How Often Do Cats Need to Eat?

If you plan on getting a cat, you have to understand that they may be famous as pets who do not require too much maintenance, but some aspects of taking care of a cat and keeping it as a pet that you may need to pay extra attention to. Any pet that you keep in your house needs tending to and is your responsibility. When it comes to cats, they don’t cause much of a fuss in terms of being potty trained, but you will have to pay extra heed to feed them.


It heavily depends on the health of the cat, how many times, and how much you should be feeding her. Generally, it is common practice that heavier cats are fed the same amount as lighter cats, but the focus is more on getting them to exercise—having them move around as much as possible. The weight does factor to a certain extent. You absolutely can not starve your cat, but you can involve healthier food groups and smaller portions of the fattier foods to help your cat become so much more active and alert. Obesity can lead to an early death for cats.

Apart from weight, there are other health issues that cats may face that have to be tended to in terms of feeding your cat. For example, some cats suffer from diabetes; you may need to talk to a vet and give it insulin accordingly. Hyperthyroidism is also a condition that many cats may suffer from. These can be helped with the assistance of a vet who may guide you best in regards to what your cat should or should not be eating.

When a cat gets older, their gums become weaker, and you should start giving them nugget-sized pellets to help them swallow easily.


Age plays a huge role in what you should be feeding your cat. You obviously will not be able to feed normal food to a kitten. They need a little extra tending to and smaller bites of food after they are through with the course of feeding on their mother. Timing is also a huge deal; smaller kittens need to be fed a different amount of time than you would feed a regular cat that is older.

Smaller cats may need to be fed more often. Up until six weeks, your cat may need to be fed at least thrice a day for it to develop bones and other vital organs properly. It will need energy and nutrients to be able to grow stronger.

When the cat reaches the six-week mark, you may feed it twice a day. After six months, the food they eat is for energy and nutrients, not proper bones and organs. After the cat reaches the one-year mark, it will be fine to feed the cat once a day, or you can feed it twice a day according to the health of the cat. It is best to consult a vet at least once.

Type of Food

The type of food that you are giving to your cat can also matter a lot. It can also affect the number of times you are feeding your cat in one day. It can affect the need for hydration in a day. The amount you give to your cat can also depend on the type of food you find appropriate for your cat. You may also need to keep a calorie count according to your cat and its needs.

There are two different types of foods that are available for cats. Dry foods and canned foods. If you give your cat dry foods, you may need to increase its water intake than give your cat canned foods. Canned foods tend to have a lot of moisture in them, making up for the lack of water to an extent. Of course, water plays a role in the diet of a cat. The portions are usually mentioned no matter which one you purchase. Of course, consulting a vet and getting details from them would be ideal.


Scheduling when you feed your cat is significant. You can’t just feed a cat whenever you remember or feel convenient. There has to be regularity in the timings when you feed your cat. It has to be around the same period each day, and you will have to do it consistently. You absolutely can not forget to feed your cat. It is your responsibility now, and you need to pay extra heed in the first few days, especially to make sure that your cat feels comfortable.

Of course, you can schedule according to what is easy for you. If you feel that you may be at home in the morning, then it is best to feed it. If you feel that it will be simpler for you to come home after work and feed your cat, then make that the time you feed your cat. Scheduling matters because it helps maintain the health of your cat. Your cat will soon be conditioned to eat at that specific time. This sort of training is good for the cat and you.


From this piece, it is very evident that it highly depends on the cat and to some extent, and in some areas, it also depends on you and your convenience. It depends on what the cat likes or prefers. Suppose it prefers dry or canned foods. Which one is better for the cat’s health. If the cat has some disease, you will have to feed her accordingly as advised by a vet, to preserve its health and give it a much longer life span. It is always ideal to consult a vet or an expert to care for your cat in the best way.

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