How to Get Rid of Guinea Pig Mites?

Guinea pigs are tiny creatures. They are kept as pets for their smaller size and the fact that they do not take up too much space in your home. They will stay in a secluded area where you keep them. They will have to be caged because their small size can make them very prone to getting lost very easily. This also makes it very easy for guinea pigs to catch mites. Their fur is very inviting for the mites and fleas that are easily found in our environment. There is a method with which you can protect your guinea pigs if they do end up catching these mites.

What are Mites?

The first thing you may have to ask is what exactly are mites. Are they similar to any other parasite found in the fur of many animals on the field or animals that are kept as your pet? Mites found in your guinea pig’s fur are usually mites that prefer guinea pigs; specifically, They will not like the blood of any other animal. There is a name for the condition in which your guinea pig will be catching mites. It is called sarcoptic mange. 

difference between mites and fleas

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You have to remember that mites and fleas are not the same things, and trying to treat them with a medicine that is made specifically for fleas may cause actual harm to the little guinea pig. Guinea pigs are very delicate and fragile, and they have to be tended in the right way, or they might not survive. If you use medicine for fleas, there is a very high chance that it will cause a reaction inside the guinea pig’s fur, and we are definitely trying to avoid it.

Many flea treatments are also quite dangerous for fleas. They are usually very poisonous, and the guinea pig’s small surface area can be affected very easily with flea medicine. Be sure to use a medicine that is not too hazardous for the guinea pig.

Other parasites might also appear on the guinea pig’s fur, including lice and other mites that are not moving. When the mites are not moving, that condition is called static mites. These can also be gotten rid of with the help of the right medicine.

Can you see mites on guinea pigs?

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There is a straightforward way to see if your little guinea pig has lice or mites in its fur. You can usually tell by just ruffling the guinea pig’s fur, and if the infestation has increased considerably, then you might be able to tell just by looking at the guinea pig. It will seem like dust and black spots on the top of the fur. You would try to move it, and it wouldn’t move. This is how you might be able to tell if your guinea pig has mites or lice. You might even see some mites moving around on the guinea pig’s thick fur.

If your guinea pig has sarcoptic mange, you will also see some bald spots on the guinea pig’s body. This is really bad for the guinea pig because it makes it difficult for the guinea pig to protect itself from the cold weather. The fact that the hair was lost because some mites were sucking on its blood is so much more dangerous because eventually, the guinea pig will get weaker, and if not treated in the right way, the guinea pig might even die.

How do you treat mites on guinea pigs?

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Static mites can easily be treated with shampoo or spray that you may get from your vet. The shampoo will help you get rid of the mites without harming your guinea pig too much. You will carefully rub the shampoo on the guinea pig’s body and wait for the specific time that the bottle has asked you to wait. After this, you will wash it off. Most of the mites will probably be dead by now. They will start to wash out very easily, and your guinea pig will be free of mites. 

You can do another thing to make sure that your guinea pig is completely rid of mites and fleas. You will have to comb it through. Its fur combining is a surefire way to get rid of the dead mites from your guinea pig’s fur. You can make sure that the guinea pig is completely clean this way. The fur will start to seem much shinier; then you can apply ointment on the bald spots for a few days, then you should let the hair grow out and make sure that the area lacking any hair is quite clean and does not get infected.

To treat sarcoptic mange, you will need a shampoo that contains a certain percentage of ivermectin. This is important because, without that ingredient, the mites that are stuck to your guinea pig’s fur may not leave that easily. Your hamster may start to get weaker and weaker with every passing day. It would help if you had something strong enough to get the mites off of the guinea pig’s fur without harming the guinea pig too much. You have to keep the guinea pig well fed and taken care of after the treatment is done to regain the guinea pig’s health.

Lice are also a parasite that latches on to the guinea pig’s body and harms it to an extent.

The parasites’ overall itchiness might force the guinea pig to itch even more; this might cause additional damage to the skin of the guinea pig.


Guinea pigs are fragile creatures that are not that resilient when it comes to health and immune systems. If you include mites in that mix, it will become all the more difficult to maintain the guinea pig’s health once mites are involved in the mix.

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