How to make a cheap, but durable Hamster Cage?

Who doesn’t like holding a small fur-ball in hands after coming home, all tired from work at the office? Hamsters are such an exotic pet to keep because their keenness blows one’s mind! They are naturally very social and happy animals and love to run. If animals were allowed to run a marathon, we highly doubt anybody else winning but hamsters! Children love playing with them, and so does the hamster enjoy the happy company.

In case you are thinking about keeping a hamster as a pet, you would probably need to rethink and evaluate if you can survive in your home because that little animal will ultimately take over the house. Therefore, it is always recommended by pet sellers that if you are bringing a hamster in your house, you need to bring its cage too; else you have to bear the dangerous consequences. It’s effortless to handle them if you have their cage and that too a special one for them in your home.

Many people do not buy a cage for the sharp animal and then complain about how naughty their behaviors are. Well, no reasonable person should make the same mistake. You just need to understand that it is an integral part of their lifestyle to be quick, run here and there, and cannot give up on their natural powers. Hence, to compensate you as well as them, you must buy a reasonable, spacious, and airy cage that keeps them happy and satisfied.

Steps to make your Hamster cage:

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Doubtlessly, you can also make a cheap, but beautiful and extremely durable cage for your hamster yourself too. Because, why not! All of us can do anything if we have the will to do so. You need to know that you are capable of doing everything all by yourself; you just need to move in the right direction. Therefore, here we will teach you how you can make a DIY hamster cage.

  1. Take a standard plywood sheet and start with the base of the cage. It depends on you how many inches you want the cage to be broad. So, mark a reasonable boundary for the cage all over the sheet and put it aside since this sheet will serve as a base think of putting it in a horizontal position.
  2. Now, take another sheet of the same plywood and mark it. At this point, height is not an issue so just focus on the width of it since this sheet will serve as the sides of the cage think of putting it in a horizontal position. You need two such sheets, one for each side.
  3. Mark the back of the cage on another plywood sheet and make sure it covers the entire back.
  4. Since we have marked all our sheets, it’s time to cut them and start working on the binding process.
  5. Start nailing the sheets together to form a box with an open front and make sure the nailing is done neatly and is strong enough to hold the box together.
  6. We have a very basic box now it’s time to be a little creative and add the elements that will turn the box into a cage.
  7. Take another plywood sheet but better if you can take a solid glass plastic sheet of any sort and mark it a little lesser in width and length as the base you cut you in the very beginning. This extra sheet we will be using on the top of the base in a sliding effect. This will help you in cleaning the cage with whatever debris will fall on the ground of the cage.
  8. Now you need to take a porous steel sheet, the one that is made up of multiple steel stubs knitted together to form a sheet. Cut this sheet into two parts one is for the roof of the cage and the other would be placed in the middle of the cage, making two compartments in the cage.
  9. Since we want our hamster to move between both, the compartments make sure to cut a door slit in the steel sheet. This door needs to have a proper lock that only you can operate. Therefore, you can control the time when your hamster moves up or down.
  10. For the front of the cage, you can use the same steel rim or the plastic glass, and just like you nailed the back, you need to connect the front to the cage. Think of this front as the main door of the house. With the lever on one side and a lock on another, attach the door.  Make sure you use nuts and bolts where necessary.
  11. You can also add four small tires at the bottom of each corner of the cage to make it moveable in the house so you can place the cage wherever you want. This is helpful usually when you have to clean the cage; you move the cage easily into the garden and get done with the cleaning job without making any mess.

Make the Cage interesting:

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You need to make the cage interesting and beautiful and now because it seems very basic and boring at the moment. Since we know our hamster loves to run and play and enjoy colors, we need to improvise for these needs in the same space.

Add an Exercise wheel:

In the top compartment add a colorful exercise wheel of a standard size. Make sure it fits into the top portion and at the same time is suitable for the little animal to use. This item is in the hamsters’ cage serves the biggest purpose to the hamster, and we as a proper system is arranged, solely to fulfill its running needs. Make sure it is detachable, so whenever you are cleaning the cage, it is easier for you to go deep.  

Add toys:

Put a few sounds-producing, synthetic toys. You can use either stuffed toys or the ones that are softer plastic but do not use any hard-plastic toy. It may hurt the hamsters and create problems since they will be occupying a lot of space in the cage.

Comfy bedding:

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To give that comfy feels in the cage, you can line the whole base (the one that is drawable outside). This will add the element of safety and peace in the cage. Also, it provides a soft ground for the little animal to sleep in the night. If the bedding is done generously, it is much better for the hamsters. Another purpose this layering can serve is that it may give a deceptive appearance for the soil that hamsters can dig into since hamsters love to dig to grounds.

Paint the walls:

You do not want the cage to look like a very different piece of furniture that does not match with the theme and furniture of your house, as it will look like a piece of junk whatsoever. Therefore, it is necessary to paint the cage. However, you like to make it mix in with the other elements of your home. This will add beauty to your home, as well. 


You can try other designs too for the cage but make sure you are using quality material to ensure a safe and secure cage. You can also add multiple fun elements. However, you like to make it more pretty—Good luck with the cage making all my pet lovers!

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