How to dilute tea tree oil for dogs?

Many dog owners use tea tree oil on their canines. But, you need to understand that tea tree oil has its benefits. It can be toxic to dogs if used in large doses. So, before using tea tree oil on your dogs, make sure that it gets adequately diluted.

The proper dilution of tea tree oil ensures that your pet dog does not face any adverse side effects; instead, it benefits from its use. It would be best that you only use tea tree oil having about 0.1% to 1% concentration.

Also, it would be best if you only used diluted tea tree oil on dogs externally. Furthermore, you need to mix it with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil to lessen the effect of the tea tree oil so that it’s safe to use on dogs.

Is tea tree oil safe for use on dogs?

Yes, you can, but it only depends on using it in the right proportion and adequately diluted. Just because something is found naturally doesn’t mean that it is safe to use, especially for dogs.

Even if you use a few drops of undiluted oil, it can be fatal on dogs. Especially for small dogs, the side effects can be very severe and diverse. There are so many cases that come to vets of green tea oil poisoning in dogs.

So, before you use tea tree oil on your dog, make sure you use it in the right concentration. The proper concentration of using tea tree oil on smaller dogs is just 0.1% to 1%.

While for bigger dogs you can go up only till 2%. But, make sure that you don’t go more than these percentages. Also, make sure you get the advice of your Vet before using tea tree oil on your dog.

In worst cases, if your dog gets exposed to concentrated tea tree oil, you may notice it getting weak with lower temperatures. Also, it may start to shiver while walking. In the most extreme cases, tea tree oil exposure can cause coma, increased production of liver enzymes, and death.

So, you need to get well aware of the side effects of using tea tree oil on your dogs, as even a slight mishandling can cause your mutt its life.

Some benefits of using tea tree oil on dogs

Even though tea tree oil is so poisonous to dogs, at the same time, it has multiple benefits only when used in the proper proportion. Like humans, tea tree oil helps heal many skin ailments like damaged skin and helps to lessen irritations.

For dogs, it works to get rid of fleas and ticks and gives a soothing effect in scabies. But, I cannot stress enough the fact that you need to make sure that the tea tree oil you use on your dogs gets appropriately diluted.

Furthermore, tea tree oil also helps treat ear infections in dogs only if used in diluted form. That too, only for slight ear infections.

If your dog has a very severe ear infection, using tea tree oil is not enough. You may need to get a unique formula prescribed from your Vet for treatment.

Besides, the tea tree oil also helps restore the shine and luster of your dog’s coat. In case you want to use it for this specific purpose, you can even use the commercially available tree tea oil for safety purposes.

How to dilute tea tree oil for dogs?

Remember, you cannot use pure and concentrated tea tree oil on your dog. Even in small amounts, tea tree oil is fatal to dogs.

So, it would work best if you diluted it properly before using it on your mutt. Now comes the most essential question “How to dilute tea tree oil?”

Don’t worry, and it is a very straightforward process indeed. It would be best if you remembered the basic rule for dilution. Always use a single drop of oil in about 12 drops of any carrier oil that you are using.

This is the safest proportion for dilution. But, some vets advise about 2 drops of oil if your dog is big or depending upon the condition you are using it for.

Many people tend to get confused about which carrier oil to use in combination with tea tree oil. I prefer coconut oil more than any other option.

The main reason I do so is that coconut oil has a pleasant fragrance and is known for its excellent moisturizing effects on the coat of dogs.

If you cannot use coconut oil, the other appropriate options are olive oil and almond oil. Remember, not every oil available is safe to use as a carrier oil.

Also, before using tea tree oil on your do, always make sure that you make patch tea a day before. Apply a small amount of diluted tea tree oil on your dog and see how it reacts to it. In case there is any irritation, then stop its use and consult your Vet for advice.

Is it safe to use pure tea tree oil in front of dogs?

If you plan to use tea tree oil directly on your skin, you need to ask your Vet for much better advice. It is essential because dogs love to lick their parents’ skin, and they can likely get exposed to tea tree oil this way.

Even in case, your Vet gives you the go-ahead to use tea tree oil on your skin, make sure that you use a diluted version that is safe for your dogs as well.

Also, many dog owners mistake throwing q tips or cotton balls they use for applying tea tree oil in the trash. You need to ensure that you don’t make the same mistake.

It is important because dogs have strong smelling talents, and this way, they can get exposed to tea tree oil. Though, it may not cause too much damage when it comes to the safety of your dog’s life. It’s just better to be safe before than sorry.


Tea tree oil poisoning is a severe issue in dogs that can easily get avoided by using a diluted version of tea tree oil. Even if your pet shows an adverse reaction to using a diluted tea tree oil solution, you need to stop its use immediately.

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