. Now, regularly does not mean that you bathe the dog every single day, but it at least has to be every other week or so in order to make sure that your dog stays clean.

If you tend to keep your dog indoors, there are other concerns that you will have to take into accountability, for example, there are dangerous situations that the dog can find itself in if it happens to get bored and unhappy. Your job is to keep the dog engaged at times and make sure that it does not get too bored and too tired of the monotony. Buy toys for your dog and try to find activities for the dog to do when the dog is alone this way, the dog will stay out of trouble and the dog will stay safe.

In regards to entertainment or a change in the environment, many people tend to go outside and take their dogs for walks and such. This is an excellent activity for the dog because the dog finds itself in the open air which is always healthy and it gets to run around in the open air which makes it all the better for the dog’s physical health. However, there are some issues that you might encounter if you are someone who does not like to take their dog out very often.

What can cause limping in dogs?

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For starters, if you are taking the dog outside, chances increase for the dog to get injured or hurt because it is not used to that situation at all. The lack of familiarity with the dog’s surroundings at that stage can really lead to getting alarmed very easily. The reason for this can easily be the dog getting hurt in its southern region. For example, the dog might hurt its foot and it may start limping, there are multiple reasons as to why a dog might start limping, and going out may not always be the root cause of that.

Causes of limping in dogs

Limping in dogs can be for many reasons and the reasons can range from chronic diseases or simply getting hurt for some reason that may be unknown to you.

Paw Injury may cause limping

One of the most obvious causes of limping in dogs can be getting a paw injury. A paw injury can be the result of many things, the dog might get a thorn stuck in its foot or it might get hurt or scratched on the foot. Exerting force on the foot may begin to cause pain and the dog might prefer not to walk properly to minimize the amount of pain that the dog is feeling.

Other reasons for paw injuries can also be frostbite, broken toenails, burns, and more. Paw injuries can also easily be caused by an insect stinging them on their foot. The pain might make it unbearable for them to walk. A sign that the dog has some sort of injury in its paw can be that the dog might start licking its paw constantly and it will not be able to stop because it will be trying to reduce its pain and reduce the stinging feeling that it might be experiencing. The best remedy is to take it to the vet and follow instructions that have been given by the vet.

Joint Diseases may also cause limping

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 Joint diseases may also be the reason for your dog beginning to limp. This probably will not happen very suddenly and out of the blue. Joint diseases take their time to develop so you may be able to catch it in the act and take the dog to a vet to get the issue resolved. Infections like Lyme disease may also cause the dog to start limping. The remedy for this is to have your dog on a tick preventive which will help keep any parasites away from the dog.

If your dog is diagnosed as a sufferer of arthritis or dysplasia, the vet is most likely to recommend a joint supplement to help get rid of the dog’s disease or at least be able to minimize the pain. Glyde is a supplement that is used often and it helps minimize the symptoms of these diseases. This will direct your dog towards living a relatively normal life even with the disease.

Limping could be a sign of trauma

Trauma can also be a very valid reason for the dog to start limping for no reason. If the dog does have some sort of spinal injury or joint injury, it is very likely that the only way to be able to find a viable solution is to take your dog to the vet.

How can I help my limping dog?

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The treatment of any cause that might cause the dog to start limping depends heavily on what has happened.

What you have to understand, however, is that the first and most basic step to fixing your dog’s foot is to take them to the vet. The vet will diagnose them with the right issue and will give you instructions on how to take care of your dog properly.

If they feel that the injuries that the dog has experienced are too much and they need medical treatment and care, then they might keep the dog in and help the dog as best as they can.

However, while you are waiting for your appointment, it is very important to keep your dog as calm as physically possible and there are a few ways that you may be able to use in order to reduce the state of panic of the dog to a minimum because that can cause your dog’s situation to worsen.

How to Take Care of a Limping Dog?

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The first step would be to give your dog a non-inflammatory drug. This part is tricky because the digestive system of a dog is quite different from the digestive system of a human. Similarly, the immune system of a dog is also quite different from that of a human. Some over-the-counter drugs that humans may use for pain may actually prove to be fatal for dogs. Always make sure to check in with a vet before you give the dog any kind of medicine that you feel that you are not entirely sure about.

The next step would be to apply a heating pad or an ice pack to be able to reduce the inflammation and keep the level of the pain in considerable control. The ice pack may be able to numb the nerve endings and make sure that the dog is not in severe pain anymore. A heating pad may be able to provide the affected area with heat and warmth, this may also be able to calm the pain down to a certain extent.

Do not let your dog move around too much. You can not let it exert too much force or weight on the foot that is hurt because that can affect the ligaments and make the injury worse. Make sure that the dog stays rested. Try to calm it down so it does not feel like moving too much.

 You may also use a brace to support the foot after the worst has passed, this may allow for the foot to be able to heal much better. Massaging the area can also help the dog feel some sort of relief.


You can not be the one that is panicking, follow the appropriate steps, and make sure that your dog feels okay.

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