How to Potty Train your Guinea Pig?

There are so many good things about Guinea Pig. They are adorable little balls of fluff that are so sweet and innocent. These little creatures provide us with tons of love and countless happy moments, and a ridiculous amount of poop. There is nothing to worry about as these cavies are easily trainable to use a litter box. You only need to offer their favorite treats as a reward in positive reinforcement training.

Believe it, you can quickly train your guinea pig, and when it happens, it will be so easy for you to maintain cleanliness in your home and their cage.

How easy is it to potty train your guinea pig?

Introductory lines are so encouraging, but it is also a fact that potty training your guinea pig is not as easy as you do with your cat or dog. Guinea pigs are more rigid in breaking their old habits, and that is why they can take some more time before getting trained. Guinea pigs do not have communication skills like pet cats and dogs, so it is tough to know when it is their time to litter.

When you observe their attitude keenly, you will find that similar to humans; they reserve a special place in their cage for their private business. It is a sign that potty training for a guinea pig is not that difficult as you thought.

Benefits of potty train your guinea pig:

Do you know the benefits of potty training in your piggy pal?

It is essential to go through the effort of training your guinea pig to use a litter box!

The first and most important advantage of potty training your cavies is that there will be less work for you. Although guinea pigs are small, they can produce a lot of waste, and untrained cavies can make you spend plenty of time cleaning their cage. 

Cleaning their cage is a time-consuming, repetitive, and unpleasant task to perform. In addition to the healthier environment and cleaner cage, you have to spend less money on their bedding. A more hygienic environment for cavies saves your extra expenses of consulting with the vet. Clean habitat prevents your guinea pig from different diseases and urinary tract infections. 

A step-by-step guide to litter trains your guinea pig:

Can You Potty Train A Guinea Pig? (10-Step Definitive Guide)

The most crucial tip for training your guinea pig for litter is patience. Attentiveness and patience is the key to success. Keep it in your mind that although potty training improves the overall condition of the cage dramatically, you cannot expect 100% accuracy from your cavies.

It is natural to have a problem getting to the potty in time. There is no use in being free, with a decent supply of patience, and with the following techniques, you can help your pet friend improve their litter box habits.

You need to work in two ways to potty train your guinea pig:

  1. Litter training in cage
  2. Litter training in house

Litter training in a cage:

  • Before introducing the litter box in the cage, you need to observe that place that guinea pigs usually use as the bathroom.
  • Place the litter tray at that specific point in the cage and also introduce brand new bedding; otherwise, your cavy smells their old pee and goes there.
  • You have to place the same kind of bedding in the litter tray you use in your guinea pig cage. You should use the already used bedding in the litter tray where it is already peed and pooped.
  • To make your cavy feel more comfortable, put a little bit of eating straw in her litter tray. It will ideally allow your pet to munch a little while using the bathroom.
  • After placing the litter tray in the cage, it is also essential to avoid their behavior to know whether they use it or not. If you find your pet is not using it, then take it out and try again. 
  • Clean the litter tray after every three days and wash it only every other week. With this cleaning routine, the smell of your cavy remains on the tray, and they will use it with no hesitation.
  • Encourage your guinea pig to see it using the litter tray, by giving it her favorite treat. To earn more treats, your cavy will try to use the litter box frequently.

Litter training in the house:

To teach your guinea pig in the house during playtime, always start with a small place that you can manage easily. Try an area of your house where you find minimum places for your guinea pig to hide.

  • Place the litter tray in a dark and out of the way corner of the room. This environment encourages your pet to seek that point and use it to potty.
  • To make the litter box feel their territory use the same bedding with the smell of their pee and potty.
  • It is good to cover other corners of the room; it will help your guinea pig use the corner where you have placed the litter tray.
  • When your guinea pig gets used to that area for potty, it’s time to expand the space.
  • The minute your guinea pig enters their litter, reward them with the treat to encourage their efforts.
  • To avoid knocking over their litter boxes, teach the guinea pig how to jump. You can use little incentive, like their favorite dried fruit, to make them habitual of jumping to avoid messes.


Potty training your guinea pig is a gradual process, and you cannot expect it to be a one-time successful procedure. Your guinea Pig can be a litter boxed trainer, but it is a patience-testing and time taking process. Do not hurt or scold your guinea pig if it makes a mistake and goes elsewhere. Keep on trying to encourage him to use the litter box instead. Once your guinea pig realizes he gets the good stuff, wonderful treat, and lots of love for doing it, he’ll pick up on it pretty fast.

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