How to keep rabbits from chewing cords

If there’s anything rabbits love, it is exploring. What seems to be the point of concern for any rabbit parent is their mode of study. They tend to test the safety of everything by chewing on it. Looking at the world from a rabbit’s perspective, anything that tastes good can have no drawbacks. Whereas what doesn’t taste mouth-watering is not worth their time. Yet what happens when they chew on something that doesn’t have a taste? Chewing cords is a synonym for shaking hands with death. It can be extremely harmful and cause consequences that can seldom be reversed. 

Why do rabbits chew on cables?

Your bunny has sharp teeth, and it loves putting them to use. A rabbit’s teeth are everything to it; a weapon, an obstacle clearer, a way of savoring their favorite food. A wild rabbit or even a domestic rabbit uses its teeth to pull out any barriers in its way from the ground. Therefore, in their vision, the world is their playground. Anything which comes in their way as a hindrance is to be gotten rid of. Seldom do they care whether it is the cable to your tv or the charger of your laptop. They will compare it to nothing more than an obstacle to be removed or, well…destroyed. 

What happens if a rabbit chews on electrical cords?

As we mentioned above, a small chew can lead to grave consequences. Your rabbit may find nothing wrong with it, and you can not afford for it to learn through life lessons. If an electrical cord is plugged in and your rabbit chews on it, it can be electrocuted frighteningly. No amount of insolation tapes wrapped around a line is too much for a rabbit. Your rabbit can munch on carrots without much struggle; what less would one expect? 

How to keep rabbits from chewing cords?

Rabbits are not much different from toddlers. They do as they please! If you think you have trained them enough to not go near cords and wires. Unfortunately, you are mistaken. You will mainly find them eyeing your headphones or your charging cable. They do look fluffy and fragile, but it is a regrettable mistake to underestimate them. Therefore, there is only one solution to keep your rabbits from carrying out any undesired behavior. You always need to be a step ahead of their game!

Now the question that is still left unanswered is; how does one do that? All you have to do is sit back tight and inform yourself about how you can win this game. However, before you sit down, ensure once more, whether your rabbit is on its mission to put its teeth to work. 

Provide chew toys

Namely, they do not seem like something of significance but trust us when we say; they are precisely what you need. Providing your fluffy with a chew toy is beneficial in several additional ways as well. It will give strength to their teeth without having caused any damage at all. Needless to say, what is of most significance is to keep your rabbit busy in chewing one thing. This way, the chances of the rabbit coming up with new materials to chew on are few. You will be able to find these toys from any nearby pet shop at your convenience. 

Keep the wires out of reach.

Get your house bunny proofed! Doing this will diminish 90% of the potential risk. Ring up your electrician and ask him to relocate the wires in your house. The most favorable option is to get the wires up higher over the walls. This can quickly be done without putting in much effort as well as economically. Your furry friend may look at them longingly but will not be able to reach them. Another win for you!  

Keeping the cords hidden from your bunny

All the wires can’t be concealed or stuck to the ceiling. In such a scenario, too, there is no need for you to worry. We have got your back! 

Give your house a brand-new outlook making sure that lesser electrical wires are reachable. For example, place your furniture in front of socket boards and leave only enough space for your hand to pass through. Little to no distance is left in which your rabbit finds space for itself. Awaken your internal architect and beautifully arrange the wires and cables in such a way that they are barely visible. Where there is a will, there is a way, especially when it comes to bunnies. If it’s got its mind and heart on a wire, it needs to chew; it will find a way. Therefore, leave no wire visible to its eye. 

Set up a pet fence

This is a solution widely used by pet owners and especially rabbit parents all around the world. The other protective measures can be challenging to carry out, whereas this one is easily adjustable. All you need to do is gather the wiring and cables of electrical appliances, set them up in a particular place, and position a pet fence. Make sure you buy a bar that doesn’t leave space for your adventurous bunny to pass through. Purchasing a pet fence might cost you a few dollars, but we promise you it will be worth it. You can thank us later! 

Having said all of that, you may come across DIY ideas to make your pet fence at home. We suggest you avoid considering them, as your rabbit can nip its way through almost anything eventually. Cardboard should be an extreme no-no as well. 

Some more ways of ensuring protection to your rabbit;

  • Conceal the wires in your house
  • Try to put the cables and cords in a cupboard where they cannot reach
  • Put your rabbit away while using an iron rod or any other electrical appliance. 
  • Plastic tubing 

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