How to keep Rabbits entertained.

Rabbits are one of those animals which can get bored very easily if not keep entertained. They are always looking for something to do with their mind or their bodies. If you bought yourself a rabbit thinking that all it will do is sit there and look cute for you, well, I hate to break it to you, you got yourself the wrong pet. When these little furry bags of joy get bored, it will not take much time to act out. Bored Rabbits can get depressed easily, which might lead them to molt out of season, which is never a good sign if you want to keep them a pet. However, they are also straightforward to entertain. So here are a few ways we can stimulate a rabbit’s mind and body so that your furry little friend stays your friend for a very long time. 

entertaining your rabbit:

Rabbits are social and curious creatures. They are very wise and like to interact with their environment. Wild rabbits normally have a natural environment for them to practice their natural behavior of digging and chewing, which keeps them from getting bored. However, when not given the environment for them to use these natural abilities, domesticated pet rabbits tend to use them in conditions where their behavior is a lot more destructive. So make sure that your rabbit has the environment and company around it so that it can socialize and practice its natural abilities. 

giving your rabbit toys to play with:

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As I mentioned earlier, rabbits are curious creatures, and they need something to keep their mind stimulated. To do this, one great way is to give your rabbit toys to play with. These toys will help them exercise their mind and practice their chewing, which is very healthy for them as chewing for rabbits is a way for them to trim their teeth, which is left as it might lead to over-developed teeth and tooth decay. Also, do not just leave them to play with a single set of toys. Keep changing and rotating them so that they will not get bored with them. Rabbits can also have their favorite type of toy believe it, or not. Some rabbits might like toys they can chew on, some may prefer things they can pull, while some might not like anything you get from the store. For those rabbits, you should find natural toys made from hay or straight-up dried pine cones.

You can also stimulate your rabbit’s mind by giving it Do-it-yourself puzzles to solve with treats hidden in the middle for them to find.

make your rabbit run through an obstacle course:

Making an obstacle course for your furry little friend to run through is a lot easier than you think. You can easily use the furniture in your room and the accessories to create a very mind-stimulating obstacle course. You can set up platforms, tunnels, and spaces for them to figure a way out. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can create a whole space exclusively made for your rabbit to play in. Use some cardboard boxes and cut holes through them to mark the entrance and exit. Stack the boxes on top of each other to encourage them to explore. You can also keep on changing them so they can never get bored of them. Furthermore, changing up your home’s furniture once in a while will also give your rabbit the mental stimulation it needs. Running your rabbit through obstacle courses is not only going to keep it from getting bored but also encourages it to exercise. A bunny getting no exercise gets obese, leading to diseases like heart failure or fatty liver. These diseases severely shorten a rabbit’s life.

let it forage some provisions:

The thing about rabbits is that they are natural foragers, which means that rabbits tend to find things they need to survive on their own using their noses. To keep things interesting for your furry little friend, one way for that might be to hide food that rabbits seem to enjoy in places where they can find it using their noses. This will encourage them to be active and exercise as well. This will also keep them from being bored and keep their mind sharp.

don’t leave them alone:

Rabbits are smart little animals. They also crave companionship as we do. Always find time to play with your rabbit so that they are not bored as loneliness can also get to them. Please pick them up sometimes as well so that they can get used to the human touch. This will make them feel a lot more at ease when taking them out for their regular check-up. However, please do not force yourself upon the rabbit unless it has known you for a little while. When you are picking it up for the first time, give them some treats to know you are not a threatening entity. It is also advised that you should keep rabbits in pairs so that they have someone to play with as well when you are not around. This helps them form a bond of friendship, and it is also good for them as a pair of rabbits socializing all day can keep them running around and staying fit,

let it dig:

The one thing everyone and their mothers knows about rabbits is that they love to dig. They even live in a hole they have dug themselves, which you might have learned in elementary school called Burrows. So, one thing you gotta do if you want to save your sofas and carpets from the buckteeth of your furry little friend is to give him a place to dig. This cannot be helped as it is one of its instincts. For this, you might want to allocate them a small digging zone in your lawn. Just be sure to dig it first and bury a cage to dig too far and get themselves in trouble. If you do not have a lawn or do not want to go through the trouble of digging your lawn, then a straightforward way to let your rabbit exercise its natural urge of digging is to create a digging platform by stacking cardboard on top of each other. They will have a place to dig right there. Also, hide something, like a treat in there so that they can feel rewarded once they find it.

let it use its teeth:

Rabbits love to chew. It’s their thing. They can’t get enough of it. To fulfill their chewing needs, they need to be given almost unlimited hay to chew. However, if you do not want your rabbit to eat, then do give it something to chew, at least unless you want it to go after something it should not. So, for this, investing in a chewing toy is a good idea to practice its instinct. Letting it chew also helps them trim their teeth as rabbit teeth are always developing, unlike human teeth. Untrimmed teeth are also the cause of many diseases in rabbits.


Rabbits might be one of the most adorable creatures you might run across. They are also the smartest. They need to have something to do. They get bored when they have nothing to do. If a rabbit gets bored, then they might even get depressed. Once they go into depression, they stop doing anything, including eating anything. They can lose weight or gain weight, which makes them sick, and as time moves on, they can die. To mitigate this, we always have to keep or try to keep our rabbits entertained. There are ways to keep your rabbit entertained. One of those ways is to give your rabbit some toys to play with. Give them chew toys or do puzzles that they can solve to find hidden treats inside. However, mix them up so that they won’t get bored out of all of them in a few days. Another way to keep your rabbit happy is to build an obstacle course for them to run around in. They can use their mind and keep it sharp while also getting in that essential exercise. Do let them practice their instinct of foraging. Hide food items in places they can find so that they may feel rewarded for their curiosity. You can also introduce them to a companion. Rabbits who have a companion need a lot less attention as they have each other to socialize and play with all day. Make a safe digging space for your rabbit so that they will not be going after your rugs and furniture. If you can follow this guide, then I can promise you that your rabbit will stay healthy and wise and lead a long natural life.

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