How to Keep Your Cat from Shedding

Cats are one of the most peaceful animals that you can keep in your home. They can be a joy to have around, depending on how you treat them. They tend to be quite peaceful and calm, and they will not attack if they are not provoked in the first place. They do not require an excessive amount of effort from their owners, and if their basic needs are being taken care of, they will not require too much attention from you. Granted that their needs are being taken care of in the first place.

Eating Habits of Cats

For example, you have to pay attention to what kind of food you are giving to your cat. Cats are known to be obligate carnivores. This means that their diet will mainly consist of meat. Meat is what they need for their bodies to be healthy and happy. They will need meat to make their muscles strong and durable for the entirety of their life span or as much as is physically possible. Meat is good protein for the cats, and the cats need to be able to hunt or carry out their basic activities. It is also necessary for the cats to give them the energy that they need. 

However, you have to keep in mind that it simply can not be just any form of meat. The meat that you do decide to give to your cat has to be cooked. Giving your cat uncooked meat is making way for the cat to get sick shortly. Cooking the meat is an important step in preserving the health of your cat. It gets rid of the bacteria which was formerly present in the meat, and at the same time, you can make sure that the meat has become easy to digest for the cat, so it does not get an upset stomach. 

Taking Care of Cats

To add to that, you also have to keep in mind that cats tend to be quite lazy and lethargic, and physical activity is quite rare for them. That said, red meat is one of those meats that have high-fat content in them; giving your cat red meat regularly can prove to be a health hazard for the cat in the future. It may cause the cat to experience heart problems and such, which can even prove to be fatal for the cat.

In terms of resting, they need proper space for them to be able to sleep. Sleep is quite important for a cat, and it is necessary that they get the required amount of sleep, or it is very likely that the cat will begin to get cranky and annoyed. You need to make sure that the spot that the cat is in has minimum commotion and is comfortable enough for the cat to get the sleep that it needs. It should not be too noisy or too chaotic, or the cat will get disturbed.

There are many other things that you need to take care of when it comes to a cat. For starters, the fur. The fur of the cat may have many things to tend to. It may be rid with lice, or the cat may get bald from certain spots. In situations like that, you must take the cat to the vet and ask for the proper and most appropriate remedy to resolve the issue at hand. You should not deal with the problem on your own, or you may end up risking the cat’s health to a certain degree.

Shedding and its Causes

Shedding is also one such problem that has to do with fur. Many cats tend to shed a lot. The number one complaint that you will get from a house that has cats as pets is that there will be catted hair everywhere. It is a problem that almost all cat owners experience and are unaware of how to remedy the situation. You need to figure out how to stop your cat from shedding while risking the cat’s health to a certain degree. You can not put the cat’s life at risk.

Brushing your Cat Regularly

The first thing that you can do to stop your cat from shedding is to brush the cat. It is important to brush the cat regularly for two reasons that do not even have to do with the cat’s shedding hair. When you brush the hair of the cat, you are scratching the flesh of the cat. You may be able to reach a spot that the cat was unable to reach even with the cat’s flexible body and strength. You may give the cat the comfort that it was looking for by rubbing its body. Scratching can help a lot.

Apart from that, brushing your cat’s hair can also help with regulating the blood flow of the cat. Brushing the cat’s hair may allow the cat to have untangled knots and such, and it will reduce the aching factor that comes with the knots. Brushing the cat’s hair every day will allow you to get rid of the so-called excess hair that is on the cat’s body. This way, you will be catching all those hair in one spot, and the hair will not fall around the house everywhere. It will help keep the cat’s fur clean as well as your house.

Bathing your Cat Regularly

No cat likes getting bathed. Water is the known enemy of the cat. Cats do not like to go underwater, and they get quite violent if they are forced to do so, but you have to keep in mind that the health and hygiene of the cat are more important than what the cat enjoys. It can be quite a task to bathe your cat, but it is important as well. It will help the cat get clean. It will remove the dirt from the cat’s fur, and you may also find out if the cat has any creepy crawlies on its fur.

When you bathe your cat, you may be able to get rid of the undercoat hairs that may be present on your cat’s body. This layer of fur is what usually sheds and such. It will help remove the excess hair from your cat’s body and, in turn, will also keep the things around your house, including your furniture, neat and clean. Bathing is quite important for the cat in terms of cleanliness and to make sure that the cat does not eat the bugs from its fur in an attempt to get rid of them or to get rid of the itching.

Healthy Diet for the Cat

You have to keep in mind that what the cat eats plays a huge role in what the cat is like. When it comes to the fur, it may be the things that the cat is eating or the things the cat is not eating, being more specific, that are causing the shedding of the cat’s hair. Cat’s require nutrients to keep their coats healthy and sturdy. Certain foods can make sure that the cat’s hair stays as intact as possible.

An omega-rich diet can be the key to your cat’s fur being healthy and shiny. Your cat needs you to make sure that it is getting the nutrients that it needs to be healthy and happy. An omega-rich diet contains fat that is healthy and important for the cat’s body. It can lead to the coat of the cat being strong and can protect the cat from balding at any stage. Cats are amazing in most aspects, but when it comes to their fur, figuring out what to do can prove to be quite a hassle.

Proper and Clean Water

Hydration is quite important when it comes to cat fur. The cat needs moisture inside its body to make sure that the fur does not become flimsy and loose. It can allow the cat to have skin that is much more moisturized. A lot of the time, dry skin is what leads to the cat losing hair. The layer of moisture on the cat’s scalp that allows the cat’s hair to be strong becomes weak, and sooner or later, the cat begins to lose a lot of hair. Remember to make sure that the cat always has water inside its bowl.

And if all else fails, what you can do is take your cat to the vet. The vet may be able to provide you with a viable solution that will help protect your cat from losing too much hair. The vet may guide you with the medicine that you should give and the measures that you should take to make sure that the cat remains healthy and happy.


You must keep your cat healthy and happy. Once you bring the cat home, it becomes your responsibility to make sure that there is no harm caused to the cat.

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