How to Potty Train a Hamster?

Hamsters can be excellent pets for people who live alone or even children to teach them responsibility. Of course, you can not simply leave a hamster in the care of the child. You will be leaving the hamster to fend for itself, more or less. There is a specific way you should be taking care of a hamster. You need to take care of its needs, or else it will not survive with humans for a very long time. What you have to understand is that hamsters will take their time for everything.

This also includes getting potty trained and conditioned to use the toilet or the litter box. In the initial stage, hamsters are more likely to pee or poop every which way in their little cage. Hamsters need hay and something soft to give them a space to pee. Your cage can easily be that space until or unless the hamster is conditioned, and it is trained to go in the litter box that you may have set out for him. There are multiple ways to get the hamster to go in that specific litter box and avoid making a mess in its home.

Do hamsters need a toilet?

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When the hamster goes in the hay and the bedding you have put out for it, the entire cage will start smelling like pee and other gunk. This makes living conditions for the hamster extremely unhygienic, and the fact that it is living in literal filth can cause many types of diseases and illnesses within the hamster over time. It will not have any fresh air to breathe. It will start to become lethargic and tired all the time, and before you know it, its conditions might get fatal.

If you do not train it to pee in its litter box, it will also be dirtying its entire home, and you will definitely have to change the materials in the home every day, which can be quite draining and tiring. It can get quite tedious; you might start disliking your hamster if you have to keep doing it every single day. Hay absorbs pee very fast, and it can make the home wet and completely unlivable even if left for a concise period of time. Your hamster might even catch a cold and fall very ill even in that short period of time.

You need to train the hamster quite fast to protect it from any illness that might occur from the wetness. Apart from that, if the hamster lives in dirty conditions for too long, it will begin to get extremely dirty too, and then there is an added hassle of washing the hamster every day to avoid it being filthy. Filthy animals can smell really bad, and it will stink up the room if not taken care of the right way. All of this adds up to you training your little hamster.

How do you train a hamster to poop in one place?

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For starters, you will have to confine a small spot in the hamster’s cage for this purpose alone and to avoid getting a large part of the cage very filthy. You need to leave a large part of the cage for the hamster to move around and play very easily. Small spots in the cage will also be much easier to clean. This way, the cage will be much cleaner, and it will have the ammonia content in a small secluded area of the cage, which you will get rid of easily.

Hamsters can most definitely be trained to follow a set of actions that will make their own life easier and your life easier. They do not even need to be trained per se. They will find the section by themselves and go there only. What you can do is give it a small and healthy treat every time; for the first few days, it goes to pee in the section that you put out for it. This way, it will be conditioned to go pee in that specific spot.

What do you need to potty train a hamster?

There is a certain set of equipment that you will need to potty train the hamster correctly. 

You will need a set of gloves to touch the dirt and the disgusting section of the hay for starters. Without gloves, you might attract unwanted bacteria onto your own hands and your body. It is just much safer to use a pair of disposable gloves to clean out the cage properly. It might even lower the feeling of disgust.

You will have to buy a small potty that is okay for your hamster. It is quite easily available in most pet stores, and it can be quite inexpensive, and it will be saving you from so much hassle and so much effort that you will have to put in if you do not get the potty.

These litter boxes will usually have a nice lid, which will help keep the potty contents covered, and it will keep the smell of the contents inside. This means that the hamster will not be stinking up your room.

The litter you are getting for the hamster is also very important because not every litter will be the right one for your hamster. Some might even cause an allergic reaction to the hamster’s bottom. The hamster also might stuff some liters into its mouth, and this is a very bad sign. If you see this happening, change the hamster’s litter instantly because it might begin to scratch its own mouth from the insides. It would help if you got a hamster litter that is gentle for the most part, and it also absorbs all the moisture. All of this very important to consider if you are picking litter for your hamster


Potty training your hamster will make life much easier for you than if it was peeing every which way.

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