How to Stop a Guinea Pig from Biting?

When it comes to guinea pigs, they tend to be very similar to hamsters regarding being able to protect themselves. They will use their teeth if they feel that they are being attacked. Apart from that, these small creatures make for very excellent pets. Their size makes them very adjustable, and you may be able to keep them in apartments quite easily. They do not require much in terms of everyday needs and such. You have to remember, though, that developing and maintaining familiarity with your hamster is quite important.

Let Your Guinea Pig Adjust to You

How To Train A Guinea Pig Not To Bite | Training Your Guinea Pigs

The first step in taking care of a guinea pig is to make sure that it knows who you are. This can be done in a plethora of ways. For starters, guinea pigs have a very heightened sense of smell. They can smell things better than many other pets that people tend to keep. This is why when you decide to keep a guinea pig as a pet; you may need to venture around it and allow it to get used to your scent to an extent. This way, you may allow your guinea pig to become more familiar with you.

Once the guinea pig is familiar with you, there will be lesser chances of it biting you. 

Why is my guinea pig biting me all of a sudden?

However, there is another way you may be able to make your guinea pig prone to biting you or the people around you. You have to understand that biting is a survival tactic for the guinea pig, and it is a way for it to protect itself from any potential predators that may be lurking around. If there is the slightest chance that the guinea pig feels it might be attacked, it will prepare to bite as a means of best protecting itself.

Loud noise is also a very avid factor; it plays into the whole sudden movement factor. Since the guinea pig’s hearing senses are heightened, any noises that are out of the ordinary or too loud may be extremely loud for a guinea pig. This counts as a sudden change, and thus, it means that loud noises will make it more prone to biting especially if they are out of the blue. You can prevent your guinea pig from reacting too harshly to these noises by keeping it in a location where it won’t come across any loud noises.

Dirty hands are also often one of the reasons that a guinea pig might end up biting you. This is because of their heightened sense of smell. When your hands smell of some food, there is a very high chance that the guinea pig may not be able to recognize, and unfamiliar smells may be alarming for the guinea pig. It may end up biting you if you do not smell like what it is familiar to. The best way to remedy this kind of situation is to keep your hands clean and tidy before you go in to hold your guinea pig.

How to Stop a Guinea Pig from Biting?

13 Ways to Get Your Guinea Pig to Stop Biting You

Another thing that causes guinea pigs to be alarmed and end up biting you is how you go in to grab it. There is a certain method of holding a guinea pig, and it is extremely important to follow these steps to make sure that the guinea pig does not feel threatened. Remember to make the grip farm but do not squeeze it. It is also very important that the guinea pig is supported from below so that it feels safe.

Mites are also one reason that guinea pigs might react negatively to any touch that is going to be offered to them. When a guinea pig has mites, it will be in constant discomfort, and when you go into pet it, it will definitely not appreciate it. It is very important to get rid of the mites that a guinea pig has on its body before deciding to play with it. You can do this by taking your guinea pig to a vet and asking for the right tools and medicines to help get rid of it.

Buying another guinea pig can also be a good way to allow your guinea pig to feel as comfortable as possible. It is common knowledge that a guinea pig likes to live in herds. It prefers to live in the company as that is its instinct. This might be the ideal way to make your guinea pig feel safe enough to let it pet you on many occasions. You may not be able to stick around with your guinea pig 24 hours a day, and a companion can make a large difference.

Freedom is an excellent way to make a guinea pig feel safe and sound. It would help if you let your little pet run around the house on different occasions. It will feel much more comfortable and at ease in your surroundings, and the newfound freedom may even make it feel much happier and content with where it is living and. You can leave it in a room and close the door to ensure that you do not lose the tiny creature somewhere in the large vicinity and then let it roam. You may also leave it on the grass if a garden is available to you, but you have to make sure that there are no predators around it, and there is a certain boundary around it. This way, the guinea pig might get the impression of being free, and at the same time, it will make it easier for you to keep an alert eye on it.


If you do your research and cater to the guinea pig’s needs, it might not bite you at all. Just allow it to get used to you and the new surroundings. A little time is all it will take to make the biting guinea pig into a playful one.

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