Farting is a fact of life – everyone does it. It is not something people are enthusiastic about doing, but passing gas is important for a healthy body. You might let one even go sometimes in a crowded area. You should not, but sometimes you cannot help it. 

The same is the case with your dog. Your dog has to let one go at times, as this is natural. However, if you are dealing with a pooch that lets one go way too often, you might have to get yourself ready to deal with the fact that your dog might be dealing with some issue. 

The Scientific or medical term for farting is “flatulence,” which we will be using from here on out. How does it happen? Well, gases tend to accumulate in your dog’s intestinal tract and colon. This usually happens when the bacteria in there are breaking down the meal your furry mate had. These gases are a part of your dog’s digestion system. 

So, if you are here because of our clickbait title of how to stop your dog from farting and think we are going to spell out a magic formula to how to stop them from farting, then I hate to break it to you, farting is a feature that ain’t ever going away.

Jokes aside! Flatulence usually occurs in dogs when they have had food with ingredients that are not fully digested. This also may occur due to your pooch not taking their time and eating way too quickly. So when they are doing that, believe it or not, they are also “swallowing air.” When “swallowed,” this air enters the digestive system and then needs to be released from one way or another. So, they are either going to burp or fart.

Do note that the reason your Pug, bulldog, or Boxer is passing too much gas might not be from some medical problem or lower quality food, but it is from the “swallowed air.” They are prone to this due to their skull’s shape, so do accept that cuteness comes at a cost.


I just remembered a quote from all the game reviewers who criticize Bethesda Software for their buggy games by sarcastically saying,” It’s a feature, not a bug.”

However, no matter how much a bodily function is necessary, getting the urge to do it too much might be a problem. An example of this might be urinating too often, which might be a symptom of diabetes. In the very same manner, if you see that your dog is making the atmosphere uncomfortable way too much than usual, then it is time to do some digging and find out if there is a problem that is behind the problem.


First of all, let us get the most serious things out of the way. I cannot believe how many problems excessive farting is related to but let us talk about the most dangerous stuff that might be the problem.

The very first one is called Inflammatory Bowels Disease or IBD. This one happens when a pooch’s intestine and stomach start housing way more than usual inflammatory cells. What these cells do is mess with the digestive tract and prevent normal digestive functions from occurring. 

Another disease might be a tumor. These are cells that act abnormally and become lumps.

Irritable bowel syndrome, which is different from the earlier mentioned inflammatory bowel disease, usually happens when there is a change in their normal diet or routine. The symptom of this can be diarrhea and excessive farting.

Other diseases like pancreatic or gastrointestinal diseases might be at the root of your dog letting one out way too often.

If you spot the symptom of any of these problems, especially if you realize that in the middle of reading this, stop everything, whip out your phone, and schedule an appointment with your vet as soon as possible. I hope you and I are both wrongs about this, but to be on the safe side. If I am wrong and you are here after you have seen the vet, first of all, welcome back! 

Secondly, let us go down to the less serious part of the spectrum and try to figure out how we can solve your dog’s farting problem.


You might know this, but the one thing all dogs have in common is that they are allergic to at least one thing that is a prevalent ingredient in the commercially available dog food available in the market. 

Some dogs are allergic to meat like beef and chicken. A good number of pooches say no to wheat because it can upset their digestive function. You also do not see many dogs drinking milk because grown dogs cannot produce the required enzyme that is needed to break down the sugar in milk. 

So, when you detect that your pooch is passing out a little too much, you know what you need to do. Limit your dog’s diet to specific foods so that you can pinpoint the actual cause of this. Once you do, you will have a list of okay things for your dog to eat. As I mentioned earlier, the farting is never going away, but it will not be excessive anymore.


If there is a brand called that, I am sorry; I didn’t mean to slander you because I did not know you existed. 

Jokes aside, if you are feeding your dog the cheapest off-brand stuff that is of a low quality, which by some miracle the FDA approved, then here you go, the culprit was right there on your shelf. These usually include peas, beans, corn, and carbohydrates, which are a little hard for your dog’s digestive system to handle and remain undigested. These undigested food items remain there in the digestive tract and make your dog do the nasty gas.

Don’t be cheap when you are looking for things to feed your dog. Your dog is your best and most loyal friend. They are going to do anything for you. The least you should do is feed them some good food. The next time you go out to shop, look for food with a higher quantity of proteins sourced from an animal. 

Yeah, one last thing, when you are going from the cheap stuff to the premium one, follow a transition guide that will help you. Do not introduce new foods all of a sudden otherwise;, you are going to be in for a lot more flatulence than before.


Hey, I do not blame you for this one. We have all heard that sharing is caring. And while you are relaxing watching Netflix with your dog, it won’t hurt to give them a few chips. 

Well, it does hurt, as this also might be one of those reasons your dog might be passing that gas a lot. 

Yes, we know you love your dog, but next time, if you want your pooch to snack, get them the good dog food we mentioned earlier. Human food for humans, dog food for dogs. Not very hard to understand.


As you might have “probably” read earlier that your dog is going to swallow some air if they get a little too excited for their food and eat it very fast. I also said that air is coming back out one way or another, whether you like it or not.

We need to buy your furry little friend a special little bowl that will prevent them from eating their food fast. These bowls are called “Anti-Gulping Dishes.” 


Dogs farting is as natural as a human being doing it. It is a necessary function related to the digestive system. It can get annoying sometimes, but it is a bodily function that keeps the dog healthy. However, there might be times it is in excess and might be the root of a bigger problem than itself. The first thing you need to do is call your vet for a check-up to determine if something serious is like a tumor or gastrointestinal disease. If it is not, congratulations because you now need to see if you are feeding your dog something, it is allergic to because they will not tell you. You should also see if you have been feeding your dog some cheap dog food because that also may be the culprit. Please do not share your chips or other snacks you bring out with your dog as they are not good for them. Last but not least, check if your dog is eating too fast and might be swallowing air. If you follow all these steps, I am sure you will be rid of your dog’s excessive farting.

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